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Denmark Denmark
Established: 2015
Employees: -
Average time to compensation: 12-48 weeks
Supporting languages: endarutraz
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Get up to €600 in compensation. Once you have submitted the claim, the company will contact you within 2 business hours.

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Latvia review & rating is the airline passenger claim company catering to assist in air travel delay compensation, support related to cancellations and overbooking. The service enables passengers to obtain improved air travel claims, preventing any delay in compensation. Founded in 2015, this company is relatively new, but has already established itself as one of the best flight claim companies in Denmark. Unfortunately, there is no accurate information about the number of staff in this organization. Flycancel is not a scam, it is legit company operating under EU Regulation 261/2004. There is displayed more information in further review below.

Customer support

Flight disruption compensation claim users are usually responded back within 24 hours, unfortunately, personalized customer support is not provided in There is also a FAQ tab on the company’s website as well as a possibility to contact by email and phone, sadly, Facebook chat and live chat on the website are missing. The reliable service assists customers in five languages – English, Danish, Russian,Turkish, Azerbaijani.

Usability website isn’t very comfortable to use. Sadly, there is no automated user friendly form and no additional tools for customers, but website is mobile adapted. The amount of claim is not provided by in their website. Unfortunately, users are not provided with facility so see claim status. Furthermore, first time airline compensation claim users might find some difficulties at the beginning.


Airline claim company seeks transparency – many details of its activity except team members are provided to public. In fact, they have a high rating of 9.1 on 10 feedback on TrustPilot as one of the best flight delay compensation company. Their Facebook feedback has a whopping score of 4.8 out of 5 from satisfied users. They neither comply with the cookie nor meet GDPR policy. is also very active in all major social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

Customer reviews (47) Rate company

Sunil Garg
6 years ago

Very bad service got a response after 9 months with zero compensation. I could have submitted original bills myself and received something at least.

Mert Yigit
6 years ago

Øvvvv got 1,2 million from corendon airlines and went flycancel in bankruptcy

Süper money
Fetöcü Sderefsizler

Anette Guldborg Nissen
6 years ago

Can really recommend flycancel. Have today received $ 4000 Without touching a finger, but let the flycancel fix it all, so it was just for an extra holiday.

Pia Hansen
6 years ago

Super service, after a slightly funny trip with Turkish Airlines in January, I thought, I wonder if flycancel could help, and jo they could, and today, $ 2000 has come into the account, so now enjoyed the holidays extra. A thousand tak��

Maria Bak Nielsen
6 years ago

After a very late flight to Antalya in August 2017, I made contact with hacer before we land in turkey. She was standing at the airport with all the information we needed to apply for compensation from the airline. After a long fight against detur, which ended up in traffic, we now have our money again!
Thank you so much to flycancel for the help and their work!

Reza Vahdati
6 years ago

Flycancel gets my warmest recommendations – if at some point you experience your flight is delayed for more than 3 hours, contact flycancel. They have led our case against the airline and in less than a week “won” the case with compensation transferred to our account. They’re awesome. 7 Stars from us….

Lya Højris Kristensen
6 years ago

Can recommend flycancel. Quick and effective

Esma Yüksel
6 years ago

Our plane had been delayed for over 6 hours last year. The Airline thought we weren’t entitled to compensation.
With a single mail to the flycancel, they’ve made sure we’ve got our compensation today without any problems.
I would recommend flycancel to others at any time because of the excellent service we have received.

Mathias Vase Jensen
7 years ago

We were going home from tyrklet and got a lot late. It did the job for us and we received compensation. Can clearly recommend flycancel to others! 😀

Mette Hagedorn
7 years ago

Compensation received on an otherwise rejected case from Norwegian… big thank you.

Hammad Alvi
7 years ago

Had a whole day’s delay with my flight on the way back from Pakistan in January. I then made contact with the flycancel and I must say they have done an excellent job. They set my case right away, sent the relevant documents I had to fill out and a month later I have the compensation for the delay.
Really recommendable and efficient team! Thank you ��

Heino Lund
7 years ago

Just received compensation through flight cancel for our cancelled flight in October. Good service all the way.

Mai Deleuran Hansen
7 years ago

Super good service and help, can highly recommend flycancel!

