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Average time to compensation: 8-12 weeks
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Get up to €600 in compensation. Once you have submitted the claim, the company will contact you within 2 business hours.

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Latvia Review & Rating

Flight delays and cancellations are not uncommon in times when climatic turbulences or mechanical discrepancies can occur at any time. realizes that such difficulties are faced by many passengers almost every day. They provide legal solutions to assist airline passengers that are entitled to receive compensation for such ordeals based upon the flier rights and regulations as laid down by the government. Polish company, Prawo Pasazera with an unknown team size constantly work to ensure flight rights of their clients are assured during the advent of these situations. One of the biggest flight claim company in Poland, Prawo Pasazera was established in 2013 and has helped distressed passengers secure up to 600 euros from per flight booking that was done. Prawo Pasazera is not a scam, it is legit company, which operates under EU Regulation 261/2004. You will find more information in review below.

Customer support

The claim service supports clients upon the rule set out by the European council for airline passengers. Regulation protection covers all carriers regardless of the ticket pricing, travel class, and booking dates. The team works on the regulation set by the council that allows passengers to claim damages for flight delays longer than three hours. Passengers when seeking flight compensation are entitled to receive the refund at an earliest date possible, which is fast tracked and overseen by the company. They can be contacted for immediate assistance during their work timing between Monday to Friday 8:00 to 16:00 and supports in two different languages. Alternatively, passengers can write to their email to obtain quicker solutions or even chat on Facebook with the team. The FAQ is also a good place to search for user queries. Users can log into their profile to see the claim status. Many have stated that the mobile friendly website of is easy-to-use and they could successfully acquire compensation with their support. However, the website does not offer Live help option.

Ease to use

When reaching the website of, passengers are likely to check their claim status in as little as 2-minutes. By using the message box provided, clients can explain about the issue faced that reaches to their helpdesk in seconds. This can be performed through mail and phone as well. Also, they have listed those situations where passengers are eligible to claim their rights. The check button accurately analyses whether clients are eligible to receive compensation or not. The fact that the company has been able to seek compensation from leading airline services such as Vueling, Swiss, easyJet, Austrian, Emirates, Tryanair, Lufthansa, SAS, Airfrance, Airberlin, Pegasus, Qatar, and more speaks a lot about their success. The claim company since its operation has helped a lot of customers with airline refund settlement and many have accredited their easy claim process as the best service feature.


Airline compensation procedures can become hassle-free only with the right claim company for support. has a stringent privacy policy and encrypts passenger data but is not compliant with GDPR. Their reviews on Facebook has obtained an exceptional 4.9 rating; however, their Trust Pilot reviews are missing.

Customer reviews (44) Rate company

Tadeusz Korytkowski
1 year ago

The Case of compensation for a flight from Berlin to London at mcu lipcu2017 a quickly and efficiently. I’ve been doing this to all the victims. I highly recommend services made by right law.

Tedi Tedi
1 year ago

We recommend services services. The Case of our claim for compensation from the ryanaier for the opozniny flight has been got in three weeks. And most importantly, a small fee.

Malgorzata Podgórska
1 year ago

Thank you very much for your commitment and making my efforts a positive end. Excellent communication, full information and support. Anyone who has trouble getting compensation for a late flight I sincerely recommend.

Marcin Wasyl Wasążnik
1 year ago

I recommend 100 %

Monika Wierzbicka
1 year ago

Very effective, I’m happy because I managed to negotiate compensation for a delayed flight. Nice service and very good customer contact. Greetings.

Małgorzata Myślińska
1 year ago

Highly recommended! Everything is going very well and fairly. I’m very pleased.

Małgorzata Muszyńska
1 year ago

Reliable company. When others said there was nothing to do, they managed to win the case. Recommend
Margaret Muszyńska.

Mewka Ewa Ewa
1 year ago

I recommend everything fast and smoothly.

Patryk Pochylski
1 year ago

Succeeded ;))) polecam����

Kas Ja
1 year ago

Transparent conditions, good contact, mega quick settlement and payment of compensation. Strongly recommend �

Anna Stankowska
2 years ago

I recommend it!
Consistent people in the right place

Katarzyna Stencel
2 years ago

Super Professional and fast service. Role Model. I got the money back from the carrier who refused to pay the damages. I highly recommend!!!!

Jan Siek
2 years ago

Quick, smooth and solid. I recommend it.

