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Average time to compensation: 12-16 weeks
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Company charges a 25% success fee including taxes

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Latvia review & rating

Many people have benefited by entrusting their claim to This US-based flight claims management company was established in 2016 and had been providing a quality service to its clients worldwide ever since. Their service is free and filling out their compensation claim form only takes a few minutes. This company takes care of all relevant paperwork, so their clients don’t have to worry about anything. This company has been recognised as one of the best claims management companies in Europe having been featured in TechCrunch, Forbes, The Washington Post, VentureBeat, and Bloomberg Business. Claimcompass is a legitimate company that operates within the legal framework of Regulation (EC) No 261/2004. Please continue reading the review to find out more about it. We also suggest taking a look at other notable companies, such as AirHelp, Skycop, Ifdelayed or

Customer support

Their claims management team is comprised of legal and marketing specialists dedicated to helping you get the compensation you are entitled to. Lawyers, aviation experts, customer service representatives, and artificial intelligence engineers come together to investigate each case on an individual basis to ensure they provide their customers with the best service. This company does its best to provide its clients with answers via email, phone, Facebook, and live chat on their website. Although they might not respond to inquiries immediately, they try to get back to all of their customers as soon as they can. Apart from English, this company’s webpage supports 9 other languages that include Bulgarian, Spanish, French, Greek, Italian, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, and Turkish. features a comprehensive FAQ dedicated to answering nearly all questions its visitors might have.


To check if they are eligible for compensation, users have to enter their flight details into the site’s eligibility checker. If everything checks out, users have to submit their claim, and Claimcompass does the rest. Its clients can expect to get up to €600 in compensation from an airline. The best part is that this company will cover all legal expenses if it has to take an airline to court to get their clients’ their compensation. Many people have benefited by choosing this company over its competitors to manage their claim against an airline. So opting for is an excellent choice.


With more and more people travelling by plane each year, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to avoid flight delays, cancellations, and overbookings. And, people’s lack of knowledge about their air passenger rights often prevents them from getting compensated. Fortunately, there are companies such as that help travellers in such situations. This company’s website encrypts user data and complies with GDPR, meaning that this company takes user privacy seriously. Another good indication that this company is trustworthy is how it’s rated on TrustPilot and Facebook. Currently, it has a TrustScore of 4.5/5 on TrustPilot and 4.7/5 on Facebook, which means that many users trust and are mostly satisfied with the service they provide.

Customer reviews (102) Rate company

Matt V
5 years ago

Very good, received my full compensation for an Austrian air cancelled flight from Vienna to Toronto. Constant communication and timely responses to questions which was great and appreciated. The fee is high (25% of claim amount) but it was worth it to ensure my claim was done and I received my money without any headaches on my part. Thank you!

Izabela Bratovic
6 years ago

The process took almost two years, the airline in question was not an European airline and I would never had the time or patience to chase this. Another one of these claim companies just turned my case down. Meanwhile, Claimcompass regularly communicated what was going on and their customer support was great! Thank you!

Pāvels Šestunovs
6 years ago

All received

Mark Downing
6 years ago

Got delayed for just over 3 hours flying out to Germany last month . Put a claim in through claim compass. Excellent communication and quick compensation result . Would recommend and if needed will use again.

Paola Pini
6 years ago

Efficiency, courtesy and punctuality. The only ones able to help me get the refund due. Thank you!!

Gorana Antic
6 years ago

Professionals. I highly recommend.

Conor Coyle
6 years ago

very poor site will not reply my emails in regards too my compensation and have been waiting 3 month now on a refund.

Vessi Beamish
6 years ago

Nothing was done about my claim with Bulgaria air, I waited for nearly 2 years, so I looked for another company, which have done the necessary to get compensation!

Evalin Sokuntear Proum
6 years ago

Hello I am a real, live human who was totally skeptical about this but did a little research and figured I had nothing to lose. After arriving to the Schipol in Amsterdam three hours before an early morning flight, I found out that flight was delayed by at least three more hours. Thank God Schipol is a beautiful airport but I was pretty pissed. I reached out to ClaimCompass and submitted a claim. They let me know when they received it, when they sent it on to the airline, and kept me updated while the entire process played out. It’s a month later and I just received my compensation. I am honestly pretty blown away. They take a considerably large commission, and request that you refer friends in order to receive compensation which I find a bit gross and spammy. I would still recommend this service to anyone. I had neither the time nor the inclination to enter the claim and follow up on it on my own so thank you for all your help ClaimCompass.

