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Average time to compensation: 12-16 weeks
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Latvia review & rating is the only airline claim compensation company in Belgium, established in 2013 with the aim to provide the rights of an air traveler. They take care of all the necessary work needed to obtain the compensation in accordance to client claims. Unfortunately, there is no accurate information about the size of the company. Currently Claim It specializes in delayed, cancelled, missed connection or overbooked flight compensation. This airline claim company  is not a scam, it is legit and operates under EU Regulation 261/2004. You will find more information in review below.

Customer support

Flight claim compensation company support comes in eleven languages – English, Polish, Romanian, German, French, Dutch, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Hungarian, Hebrew.
Unfortunately, customer support in has quite a few disadvantages, such as unpersonalized support, response in 72 hours and no access to contact by live chat in the website, except email, phone and Facebook chat. What really compensates for the great service that is on offer at is the wide variety of answers provided in their FAQ at the website.


When it comes to flight compensation claims, the company offers a number of useful features, such as a user friendly and automated online claim form. Sadly, does not provide information about the exact possible complaint amount. The automated claiming form helps passengers to understand about their claim status. One more option on their website is search by countries and cities. The company takes care of their customers comfort – website is easy to use on mobile devices. Unfortunately, flight compensation process is focused only on claiming and no additional tools for customers applying for air passenger rights are enabled.


Airline claim company Claim It is transparent – it provides many details of its activity to public, except information about team members. Their Facebook feedback has a very high rate of 4,7 out of 5 from satisfied users, unfortunately, there is no possibility to check the reality of customer satisfaction as TrustPilot account is not registered. Another important fact in favor of Claim It is that it does not comply with the cookie and does not meet GDPR policy. This airline claim organization from Belgium is quite active on all social media channels such that the audience can obtain company news and updates often.

Customer reviews (100) Rate company

Olga Yagelof
6 years ago

Speed and efficiency, thank you claim it!

Maíra Quagliato
6 years ago

I got a delayed flight of more than 3 hours on December. By law, I´m intitled to receive compasation and taking a look at this Claimit´s videos and explanations it all seems very simple. It has been 7 months since I started the process with them. The only answer I get from the several inquiries that I make is that my case is being handled by a lawyer and they are going to take a look at it. Nothing more, and time keeps passing. Supposed to be a really simple case. Watch out guys, things are not as good or simple as they are sold and I´m wondering if this service really works.

Frank Versmessen
6 years ago

Our flight from NY had a 6 hour delay. On arrival I submitted a claim through ClaimIT and about 6 weeks later we received our money. For four people this meant 2400 EUR minus the ClaimIT fee, so worth while the effort to do all the admin first. Their website is extremely user-friendly and clear. Just ensure you have all the docs they ask for ready.

Luca Dimartino
6 years ago

More than one yeat but the result ok…thank you🙌🙌

Nadia Elleboudt
6 years ago

Claim it won the procedure. Congratulations and thank you!

Dan Raveh
6 years ago

very good service. all of it was done by the web. it did take 10 month, but only a little effort by me. nice

Simon Gh
6 years ago

After a lengthy process, where I never got any information unless I expressly and repeatedly asked for it myself, I still hadn’t heard anything about my claim. Tried calling, chatting & e-mail, to no avail. Finally I got a reply, stating that a couple of months ago my claim was denied & they decided not to pursue it further. Apparently they didn’t feel like that would have been something worth telling me… Plenty of other companies offer the same service, I’ll be sure to go there next time.

Erik RF
6 years ago

Service not serious! No follow-up… and no solution propose

Daniel Stembert
6 years ago

Had to wait almost 4 years but won the procedure. I regularly sent a mail and claim always kept me informed. I think it was longer since we were asking for a German airline. My Travel Agency can’t do anything, I can only thank claim for good work handled

Jessica Kestemont
6 years ago

You promise a lot, but you don’t make promises for a long time. Since May 2015, I’ve been waiting for a so-called refund. Over and over again, I have to contact you to get some information about my case. The session finally took place on 6/6/2018 and a month later I would get news.. We are now 30/07/2018 and already 3 YEARS AND 2 Month further. Deeply disappointed in your way of working.

Stanislav Turovsky
6 years ago

A little bit long (exactly 2 years), but the money was received

Hillel Tal
6 years ago

Stay away from this company, I have submitted a claim with them, after over a year they asked to change their lawyer, and a year after, about 2 years in the process, they just sent an email, after I have been emailing to follow up every few weeks that they cannot proceed with my case…after 2 years….stay away and put your claim with different companies.

