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Established: 2012
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Average time to compensation: 12-16 weeks
Supporting languages: pl
Customer support
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Get compensation up to €600. After submition company always answers within 2 business hours

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A missed or delayed flight can create havoc in a traveler’s schedule and realizes the impact it has on the lives of passengers. To make airline claims swift and easy, the Polish company incorporates the simplest steps that clients can take to receive the best compensation. The company was founded in 2012 and is stated to be one of the most popular claim organizations in Europe. They have helped over 200,000 passengers receive compensation, thus making them one of the largest companies in the nation over the last five years. According to the team, they win most of the cases since they send compensation requests directly to airline services and not to the airport authorities. Having a faster turnaround time to responses from airline companies enables the team to recover most of their client’s money at the earliest. Zwrotzalot is not a scam, it is legit company, which operates under EU Regulation 261/2004. You will find more information in review below.

Customer support

Clients obtain claim responses for their airline compensation request within 24-hours with support in Polish. The FAQ is also a great place to look for answers to questions with queries resolved under a minute. There is an email and phone support that users can reach out to seek more benefits in claiming their air travel rights even on the go. The absence of live support does account for a bit of a drawback, but the responsive customer supports make up for most of the instant communication needs. Also, there is no Facebook chat option, which refrains the client from receiving a personalized experience.

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Ease to use

The team has won over 99 percent of times when fighting claim cases in the court for clients. They do not charge any additional fees for court proceedings. Application to user claims can be submitted through the website for free. In fact, if there are no win, customers don’t have to pay their charges at all! The flight with airlines can be a long and complicated process for travelers without much knowledge about the various related aspects. In cases where the airline refuses to pay for the compensation, the team at Zwrotzalot goes all the way to court to seek compensation. Since they work with the best legal experts in the industry, they can win over most of their cases. They have been able to secure an average amount of 397.29 Euros per passenger. However, certain drawbacks like the lack of the user claim area can be compensated for their responsive customer support. For most users, the first try at getting their claim approved went off swiftly through the user-friendly website.

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Credibility is a company that encrypts all customer data to safeguard client details. The website follows the cookie policy but doesn’t abide by GDPR. The company is quite transparent in the way it handles client issues; however, the member details are missing from their web pages. They have received a great 3.7 rating on Facebook. It does not feature on Trust Pilot and isn’t much active on social channels like Facebook.

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Customer reviews (18) Rate company

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Jake Polczynski
7 months ago

Said received approx 1300 zl return for the flight that company for for me. I was supposed to get a transfer after a couple of days. One month after receiving information, there are still no resources, and the company is no longer responding to my e-mails

Dariusz Ziółkowski
9 months ago

Weak contact. I’m not getting information on the case. We don’t know what’s been going on for almost a year now. I’ll wait two more weeks and I’m done.

Anna Góra
9 months ago

3 CASES WON WITH 4 of in the last 2 years. For flights flights and off flight, we will compensate. I recommend this company, they know things. Refunds Suitable for the additional expenses we have suffered. Thank you for helping zwrotzalot and greetings.

Magdalena Jakubczak
12 months ago

Very interesting page

Henias Albecki
12 months ago

Waiting time was a long time, but for stall, we paid compensation plus high interest. Thank you very much for running my case, and I can give you a clear conscience.

Kacper Burdyński
1 year ago

I do not recommend, the company charged 25 % of the costs +vat only for receiving information from the carrier that another company company was faster in the execution of claims.

Anna Grzywińska
1 year ago

The company took care of my case at an express rate. I’ve been given answers to all my questions about the damages and rights. A very professional approach to the client. I recommend 🙂

Rafał Zakrzewski
1 year ago

My claim was very positive. Highly recommend!

Patryk Rodak
1 year ago

I went to a case with a lot of reserve, without great expectations. Even after a month from the first contact, the money from the compensation, as agreed, was in my account. I recommend it.

Krystian Pielech
1 year ago

26.06 report. 29.09 money is in my account. I didn’t believe it myself until I made the deposit. As much as I recommend!!

Michał Nowakowski
1 year ago

I wouldn’t recommend it. The company only responds to messages after a few reminders. The Compensation Case for a late flight lasted three years and I received an answer that the case was not to be won.

Piotr Walczak
2 years ago

After 10 months, the airline accepted the claim and otzymalem transfer, e-mail and telephone always good, thank you for your help, I recommend.

Bartosz Wilczyński
2 years ago

The Case lasted a few months, sometimes I doubted the integrity of this company, after a few months when the yanked yanked told me that the line accepted the claim even though we had previously stated that the case would be addressed to It was not clear, however, that I received my 1750 zloty – a flight above 3500 km big delay. Also the sum of arithmetic I recommend and the company I recommend to take over and act a little clearly

Mariusz Sadowski
2 years ago

The Case lasted from 07.07.2016, yesterday (10,02,2017) I received a transfer. Recommend

Dawid Czerny
2 years ago

Very Solid company cash withdrawals after half a year from flight

Renata Orkisz
2 years ago

This company is a bunch of naciagaczy and naprawdopodbniej wyludzaczy!!! FOR OVER 2 years my case has been now, and I’m not getting any information. Stay away from this company. Any case related to odwolanym or opozniionym flight zglaszajcie to aircashback is a solid and reliable company! Does wplynely to account after about half a year!

Violetta Dąbek
2 years ago

I also recommend fighting for mine. But with this company, they don’t answer the phone, they don’t answer the e-mails, the less money they make. Maybe not a customer most important in this business

Adam Szafran
2 years ago

For those who believe I can recommend, because after more than three years thanks to this company I received compensation for late 7 hours flight to Rhodes