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Germany Germany
Established: 2015
Employees: -
Average time to compensation: 12-16 weeks
Comply with GDPR
Supporting languages: endefresplru
Customer support
Ease to use
Customer reviews

Company charges 22% success fee & taxes

Calculate if you are entitled to get up to €600 compensation from this company

or instantly Start Claiming Review & Rating is the airline passenger claim company catering to assist in air travel delay compensation and support related to cancellations. The service enables passengers to obtain improved air travel claims, preventing any delay in compensation. Founded in 2015, Claim Flights is relatively young, but has already established itself as one of the best flight compensation company in Germany. Unfortunately, there is no accurate information about the size of the company. Claim Flights is not a scam, it is legit company, which operates under EU Regulation 261/2004. You will find more information in review below.

Customer support

In an event of delayed or canceled flight, passengers can readily reach out to company for supports through phone, email, Facebook and live help chat in the website. Unfortunately, user support at isn’t personalized, which can be a bit of a hassle. Users can look up their FAQ section to answer queries related to eu passenger rights delay. Although, they have a feature-rich website and a great customer support in place, sadly, communication can be delayed at times due to the surge in client requests – they might respond in 72 hours. However, the reliable service assists customers in seven languages – English, Deutsch, French, Spanish, Polish, Russian, Slovene.

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Ease to use

The automated user-friendly claiming form allows passengers to submit their claim information easily. Sadly, the information about the exact possible complaint amount is missing. The mobile friendly airline claim website works smoothly and ensures comfortable use on mobile devices. Unfortunately, there are no additional features on the website apart from the compensation tool, which at times limits the benefits that can be obtained from an airline claim company. Despite mentioned disadvantages, this airline passenger claim company’s website is convenient to use.

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One of the leading claims company in Germany is known for their commitment to meet consumer rights and are supported positive feedbacks on TrustPilot. They score an excellent 9.4 rating on the platform. On Facebook, the passenger rights claim company is rated a high 4.7. Claim Flights is known for its transparency when dealing with client claims, except team members are not provided to public. They ensure that client details are safeguarded with their advanced cookie and GDPR policy.

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Customer reviews (26) Rate company

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Sandra Damm
8 months ago

I’m very dissatisfied with claim flight. For Almost 10 months, my case is being processed, I only have a message about it. The processing. All further information I had to ask myself, always very cumbersome. I keep asking about various possibilities, but I always do not get satisfactory answers. I find it strange that claim flight is not going to let you know and says you can’t reach anything. I absolutely cannot recommend it and would therefore rather go to another provider.

Joseph Kinle
3 years ago

Class Settlement and unique service. Didn’t know there was such a website. Put my money on the account. Thank you very much!!!

Benje Gorlamovic
3 years ago

Nice contact and friendly communication. Business is professional and the service runs smoothly. I can recommend.

Robert Freiman
3 years ago

Airlines are already making a mess! As a paying passenger, you just don’t have to like it. We sat in Abu Dhabi (Etihad Airways) over 20 hours. No information, you’re being deported. Thanks to claim flight. But we still have our compensation. Never again with this airline!!! Thanks to the team.

Artemis Greek
3 years ago

Very happy. Send flight data, wait for e-mail, and then everything goes easy. You don’t have to take care of anything Thanks for the excellent service. Got almost 600 euros. (flight to Mallorca, 26.3.2014)

Lora Celiana
3 years ago


Tina Reder
3 years ago

100 % and a perfect service. Thanks!!!

Frank Eagle
3 years ago

Great settlement. Great service and fast performance. The compensation has been paid correctly, of course there are five stars.

Stefanie Martin
3 years ago

The Airline really messed up my vacation, but claim flight did it well. My rights were flight by claim. De enforced. Thank you again and much success.

Stefan Krissler
3 years ago

It took a long time, but I already gave up hope. The Airline has not responded to any of the letters and to a lawyer and a legal fight (which is probably hopeless anyway) we had no desire. The team of claim flight has received compensation for me, my wife and 2 children. It’s been 2 years, but I just don’t think I’m supposed to give up on my rights. Thanks!

David Marcer
3 years ago

Very recommended. I found the information very clear and understandable. Like again.

Mike Doerner
3 years ago

Excellent work and communication. After an almost 8-hour delay and the trouble at the airport, I wanted to insist on my rights. Thanks to claim flight. De was also possible and I was compensated with over 1.200 Euros (which were also entitled! . Will highly recommend this service.

Leon Sagrer
3 years ago

Had to log in here to mention this great service. After I filed the documents, I was kept informed and the settlement was almost by itself. You must bring some patience, but you must not forget that claim flight has to deal with the airline! The passenger is spared the stress and also the gang to the lawyer! I can only recommend.

Lena Capriocci
3 years ago

Service fits. Everything as promised. Thank you very much and wish much success.

Jack Thompson
3 years ago

Quick settlement and totally uncomplicated. After a few weeks, claim flight helped me get compensation. Everything went well. Everything was perfectly explained to me and I never had a doubt. Absolutely recommended! Keep it up!

Marcel Grueskenz
3 years ago

Dear claim flight, I just wanted to thank the friendly team! Rarely there is a so-called service that holds what he promises. Thank you again. The transfer has been deposited on my account. Great team and fantastic service.

Mischa Harl
3 years ago

That was really good! I saved a lawyer here (which I would have taken because I suffered from the delay business damage! . Here everything went smoothly and to success. Brilliant service for injured customers. I’ll recommend everywhere.

Linda Beierle
3 years ago

I just wanted to thank you for the good service. Was always informed and payment was paid by the airline. 100 % recommended.

Thomas Meier
3 years ago

Really to despair and annoying what’s going on with airlines. We had to take a flight connection and missed this one, you’re being treated by the staff as well, which has personally annoyed me most. Now, thanks to claim flight, we got right. Thank you very much.

Patrick Hetschler
3 years ago

It’s okay. Service is legitimate and works too.

Olivia Jorrana
3 years ago

That was a long and hard fight with Iberia! After over 1 year, nothing left, no more desire. The settlement of claim flight was stress-free and rapid. Thank you, you will definitely recommend.

Egon Martin
3 years ago

Were skeptical, but after we gave up everything, we came on the internet on claim flight. It actually worked out. Took a while, but the money came. Thank you!!!!

Alex Frei
3 years ago

Great! Great! Great! Finally have our compensation (3 persons, same flight to London). Recommended.

Robert Til
3 years ago

Great thing. You have nothing to lose. Delay wasn’t quite that bad, but it’s also about the rights as a passenger. Service good. Info too.

Juletta Barnea
3 years ago

Claim flight took care of me. I didn’t have a simple case and had already sent tens of letters to Lufthansa. Nothing! By a friend, I was made aware of this service. Took a while (was also a lot of paperwork and almost 2 years passed! ), but it was worth it. Really good!!!!!

Christian Benyo
3 years ago

A very simple, fast and above all smooth service for the perfect settlement! Thanks!