Fabrizio Scarpetta
6 years ago

Excellent service! After 6 months I’ve finally received my refund from Vueling company and got justice I deserved

Sonja Loncke
6 years ago

In Summer 2014, there was a great delay in Rhodes. Claim-it enabled and after long and patiently waiting, case won. Thanks team claim-it!

Kelly Benzenou
6 years ago

Excellent service and quick compensation!! Thank you claimit, team on top!!

Chris Louis Valentin
6 years ago

How do they manage this, I don’t know, but Claim it convinced me to introduce a claim for a delayed flight Brussels-Orlando end 2014 with Jetair Fly and now – 2017 – I received a message from Claim It, that half of the ticket price will be reimbursed, and that without any administrative burden for me.

Isabelle Leclercq
6 years ago

Very pleased with the service (our file was closed in just over a month), but not at all rates or rather the way they are announced. On the site, in large, a commission of 25 % + VAT is announced. When we add vat, we are already at + /- 30 %. But once the billing received, what a surprise to see that I was also counted 20 euros of file fees per person. By Searching on the site, well hidden under general conditions, these 20 euros are well announced, but not at all highlighted. Finally, the share we have to subtract is 40 % in our case (EUR 250, minus 25 % + VAT, less than EUR 20, there was a good EUR 150). Of course, it’s better than nothing, I would have liked it to be announced much more clearly. Too bad. Otherwise, nothing to say about the service was perfect.

Vreuls Christelle
7 years ago

It takes time but it works very well! We just retouch compensation for December 2014 flights with XL Airways… 12 hours late to l go and back… thank you claim it especially that XL Airways n had shown d no good will

Idan Levi
7 years ago

Poor service

Jeannine Smets
7 years ago

Fantastic and simple! This way you can get a part of your vacation back.

Sandra Vanheers
7 years ago

Very helpful, no complicated procedure or hope paperwork, thank you so much for helping us further and for the payout 👍👍👍

Elien Roelstraete
7 years ago

Great service! Thank you!

Nicole Kuzi
7 years ago

Excelent! Fast and eazy! Thank you

Jean Guibert
7 years ago

Perfect as foreseen

Ori Mishkal
7 years ago

thank you for claiming our rights, now we have money for another vacation:)

Jean-Pierre Wauters
7 years ago

October 2015 a flight to Alicante with veuling, 5 hours late. The procedure lasts long but the result is perfect! Congrats to your team and thank you.

Maarten Roesems
7 years ago


Christof Smns
7 years ago

A year ago, a cancelled flight with all its consequences. Today paid by society because claim _ it won it ��

Mish Michael Mamistvalov
7 years ago

Always delivering what they promise!

Adrien Brancart
7 years ago

I don’t want you to have to use it, but if the case comes, it’s really good work! #Claim-it #well-done

Guy Nancy Ceulemans
7 years ago

Correct, professional and fast service! Top Thanks

Efi Paka
7 years ago

You guys are the B-E-S-T ! received around 400 Euro back after my flight was delayed more than 5 hours in Rome!

Dimitri Laroy
7 years ago

April 2014, my companion, my little boy of a year and a half and myself were supposed to arrive on our holiday place in the middle of the morning. Instead, following a delay of more than 6 hours at zaventem airport, we took possession of our rooms around 17 pm, in a state of fatigue and irritation. Jet Air didn’t really seem to assume its responsibilities, we were on the advice of a friend, turned to claim-it. What is not our surprise today to see on our account a sum of 558 €. This was long, absolutely not laborious (at our level of course! ) but o how effective!!! A very big thank you to claim-it I won’t miss recommending to my loved ones.

Gaetan Vilain
7 years ago

Error of Thomas cook vilvoorde or Brussels Airlines? We’ll never know! Travel refunded after 2 months and a half and no compensation other!!! Outrageous! Thanks to claim it, we still had a cause… (4 x200 EUR). Why go to agency then? The service is not provided and it is still the customer to fight! Thank you claim it!!!!

Itay Binder
7 years ago

claim it didnt do anything on my case for 10 months and I’ve needed to massage the airline directly by myself and after I got my Compensation claim it took their commission. don’t apply for claim it help, just do it by yourself.

Vincent Dubois
7 years ago

It’s waw! A very good “surprise” that the outcome of this complaint… June 2016, after a year of absence our daughter returns from the USA and lands at 2 am instead of 19 pm, it changes obviously The Nature of the reception, the way and the number of welcoming… this is for emotion and private. For claim it, I have to acknowledge that I have always dealt with charming people, speaking in French, clear in their explanations, in time etc and… which by their efficiency and competence discharge you from all these approaches approaches And voluntarily obscure! Thank you, congratulations… and good continuation for the good of all travelers!