Ivan Ivanov
6 years ago

Thank you ClaimCompass

Val Staykov
6 years ago

My sincere gratitude to ClaimCompass for dealing with Air Transat and help me getting the compensation so quickly. Thank you for your professionalism and amazing service. Please keep the great work, we believe in you!

Io Man
6 years ago

In one month i received my compensation. Thanks ClaimCompass

Filip Pavicevic
6 years ago

Best way to get compensation. I would recommended to everyone.

Anelia Andreeva
6 years ago

Thank the team for punctuality and professionalism.

Vanya Kuncheva
6 years ago

Really good service. Thank you ClaimCompass team for taking care for all those issues with the flights. You are the best.

Катя Иванова
6 years ago

Thank you to the team team, in particular Martina, for the compensation received on a cancelled flight at the end of may 2018 Accuracy in attitude, awareness of the whole procedure. I recommend to anyone who has such a problem with flight, trust them! Be healthy and compensate, created by someone else’s guilt problems with your propriety!

Nelly Mihaylova
6 years ago

My flight with easy jet was delayed 5 hours. Today I received my compensation. The process was super easy and took around 2 weeks. They took 25% commision as stated on the price list on their website so no surprises there. Overall great service, thanks for everything guys! 🙂🙂🙂

Catalin Gherman
6 years ago

After TAP Portugal cancelled my flight, I was a bit skeptical about getting my money back. I was very angry because the holiday started in a negative way so I contacted Claim Compass after reading many positive reviews. It took 3 months to get my money, as TAP Portugal doesn’t answer quickly. Since then, I had another delayed flight with TAP Portugal and I will also use Claim Compass to get my money.

Antoaneta Timcheva
6 years ago

I thank claim compass for the compensation received for the great delay of wizz air flight from nice to Sofia on 11.05.2018, which has caused me a significant inconvenience-delayed meeting, fatigue and ultimately the final bad end of otherwise wonderful vacation. Allowance really repaired the moral damage and thanks to him and the the compas again, I will soon travel, with the confidence that even in a bad scenario, there is someone to take care of my rights! I wish you success and fruitful work! Antoinette Timčeva

Soukaina Guerraoui Filali
6 years ago

good job , great service i get my compensation thank you claimcompass

Antonio Lucas
6 years ago

It took 6 months but the compensation arrived into my account. Good communication along the way. Avoid Wizzair !! Flight delayed 7 hours, lost paid connection (60 eur) + car rent (200 eur). Thanks to Claim Compass we managed to recover the damage.

Rob van der Meij
6 years ago

Top! Well informed despite a very long process. Finally with a positive result!

Christos Stathop
6 years ago

Many thanks for all your prompt actions! Really good support regards

Steve Gregg
6 years ago

Great service! Where others have failed, they managed to get me a compensation. Highly recommended

Nadjir Pandt
6 years ago

Reached out to ClaimCompass when i was trying to contact the airline about my claim but i was ignored. ClaimCompass really took the time to process my claim and notified me every step of the way. It took 8 months but they never gave up and let me know that they are dedicated to resolve my claim. I will recommend every one if you have a claim go to ClaimCompass. Very satesfiing and pleasant experience.

Carri Uranga
6 years ago

I admit I was skeptical at first and was a little nervous submitting my information, however a trusted friend recommended Claim Compass and within 3.5 weeks my compensation for a 7 hour delay was in my account! I wish I would have known about this service before since I’ve had at least 3 other major delays I could have benefitted from (but now, too long ago). Thank you!

Alexender Charkin
6 years ago

Our lawsuit #10522 has been in this company for a whole year, on our e-mail requests at all stop answering, just an outrage. Treated the company’s website with the question of the lawsuit in response didn’t come anything, although when they started working with them, the information was made every week. Now missing. Respond “Heroes”…. stop hiding…. if you can’t do anything, let’s dissolve the treaty and we’ll get this compensation in Russia ourselves.

Aneliya Shturkova
6 years ago

Professional job

Gabriel Adumitrachioaiei
6 years ago

Working for the good of the airline not the passenger. Many emails over many months, most of them redundant and absurd!

