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Turkey Turkey
Established: 2016
Employees: -
Average time to compensation: 4-8 weeks
Supporting languages: entrde
Customer support
Ease to use
Customer reviews

Company charges 25% success fee & taxes

Calculate if you are entitled to get up to €600 compensation from this company

or instantly Start Claiming Review & Rating investigates flight cancellations and delay related issue for deprived passengers. Since its advent in 2016, the Turkey based company has been enabling travelers with a user-friendly claiming form to initiate compensational claims. In fact, the organization is the only claim company for airline passengers in Turkey. They deal with travel grievances that has been experienced with flights. The team follows the entire process right from the start until claiming is successful. There are no prior charges or commission fees that users need to seek support from Ucustazminatim. Furthermore, the basic check isn’t chargeable, but for more advance insights users can avail their plans as well. Ucustazminatim is not a scam, it is legit company, which operates under EU Regulation 261/2004. You will find more information in review below.

Customer support

The client-centric website of responds to clients almost instantly through their active live chat option, email, and phone. There is no messaging available through Facebook. As a result, the customer support is personalized. The FAQ available supports a wide variety of questions. The team supports clients in three languages – English, Turkish, and German. The airline company ensures flight cancellations or delay related operational discrepancies of passengers are handled at the earliest.

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Ease to use

The two-three-minute form requires just few inputs. Post submission the team works on the data provided. The form uses details of the application reason, flight code, departure date, contact, and invoice attachment. Altogether this combines the most applicable details required in this case. The interface is simple with not too many buttons to navigate to reach the relevant form. The home page does not contain much to confuse users, apart from the user-friendly claiming form and no additional tools. The user area is missing, thus barring customers from looking into their claim status. It is not possible to know about the probable compensation amount, but users have found the team to be very responsive with status updates.

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The Turkish website allows users to score on Facebook with a 4.5 rating. There is an active Trust Pilot but has no feedbacks. The company neither complies with the cookie or the GDPR policy. The company provides all details; however, the information regarding team members is missing. Finally, the leading company is available across all social channels such that more users can reach out through these platforms easily.

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Customer reviews (13) Rate company

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Nilüfer Akar
1 year ago

My wife and I are living abroad, and we have also applied for our flight to the in, and you have made a return Thanks for your interest and effort flight compensation

Gürbüz Özçelik
2 years ago

I was not given any information about the ramen process that I did not send the requested papers on April 11..

Fatih Uludağ
2 years ago

On the 21th of may 2016, we were victimized at the airport for hours during the trip to Frankfurt-Istanbul, and I have applied for you in two weeks, and I have received my right to compensation in two weeks, and thank you to your

Ilhan Yasar
2 years ago

Due to the fact that the flight compensation procedures have been made in a very short time, thank you again.

Mehmet Andic
2 years ago

hanks to you, my 884 € my has reached me. Thank you so much for everything!

Mert Kilimci
2 years ago

Antalya Istanbul I had a delay during my trip, but I didn’t even know I had a right to compensation, I studied your site and I was able to get my severance, thanks to you

Serhat Bedi
2 years ago

After applying, it was contacted by the aircraft company, but unfortunately, there was nothing after that. Even though I didn’t talk about it on the phone with my ucustazminatim and it was told that it would come back to me 9.- I’ve been waiting since 10. Months!!

Mehmet Osmanoğlu
2 years ago

We were stranded at the 3-hour airport with my hubby during our ankadara-Budapest trip in June. I have applied to you online, and I have received our tazminatimizi in two weeks, and thank you very much for your interest and

Selin Candanoğlu
2 years ago

On July 11th, during my trip to Prague-Istanbul, I and 2 friends were victimized for the delay, waiting for hours at the airport We have applied for our right to compensation, but we have not received any results, and I have encountered your site and I have applied in a short period of time, and

Metin Yıldız
2 years ago

I made my application for 3 hours of delay during my cologne-Istanbul trip in 2015 and I have received my my in short time, thank you very much for your

Sevtap Elmas
2 years ago

At First, I was afraid of applying to you and we applied for a family. We even got my flight iptallerimi from last year. I thank you so much for your interest and relevance, you can apply for your five minutes and you can apply and a reliable firm thanks, good work..

Çağatay Şahin
2 years ago

I would definitely suggest to everyone that I am entitled to compensation without any cost, your, thanks a lot for your interest 🙂

Alican Çelik
2 years ago

I applied for the flight delay, I took my my in a short time like 15 days. I was really successful when I wanted to apply myself, the airline kept the company waiting for about 3 months and I didn’t get any I suggest everyone thanks a lot good work