Troels Fenger Palm
7 years ago

Good work.

Very intuitive interface.

Not racists.

Alex Ferlini
7 years ago

Excellent with a company that dares to take position and say clearly no to unilateral racist propaganda from so-called short “newspaper”!

Mads Mouritzen
7 years ago

All the world’s support for standing firm and daring to take a position. You got a new customer.

Kadir Demirel
7 years ago

After an unorthodox journey with 3 hours of waiting in the plane and late flight with more than 12 hours wait I am fully satisfied with my refund thanks to flycnsel! Thank you once again :)-if you experience something similar in the future, I recommend everyone!

Yildiz Cabuk
8 years ago

Best Service! Thanks to flycancel for helping us and getting our compensation from thy. Can highly recommended that you can safely give the case to them 🙂

Betül Kesenel
8 years ago

In August, we lost our connecting due to delays. That is why we lost some important hours of our already very short holiday, but flycancel stood immediately with a patch on the wound and advised us to seek compensation. It was a nice easy procedure and all we had to do was fill out the form and the rest did the flycancel. We thank you for the good service.

Meryem Al
8 years ago

1000 thank you for your super service.
We have received our compensation less than 2 months.
Definitely recommend to everyone.

Ikram Korkmaz
8 years ago

A big thank you from here. �Folk who are exposed to delays and things like that. It must seek its rights. ��

Tina Svane
8 years ago

Quick and good work
Is promised to get return money on Tuesday
Thanks for the help.

Melike Ceylan Taskin
8 years ago

It has not been easy to win the case against Pegasus! Thanks to flycancel, it has become much easier…. they have stood with everything, and especially thanks to hacer & Arzu Temiz, which I have been in contact with, throughout the case where they have been available and informed me if Now there was something new!

Thanks again to flycancel!
It’s been a pleasure to be in touch with you! ✌ �

Maria Jespersen
8 years ago

I am fully satisfied with the flycancel. I would like to recommend them to others at any time, for which we have been respected and we have won the case. Huge high five for you �

Sevgi Başoda
8 years ago

About 2,5 years Ønce Pegasus Airlines had made us a dungeon of our istanbul journey by pushing us 19 hours of plane.
Were unfortunately we haven’t met hacer clean.
In spite of all the time that has been through the past, we have been pleased with the result of the 2 months with the result of the hacer lady, who has pleased us and has been
If there are any delays or cancellation of the anyone, I think I would advise you to apply immediately to hacer clean.

Helle Vich
8 years ago

Last year, we were exposed to a-hour delay on both our dra. In may month with Turkish Airlines and in September with hemiair, both times with a sleepover. We sought compensation for both companies without success. So in may months this year we heard about flycansel and contacted them ang both our cases. And they’ve really been effective. We have now received compensation for both cases. So thank you so much to flycansel.

Kamilla Toktas
8 years ago

2 years ago (July 2014) on a journey to turkey with pegasus we were delayed more than 12 hours. We tried to get airhelp to help us with compensation and after more 1 years! In September 2015, we were denied that they would not take the case before the court, despite the fact that we were entitled to compensation.
On a holiday at the end of June this year (2016) we were aware of flycancel and they would like to take the case and today on 1. September we received a call that we now get a compensation of about. 400 euros per Person, of which we will have to pay a fee of about 25 % + VAT for flycancel.
I only strongly recommend flycancel!
Thank you so much for your help.

Senay Olgun
8 years ago

Quickly and efficiently.! at the same time also fair.

Hacer Erman Duran
8 years ago

Super good service, you deserve more than 5 STARS ⭐️

Selçuk Kömürcü
8 years ago

Can definitely recommend using flycancel, they are effective and professional.
I was supposed to fly in June 2016 with pegasus from konya to Copenhagen with a stopover in Istanbul. Plane to Istanbul was delayed 2 hours, which I did not reach my flight to Copenhagen. I had to spend the night at a hotel like pegasus, though, made sure and got ombooket to the next flight the day after, 14 hours
I filled out the form on flycancel’s website to seek compensation, and then sent back the mandate of attorney. 2 months later I got $ 2.000 Paid.
So it can certainly answer to try to get compensation for it doesn’t cost you anything to try. If you’re successful, you’ll get a minimum of $ 2.000 PR. Person else is free.