ILonka Borisova
6 years ago

Thanks to the ClaimCompass team for their assistance. My special compliments for quick and accurate work. I recommend them to everyone with similar problems. Once again, THANK YOU!

Veronica Elena
6 years ago

I have reached out to ClaimCompas to help me submit my complain with KLM for delaying my arrival to my final destination with almost 5hours. I’ve submitted my request end of May and I already have receieved my compensation thanks to the fantastic team at ClaimCompas! I appreciated very much that I was updated along the process by ClaimCompass team letting me know where my request stands. Thank you ClaimCompass!!

Andrada Mihaela Doroftei
6 years ago

Hello. Thank you very much for all your patience and all your support. I’m saying that the money was delivered to my account. You’re amazing people. Thanks a lot again. Surely if i have any more problems I’ll call you. Good day i wish you!

Petia Nikolova
6 years ago

Pleasantly surprised me and my friends from the rapid reaction of claimcompass! We received compensation for a late flight of wizzair. I didn’t think there would be a result of this, but now we are very happy and satisfied! Thank the whole team!

Maria Yordanova
6 years ago

I am extremely pleased with claimcompass’s services. Today I received compensation for a cancelled flight of wizzair to London a month ago. You don’t have to have insurance to look for your rights. 🙂 to be honest, I didn’t expect it to turn out so fast. I’m very happy with Claimcopass as they successfully represented me before Wizzair for a cancelled flight to London. I highly recommend Claimcompass’ services.

Georgi Gabrilov
6 years ago

It was a nice experience using their services. Very responsive and polite. I got my money back.

Mihail Ivanov
6 years ago

It was a nice experience using their services. Very responsive and polite. I got my money back.

Rady Chamova
6 years ago

I am really happy with the fast results, really effective service and responsiveness!

Ivelina Mutafova-Makedonska
6 years ago

Marina is the best agent. I am very happy with the services. Definitely will recommend 🙂

Milena Dabkova
6 years ago

Great service. First I contacted the airline, but they refused any payment. I’m very grateful to ClaimCompass as they resolved it very quickly and successfully. Thank you very much.

Cristina Conisevschi
6 years ago

A United team that gives proof of professionalism, they did exactly what they promised, thank you so much!

Ilona Bulyga
6 years ago

Great job!

Marian Jerome
6 years ago


Irinka Dovgaja
6 years ago

Thank you so much for cooperation.

Iakovos Papadopoulos
6 years ago

They have been paid my refund from a cancelled flight on easyjet (I have the receipt too) and they have not gave me the 75% for 2 months… I have been said that they have not taken any refund.. Do not trust your claim better do it on your own!!!!!!!!! Scam risk

Traian El
6 years ago

Very good, I got compesatia thank you very much!

Valkova Tsoni
6 years ago

Thank you and congratulations on the quick result! A lot of success.

Edo Omerčević
6 years ago

It was super easy. Great communication, great service. The only negative, but a substantial one, is that they took almost 40% as their provision. Next time I will try to get the compensation on my own. Only then I will know is the provision justified or not. Still, Thank you for your assistance ClaimCompass team.

Nistor Augustin
6 years ago

Thanks for anybody and compensation You’re doing great!

Atanas Georgiev
6 years ago

Recently, the claimcompass helped me get compensation for a town flight. Claimcompass’s team responded quickly to my registered claim and ended it in a short time, and then I received the promised compensation. Thanks to claimcompass for professional attitude!

Boris Borisov
6 years ago

I’m happy, they did their job, and 9 months after my flight, they sent allowance.

Silvia Todorova
6 years ago

Thank you!

Frances Strachan
6 years ago

Very helpful and efficient staff. Many thanks to them!

Gabriela Mateva
6 years ago

Very effective service. Thanks to Claimcompass I received a compensation for 5 hours delayed flight that was previously denied by the airline.

Diana Elena Mirea
6 years ago

A team of professionals and very to.

Milena Stoianova
6 years ago

Thanks to the whole team for the amazing professionalism!

Bojana Haddad
6 years ago

Delayed wizzair flight. Procedure took the necessary time, but successfully. Thank you ClaimCompass.

Elena Aleksieva
6 years ago

It was a nice experience using their services. Very responsive and polite. I got my money back after couple of rejections

Aless Darie
6 years ago

Congratz team ! Outstanding communication with the client, you have to to nothing else, just send them infos for what they need. Thats all ! Congratulations once again and thank you !