Fabienne Fettweis
7 years ago

Claim it followed our June 2014 file, they came to the expected results for a 24 hour flight delay and a long legal battle Thank you

Dominique Liekens
7 years ago

Very satisfied with claim it services, file opened in January for a flight postponed to the next day on air France, closed file and compensation received. Thanks to the whole team

Eric Duroi
7 years ago

We introduced a dossier in early December 2016 for a delay on our flight, and this has just resulted in a refund. Thanks to the whole claim it team!!!

Bieke Debusschere
7 years ago

July 2016 my parents went to Mallorca. On the way back, they had a 7-hour delay. By claim it, after long wait, we have been compensated for these inconveniences. Thanks for the service!

Phoebe Naära Demey
7 years ago

In August 2016 we had a 19-hour delay on our flight from Lanzarote via fuerteventura to Brussels. Claim it was waiting for us at the airport to inform us to submit a claim for this. We did this one of the days afterwards, and now in March 2017 we received our compensation! Thank you so much!

Coralie Bohnn
7 years ago

Thank you to claim it for his determination to have completed our file dating from December 2014, more than two years of negotiations, you have nothing dropped, a ending in our favor, bravo you are the best 😉

Sandrine Navez
7 years ago

Claim it is really a competent society and trust. We opened a file in may 2014 for a flight delay postponed to Cancun in Brussels with jetairfly for which we had no jet air. Claim it went for us in court and, despite a negative judgment, didn’t drop his arms. They continued negotiations amicably with jetairfly and finally got us the legal compensation of EUR 600 per person! It takes patience (OVER 2 years), but their stubbornness paid… really not disappointed to leave them their commission! Thanks again to the whole team!

Anwar Arz
7 years ago

Procedure Win and refund make a big thanks to you �

Bart Oris
7 years ago

In August 2015 flight to Lisbon cancelled 20 minutes before departure. After long wait our and eventually arrived with more than 8 hours delay in Portugal. Today more than 18 months after date finally a positive verdict… thanks a lot claim it!!

Marijke Hoeckman
7 years ago

We had a delay of almost 12 hours on a flight from Punta Cana to Brussels, trying to obtain compensation, but were dismissed by the airline. We then used the services of claim it and after a long legal struggle, flight was in December 2014, we got right anyway and received a nice fee! We had already given up hope. We didn’t have to pay anything from court fees, just a small fee for claim it. Thank you claim it for defending passenger rights!

Philippe Cantadore
7 years ago

Thanks to claimiteurope we recovered the money from our tickets after a 2-year fight with the company. Thanks again!

Caroline Isenguerre
7 years ago

Thank you for your efficiency and speed as to my file.

Sébastien Lovaglio
7 years ago

Excellent service from claimit following a delay of more than 11 hours between Majorca and liège, I really recommend their services in case of conflict with an airline. They really defend our interests. Thank you very much.

Philippe Bernard
7 years ago

20-12-2014 flight jaf602 from Punta Cana to Brussels has 8 hours delay with the fiercely discussed “always technical in panne” Dreamliner of jetair. After our arrival in Brussels, cleam it has for us the long-term procedure for obtaining compensation for the sustained delay with success. Achieved. Big Congratulations, keep it up!!

Monique Buys
7 years ago

Thank you for your intervention travel 2014

Claudio Castellani
7 years ago

Hello, today j finally received the sum as well as my stepfather on a claim with the tui company (before jetair) given the delay of 9 hrs on a flight punta cana – Brussels and thanks to claim it that we remersion strongly .

Vanessa Lhoir
7 years ago

Impeccable service, info received throughout the time of the steps and repayment at the end! Excellent service in,

Pascale van Meerbeek
7 years ago

Flight Jetair TB 602 from 20/12/2014 from Montego Bay to Brussels, more than 9 hours late… 2 years of procedure but result and payment made by claim it. Claim it answers the emails you send (I asked for an update all LS 6 months) but does not make pro-active communication to its customers. So patience and trust… you have nothing to do. Our friends who fifty with us made the procedure live to jet air and after many but really much energy and time devoted (Airlines do everything to drag and refuse), they ended up after one year by accepting a compromise Proposed by jet air (prohibiting any subsequent remedies) representing only one third of what we have obtained with claim it….

François Mainil
7 years ago

Very pleased with the services offered by claim it

Boni Voorhelst
7 years ago

December 2014 we flew from Brussels to Miami but had been delayed for more than 4 hours due to a technical error. The Airline was communicating very wrong and bad about that incident that made us not feel properly treated. We decided pretty quickly to turn on claim it. Honestly, we weren’t hoping for a happy ending, but claim it has kept foot. She has been able to obtain a nice compensation from society, exactly two years after the facts. Top service and communication!