Susanne Rasmussen
8 years ago

Super easy procedure and good service. Thank you so much for the help with get compensation recommend you hot to anyone who needs help ifm cancellations / delays.

Urfan Hameed
8 years ago

My family of 6 people took in December 2015 on Christmas holidays to alanya. We flew with Pegasus via. Istanbul to gazipasa and was going the same way home.

Unfortunately, the flight was delayed from Copenhagen, which made us unable to reach the flyskiftet in Istanbul. We had to stay in Istanbul and get on a plane the next day after 24 hours of delay.

On the way home, unfortunately, we were also hit by a mega long delay of about 36 hours!
We had to find alternative transport to Antalya, and take a flight to Istanbul and from there home to Copenhagen.

I made contact with the hacer from flycancel, which was extremely welcoming and helpful ifm. Processing our case.

Our Case proved to be a little complicated as it was compensation for both the home and the home.

Flycancel handled our case super nice, and after a lot of tug-of-War, we secured our family compensation for both out and home

Thank you to hacer and flycancel 🙂

Kristina Hansen
8 years ago

An amazing service!!!
Helpful and friendly staff fighting your case against the airlines – they get a big thank you from here

Evin Sari
8 years ago

So amazing service very fast and simple recommend clearly that you should contact flycancel for delay of aircraft, thank you very much for the help over and over again.

Kirsten Cordin Andersen
8 years ago

Super super amazing help from hacer from flycancel.
Got off a plane with pegasus from gazipasa via Istanbul to Copenhagen, had had contact both with pegasus and the company flyforsinkelser, where we were told that when there were stopovers we couldn’t get a crown back. Randomly I read about this amazing company on Facebook and made contact with them, and here small 14 days after 1. Contact is back paid $ 4.000, they are super fast and effective, can clearly recommend others to use them If it should be necessary.
Big thanks to hacer and co
Kirsten Cordin

Rebecca Nygaard
8 years ago

Super service

Ali Asghar Akhtar
8 years ago

Super service.
Simple and simple.
After the delay in our journey back from Saudi Arabia, we have today received our compensation thanks to flycancel. Throughout the course we have been given a super service and have been able to sit at home and keep up with the whole case.
All we had to do was give a power of attorney to flycancel and send a copy of our tickets. It can’t be done much easier.
It is important to note that there is no expenditure linked to the case if you lose it.
There are only words of praise from here to the hacer and the team.
Thank you for your help.

Amit Singh
8 years ago

Awesome experience… too good 🙂
Hacer was so professional and response rate is the best ever. I got my compensation of 3200 Euros (800 *4 family members) within 2 months. It was unbelievable.

Enes Ünsün
8 years ago

The company really works at a very top professional level.. They do everything according to plan, hear things on time and give you ongoing information about your case!..
I myself have been in an extremely complicated situation. A journey, flycancel has in some months legally won my case!.. I thank flycancel many times for the great piece of work in they have made!..
Can be recommended in really big letters!..

Fatima Karacan
8 years ago

Flycancel has been really good, talented quick to deal with our case.
We had a delay of 6 hours and they were fast ready to help us.
Will definitely recommend flycancel and use them again.
Super good concept 🙂

Mustafa Iscan
8 years ago

Super good concept, fast and helpful.

Fatima Abbas
8 years ago

Super good concept, didn’t know it could be done.

Lars Klinge
8 years ago

Would like to thank you for your help in getting money back, which we had otherwise considered ‘lost’. Moods in the accounts since we are a small sports club with a limited budget. Special thanks to hacer temiz for having been tovholder and provided for all the practical.

Yasin Arslan
8 years ago

Flycancel has been really good and good at dealing with our case.
We had a 1-day delay and they were fast ready to help us.
Will definitely recommend flycancel and use them again

Bahri Mizrak
9 years ago

NO DOUBT 5 * for service, competence and helpfulness.

Güney Turan
9 years ago

Wasn’t even aware that this kind of thing could be done. Awesome concept!

Camilla Gaffron Hansen
9 years ago

Super good concept! Sent an email, and got answers same day ✈️ fast and helpful!!!