Radu Pop
6 years ago

Our flight was delayed due to a technical issue. I read in a newspaper about you can claim up to 600 EUR for delayed, cancelled or overbooked flights in EU. The process and to fill-in the form is very simple and fast. I got my compensation in less than two months. Highly recommended.

Antonija Goleš
6 years ago


Iva Nikolova
6 years ago

Correct! I recommend!

Patricia Ledocq
6 years ago

At the end of April, we were 6 hours late on an Egypt-Germany flight. I immediately contacted claimcompass. They took care of everything and today Wednesday 27 June, I got the transfer of my indémnité, 900 euros (300 euros / pers and ns étions3)!!!!!!!!!! So of course, I recommend claimcompass!!!!! A big thank you to the whole team!!!!!! Thanks to you ns let’s go back on vacation

Константин Люцканов
6 years ago

Great, super correct! Thanks for the rapid response! I recommend everyone!

István Macsinik
6 years ago

Claim Compass doesnt recovery anything for you.I have a 16 hrs delay and ClaimCompass cant did nothing.Ryanair refuses to compemsate me.

Diana Tibucanu
6 years ago

I didn’t actually believe it, but in about 2 months i received the compensation for 3 passengers, for a 12 hour flight delay. Thank you !

Helen Skibitska
6 years ago

I received compensation quickly and without any efforts. Thank you!

Shannon J Powéll
6 years ago

Amazing service from start to finish, have recommended my parents and friends to put forward their claims with yourselves. Highly recommend!

Inna Stoynovska
6 years ago

Thank you to the team team for your assistance and assistance. My special compliments on the fast and hard work. I recommend them all with similar problems. Thanks again.

Andreea Eni Cojocaru
6 years ago

Recommend!!! Call with confidence

Camelia Anton
6 years ago

Really helpful! ClaimCompas did a great job obtaining my compensation for more than 3 hours delayed flight. Highly recommended. Thank you for the professional service!

Диана Няголова
6 years ago

I’d like to thank the entire team team for getting compensation from Bulgaria air. Great attitude, I’ve been informed of every step of the procedure. I am very pleased with the services of the claimcompass, and I would recommend them to anyone who had a problem with a late or faint flight. Thanks again to the team for your cooperation and help.

Amit Dey
6 years ago

I am really pleased with the way my claim was handled by Claim Compass . All I had to do was to provide them all the details and they took care of everything . Finally got the confirmation that my compensation of 450€ is on its way to my account . Thanks a lot Claim Compass .

Teodora Hristova
6 years ago

I had more than 6 hours delay of my flight from Copenhagen to Sofia. I asked Wizzair for compensation and they refused. Claim Compass helped me and I got my compensation. Thanks a lot, Claim Compass!

Svilena Vasileva
6 years ago

Great work!

Orlina Dineva
6 years ago

Great team! Quick, adequate and effective service.

Romy Boisclair
6 years ago

excellent service!

Vili Sumina
6 years ago


Steve Oakes
6 years ago

They did the job as promised. Thank you!

Costel Stoica
6 years ago

Just like they promised. Simple and effective.

Samy Mads
6 years ago

An excellent service ,reliable.

Dani Doycheva
6 years ago

Recently, the claimcompass helped me get compensation for flight with Deutsche Lufthansa, a. G., who was late and eventually missed my next flight. Claimcompass’s team responded quickly to my registered claim and ended it in a short time, and then I received the promised compensation. Thanks to claimcompass for profesonalnoto attitude!

Laith F. Al-Hyari
6 years ago

it was a quick way to get a money that i never thought i could obtain from an airline company ! Thank you ClaimCompass

John Scull
6 years ago

ClaimCompass recovered some money for us after Lufthansa denied our claim.

Geoff G Dub
6 years ago

I went with ClaimCompass thinking this was going to be easy and effortless. I started the process in March (today is June 11th). They have been the laziest people, I have had to write to the company myself to get results. I finally revocated our contract (I have written proofs) and they still claimed the money to the company so they could rob me. I am thinking about taking legal actions and sending my story to as many newspapers as I can think of. I am shocked. Don’t go with them, they won’t work for you but for them.