Luc Van den Heuvel
7 years ago

On December 27, 2014, our flight left for Miami. Unfortunately, there was a 3-hour delay and we didn’t leave until 15 I collected evidence like pictures of the vertragingsborden. After my trip, I contacted my tour operator in writing, in writing. Every time I reported it was about ” Force Majeure I transferred my file to claimit and yesterday – after 2 years of legal struggle – I received 4 x 600 euro minus 25 % commission. Without Claimit, I had 0 % instead of 75 %. So at delays from 3 PM, contact always claimit.

Annick Meiresone
7 years ago

In November 2013, our flight to Punta Cana had 5 hours delay. Airline jetairfly stubbornly resisted any refund. Claim it bit in the file, and now-3 years later, we paid our damages. Persistence wins! Thanks claim it. We will recommend you to new victims.

Rud Verleys
7 years ago

In September 2015, 9 hours with dreamliner to Mexico. We ourselves tried to obtain compensation, without success and with a lot of articles and laws of jetair. Now December 2016 AGAIN 1 day stranded towards Belgium. Everything in the hands of claim it given and 4 weeks later the compensation was in my account for which congratulations and thank you for your quick intervention. I now know the way for my next delays!!!!!! Thanks to claim it team Rudi Verleysen

Sophia Zine
7 years ago

Excellent fast and professional service! The staff are listening and always acting in the interest of passengers. We have been compensated as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to contact claimit in case of problems with an airline!

Marcel Thijskens
8 years ago

In November 2015, our flight from Brussels airport to Spain had been delayed almost 6 hours. When we returned to Belgium, we sent our file directly to the airline concerned, but soon caught bone. Then we made our full file (travel documents, evidence of delay, etc. ) online to claim it. After just over a year, claim it reported to us the good news that the airline was willing to pay the planned fees. A few days ago, the money was on our account. We therefore thank claim it for their months of legal struggle (which we were able to follow online on the claim it site) and finally settled in our favor. Thank you, claim it. Continue your excellent work. The injured traveller is finally no longer powerless to the airlines.

Gigi Passarella
8 years ago

Great. Without great efforts, if not to provide documentation, I recovered 400 euros for a plane trip to usa late. Thanks

Virginie Roget
8 years ago

Thank you for your support for your patience and help. Sometimes everything doesn’t go as planned and you’re here to help us.

Benoît M. Loop
8 years ago

I just got paid, thanks for the service. I hesitated between two or three stars to finish I opted for three stars. As a non-Resident (outside European Union) VAT should not have been imputed to me from where this flat on my quotation. The law should be applied here too!

Peter Vanbrabant
8 years ago

Top! My flight was delayed 1 day, complaint forwarded to claim-it, which have now recovered the promised amount (600 EU-150 EU +Btw Commission) from the airline and to. (total duration only 1,5 month).

Sylvain Boom
8 years ago

Thank you 10 hours late at 4 FROM PALMA DE MALLORCA 2 years ago we retouch 250 € per people bravo clemt it

Clawdia F. Falcón
8 years ago

A delay of more than 8 hours a flight from Gran Canaria to brussel. I got 400 euros! I’m very happy with claim it services!

Raph Sz
8 years ago

Perfect service fast and efficient I didn’t believe it because company had refused compensation and claim it happened!!! I’m rarely impresses but now I’m not back!

Sharona Admon Architecture
8 years ago

Very helpful thank you very much ,will visit again

Laura Dijkman
8 years ago

Real recommendable, tell anyone who makes a plane ride what their rights are, and where they can report on the site.

Vanessa Coopmans
8 years ago

Claim it has 1 times been super effective Amazing team! Have managed to get compensation on an American flight Merciiiii claim it

Nadine Wuyts
8 years ago

Even after a long time between incident with corendon and filing at claim-it won anyway! Thank you claim-it!!

Narda Lenaerts
8 years ago

I can recommend everyone! After my flight had 5 hours delay, contacted claim-it. They have taken care of everything and I have had a hefty fee from jetairfly

Sophie Detaille
8 years ago

After an important delay in Cuba from Brussels, we addressed claim it that was able to obtain the compensation we were entitled to. Their professionalism and follow-up of the file is to be emphasized, thanks to the entire claim it team!