Elizka Maj
2 years ago

Quick, efficient, professionally I recommend this company 🙂 and thanks again

Renata Kaczmarska
2 years ago

Worthy commands honest and fast

Piotr Mochol
2 years ago

A company that is full of professionalism, both in telephone and telephone contacts. Deadline for payment of compensation from delayed flight-1 MONTH!!!

Anastasia Shigina
2 years ago

Very fast and efficient. I recommend cooperation!

Łukasz Stanclik
2 years ago

Let me tell you so briefly and nothing to say about the passenger’s right.

Zbyszek Adam
2 years ago

A very professional company, within 30 days, we have received compensation from the aviation company in case of any problems related to airlines I highly recommend contacting this company.

Arkadiusz Chmielak
2 years ago

Without undue delay, a 9-hour delay to the firm. After 4 months, I was in charge.

Rafał J. Rek
2 years ago

I’m happy to cooperate. The company works smoothly and fairly. It shall keep up-to-date on the conciliation procedure. Thanks to the actions of the company, “passenger rights” managed to recover money for a delayed flight. I recommend 100 %!!!

Piotr Załęczny
2 years ago

At 100 % we can recommend service law service, managed to get compensation for cancelled flight.

Grażyna Łukasiewicz
2 years ago

Super company, professional and kpnkretnie do the case, keep telling about the next stages, very friendly in contacts. I am fully satisfied and recommend company

Masha Marija
2 years ago

I recommend cooperation. Dot. Compensation wasn’t that simple. But it worked 🙂

Marcin Kolarzyk
2 years ago

We managed to get the money back for a delayed flight. The carrier refused to pay me back twice. After these refusals, the case was given to the company “passenger rights”. it took a while to recover the money, but this was due to the free handling of the case by I was informed every step of the procedure. I can recommend this company with all my heart.

Henryk Kwiatkowski
2 years ago

Fast and efficient. I recommend it.

Wiesław Jaskulski
2 years ago

Thank you for efficient and effective action culminated success

Stefan Andrzej Kasiński
2 years ago

I’m very pleased. The compensation has been done quickly and efficiently.
I recommend company

Anett Pazur
2 years ago

Thank you for recovering compensation for delayed flight with lanzaroty, which I could not recover the traditional way 🙂

Karolina Wawrzyniak
2 years ago

I’m very pleased. We’ve managed to get compensation, contact with the company goes smoothly, quickly, efficiently, specifically. I highly recommend it.

Agata Yajima
2 years ago

Very efficient service, regular e-mail.

Monika Kołacz
2 years ago

I recommend, professional service successful. Working with such a firm is a pleasure. Compensation in a short time is in the passenger’s account. Once again, I highly recommend it.

Elżbieta Bielowska
2 years ago

I recommend it all went b. Professionally.
Office worthy

Sabina Skoczylas
2 years ago

I’m very pleased. They act quickly, efficiently and reliably. Regular E-mail. I was kept informed about the case. Recommend

Marta Haliniak
2 years ago

I don’t recommend this company at all. They don’t listen and don’t listen to the news. I’ve been told that I don’t deserve compensation, and my sister, who was flying with me, says they’re taking it to court. No professionalism.
I don’t recommend it!

Magda Madejska
2 years ago

Effective Firm. I recommend it!

Pas Anka
2 years ago

Reliable company, quick settlement of damages. I recommend it.

Bartosz Kowalski
2 years ago

Super contact, all taken care of without leaving the house, compensation for delayed flight finalised within six months, and the commission seems to be lowest on the market. I can honestly recommend this company

Anita Kanabus
2 years ago

Professional, effective and expert service, recommend

Grażyna Swedura
2 years ago

Fast, efficient and above all effective service.

Tatiana Chorowska
2 years ago

I recommend the company as a professional partner in legal services. Thanks to the passenger’s right, we’ve managed to get compensation for a-hour Good and reliable contact. I recommend!!

Aleksandra Wywiał
2 years ago

I am very pleased with services and sincerely recommend!

Artur Serkowski
2 years ago

Thanks to prawopasażera, I was able to obtain compensation for a delayed flight (and for my two co-Travelers). The airline slowly up to the case but finally ended up paying compensation, so polceam!

Katarzyna Gudel
2 years ago

I sincerely recommend this company. They’re thorough and scrupulous about the damages. I’m very pleased with their work.