Nela Bosnjak
6 years ago

Flight was cancelled, happy with claimcompass money returned! 👍🏼

Amanda McLane
6 years ago

Go ahead and give your headache to ClaimCompass. I received full €600 compensation (minus 25% for CompasClaim) in only one month. Will def re-use this excellent service if I ever get delayed again. NB: 25 hour delay across the Atlantic.

Pavlina Chikova
6 years ago

Heartfelt thanks to the team team for the cooperation and impeccable work on a complex case of a late flight of Turkish Airlines. I strongly recommend to anyone who had a problem with cancelled or delayed flight!

Victor Turcan
6 years ago

Very fast, you’re cool!

Martin Marinov
6 years ago

Great service! My flight from Venice to Sofia (with Ryanair) was delayed with almost 5 hours. The guys form ClaimCompass helped me to receive 250E compensation from Ryanair. Thanks a lot guys, would call you again if neccessary! 🙂

Ivan Kalapishev
6 years ago

Well, that’s my story – I had troubles getting my money back after a big delay and lot of unnecessary transfer flights that me and my wife had to go trough in order to get from Sofia to Moscow about 2 years ago flying with BG Air. We were supposed to get airborne at about 15.30 PM as far as I remember but the time was passing and it just didn’t happen. We went to an airline officers at the airport asking “what is going on?” and they just issued us new tickets saying that we’ll have to fly first to Italy one hour later to get a connecting flight from there to Moscow. That was looking fine but again their plane was late, so we missed our connection and once we’ve got to Italy we had to wait for a different plane that took of for Russia after the midnight and landed at 5 AM on the next morning. So instead of having a regular 2-3 hours straight flight from Sofia to Moscow our journey was extended to 11 hours. Kindly I contacted BG Air airline asking them for fair reimbursement but they refused to pay us anything back to compensate the discomfort that they cause us almost ruining our family vacation. I wrote them twice and the response was short and rude. A month later a friend of mine told me about the ClaimCompass company after I shared my story and advised me to get in touch with them and a little later I did so. The fight they fought for us was not easy and it took them few months to prevail but finally they somehow pushed the right buttons to cause pressure on BG Air and at the end thanks to their hard work and efforts I received our reimbursement in my bank account. I can’t remember what was the exact amount of the money that I received but it was sufficient and I’m happy that I asked ClaimCompass to give me a hand on this issue. Finally I just want to say big thanks to the whole team that helped us to get our money back and want to recommend their service to everyone who has received a bad treatment from an airline. In case you have been mistreated by an airline – for sure ClaimCompass will do their best to straighten the things out for you guys 😉

Haris Omerspahić
6 years ago

Super communication, fast and efficient, all recommendations ���

Veronika Veronik
6 years ago

I want to thank the whole team for the amazing professionalism they’re doing their job. Except I got my severance package, and I got the cool attitude. I was informed and kept in the course of the whole procedure. Extremely correct young people! It’s increasingly rare to meet people who do their job quality, and in your face I found a whole team. Thank you! Greetings, Veronica

6 years ago

I am happy with the company’s services. Because I received compensation for a late flight from London with the Booking reference JYQUXW, but my friends who were traveling with me were denied compensation.

Mirela Pazderova
6 years ago

strongly recommend

Bunghiuz Vlad
6 years ago

They did exactly what they promised to do. Late flight over 4 h inside the EU, we received compensation in approx 30 days

Милко Милчев
6 years ago

I recommend you use the services of climecompass, correct, responsive and clearly razbirŝi from your work!

Kalinka Petrova-amidzhova
6 years ago

Thanks again to the team for your cooperation and help. I’ve used their services and now they’ve helped a friend of mine who I recommended. Thank you on his behalf.

Срђан Мердовић
6 years ago


Angel Spasov
6 years ago

It was super easy and efficient to work with claim compass. But you have to be prepared – it doesn’t take a day or two to get your compensation and this has nothing to do with claim compass’s great service.

Juraj Dusparic
6 years ago


Lilija Danilovic
6 years ago

Our flight was cancelled due to technical problems and we got tickets for the next flight that was in 3.5 hours. Filled in the claim during that time at the airport with no expectations. And then total surprise -we got our compensation within less than 2 weeks. I had in the past experience with cancelled flights – I tried to contact airlines by myself and it didn’t work out. ClaimCompass made it very easy for us and incredibly fast. Highly recommended!

Bragi Brynjarsson
6 years ago

Thank you for this .