Ludo Raph
8 years ago

Flight of 23 November 2015 for Cancun with layover in varadero, the company announces before boarding that there will be no stop in Cuba because there is missing a pilot, we are therefore blocked on the plane in Cancun without permission To disembark for + 4 hours, back we contact claim it in less than six months the procedure is won and we are compensated. Thanks to claim it for its effectiveness.

Philip Keuleers
8 years ago

Excellent service!!!! in less than two months 418,5 euros deposited after my flight had 5 hours delay.

Mamadou Diallo
8 years ago

Congrats you are effective I come d be compensated thank you continue like this Diallo

Sara Schepens
8 years ago

After a aborted, then early and eventually delayed flight of sn (8 you wait at the airport in dakar…) we have filed a claim at sn. They didn’t even bother to give me an answer. So we contacted claim it. After 6 months, we almost got our entire flight back. We must wait for a while, but certainly worth it!

Allyson Hayon
8 years ago

Great service and followed. Thank you!

Jeffrey Nina Bauwens
8 years ago

Thank you for the smooth running, we are very satisfied!!! Top!!!!

Freddy Joris
8 years ago

Efficiency and speed! Less than three weeks after i entrusted my case to claim it (a dozen hours late for a flight to Jamaica from bxl last February), the company concerned paid 600 € per traveller, or 1.200 For my wife and me. Previously, when I complained by phone of the delay announced on the eve of the company, the customer service manager of the company simply replied that “it was planned in their terms of sale: hours are editable” 😉 …

Manu More
8 years ago

While the had refused all compensation for a 10-hour delay, on my trip to Mexico, clamit obtained the compensation I was entitled to. Their service is impeccable and I do not have to fight against all powerful travel companies, for which we are only nice tourists in over, who only have the right to silence… Thanks for your efficiency, you win to be known.

Julie Dohet
8 years ago

Good communication and case won while the company first refused any compensation! Great service! Thank you.

Magda Verhassel
8 years ago

We are also very happy… Smooth handling and very friendly people on the phone.

Francis Meys
8 years ago

1 year 1/2 to put ko neckermann Thomas cook for 13 hours late during a flight palma liège on 29 08 2014 but thanks to claim he, we won! Thank you claim it…

Anja Van Peteghem
8 years ago

A very nice start of the new year! Thanks to claim it, we received a very quick and simple way of compensating for the more than 6 hours delay. It is a pity that the airline in question was not as smooth in its communication.

Géraldine Dubois
8 years ago

Thanks to you, for your professionalism, speed, efficiency and clarity of your site. Thanks to your work our holiday return seems a little less bitter.

Mandy Regterschot
8 years ago

Perfect. On the back and back there are delays with jetairfly. Claim submitted and successfully! Top work 🙂

Enton Gurashi
8 years ago

Claim it helped me with the repayments of 2 trips with jetairfly in Cuba, they were exceptional, if in the future I will have problems of big delays with airlines I will not hesitate to use their skills. Thanks again

Roland Bosch
8 years ago

Extremely competent, honest and fast service. In Case of flight delay, I sincerely recommend it. Thank you, however, for not having to ask for such a service, but….. you never know. Congrats, you are very professional

Tamara Vanbrabant
8 years ago

Excellent service!!

Frederic Dejardin
9 years ago

Thank you so much for your involvement. Very serious and effective site recommended +++++++

Patrick Ponseele
9 years ago

After 8 hours late coming back from Jamaica J had the chance to know claimit I am very happy. This company just made me earn a certain amount of money. I advise you to address claimit if you have problems of delay d planes the company actually takes a small part of the gain but compared to payment on your account this is nothing. Thanks again to the advisors and lawyers of this society kisses to all

Luc Jaspers
9 years ago

Few words, but above all deeds, claim it.

Charlotte Kivy
9 years ago

No regret of choosing claim it for our claim against jetair speed request end September positive result in December and they take care of everything

Karin Tondeur
9 years ago

On my trip to corfu last year with Thomas cook company, I had to wait 9 pm in zaventem… I thank claim it who defended me to justice and who obtained 400 € of compensation for this Wait.

Geoffrey Carton
9 years ago

Thank you for your follow! Thanks to you, we managed to be compensated for a big delay with Thomas Cook Airlines.

Katia Huard
9 years ago

Thanks to claim it services for their effectiveness. We got gain cause despite a company that refused to hear our arguments. More than satisfied with optimal service and communication. To recommend!

Annie Decuyper
9 years ago

Claim it is really a perfect and fast service Thanks to them for their aid to travellers in case of problems Congrats and thank you for everything

Danny Van Orden
9 years ago

First complaint lodged with jetair negative answer. Then by claim it After a few weeks of compensation, as provided for by EU legislation. Excellent work from claim it, thanks