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Customer support 1.4 / 5.0
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2.5 out of 5
Lithuania Lithuania
Established: 2017
Employees: -
Average time to compensation: 10-12 weeks
Supporting languages: lten
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Get up to €600 in compensation. Once you have submitted the claim, the company will contact you within 2 business hours.

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Latvia review & rating is a relatively young Lithuanian flight compensation company – it has been operating since 2017. Unfortunately, there is no accurate information about the size of the company. Currently OroSkundas takes care of air passenger rights and specializes in delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight compensation. This is one of two airline claim companies in Lithuania. OroSkundas is operating under EU Regulation 261/2004. In addition, this company is not a scam, it is legit company and in the review below you may find more information about it.

Customer support

Flight disruption compensation claim users are usually responded back within 24 hours, unfortunately, personalized customer support is not provided. Furthermore, the reliable service assists customers in two languages – English and Lithuanian. There is a choice to contact airline claim company support by email or phone, sadly, Facebook chat or live chat on the website are not provided. Also, users can look up FAQ section on the company’s website to answer queries related to eu air passenger rights.  

Usability is a user-friendly website with several features to assist clients to claim flight compensation. Unfortunately, the information about the exact possible complaint amount is missing. It is possible to find claim status in the user area. Search by city or country facilitates the process. What is more, website is mobile friendly. Sadly, flight compensation process is focused only on claiming and no additional tools for customers applying for air passenger rights are enabled.


Airline complaint company looks shady as there are no details and team members provided in their website. Customers who claim flight compensation have the possibility to provide feedback on Facebook (rated 4,7 out of 5). Sadly, the company does not have TrustPilot account to show their users feedback. neither comply cookie nor GDPR policy. This company isn’t active on social media with its tweets and posts.

Customer reviews (42) Rate company

Rimante Lukosiute
6 years ago

Upon receipt of the necessary data, we received information on submitting a complaint to the airline. However, after 6 weeks we do not receive any information or status updates. It does not provide any confidence in the company’s performance and effectiveness. By the way, all citizens know that it is not complicated to find legal acts, according to which, what kind of compensation you can expect and apply directly to the airline.

Jurate Geniene
6 years ago

Throw arranged very quickly and did not raise any additional question. Thank you very much for the compensation you’ve been making. I recommend everyone.

Aušrys Liaudanskas
6 years ago

Thank you

Venecija Guntoriute
6 years ago

Super !!! Very quickly everything helped, obviously the process took any of the airlines, it was necessary to ask when will the money be transferred, etc. ryanair did not respond to queries ..

Vova Vasiljev
6 years ago

Very good company, constantly keeping up with the case. I recommend!

Nelia Sun
6 years ago

Very fast. Super. Thank you.

Svetlana Ilciukiene
6 years ago

Thanks a lot for helping you get compensation. The work was done very quickly and expeditiously. Within a few days I got money. Thank you

Rasa Kepežinskaitė
6 years ago

Thank you for the good work done.

Dalius Sakavičius
6 years ago

Thank you for your work

Vytautas Dumse
6 years ago

It’s almost half the time and no compensation. Although it has been confirmed that the compensation depends. The e-mail, caller’s phone and all-new cause have come to my attention in the face of the fate, why it’s not lost. The last thing I ignored was the story as no answer … Next time I will turn to an international, well-known company.

Jurate Zuk
6 years ago

Thank you very much for the pleasure of communicating and doing a great job. I recommend everyone.

Če Laura
6 years ago

Thank you! I’m pleased with the services provided! I recommend

Kristijonas Zaleskis
6 years ago

Thank you for the work done and the compensation received from the airline. Good luck!

Ieva Kaušytė
6 years ago

Super work !!! ;))) Thank you for the help 😉

Ilma Čekavičienė
6 years ago

Air complaint, I changed my assessment and I am looking forward to a favorable decision. Our trip from the holidays has become a real nightmare, which, as a result, lingered in an important meeting and I did not have a long-awaited job

Irma Kas
6 years ago

Better than I expected! Everything is smooth and extra speed! Super!

Lina Liutkeviciene
6 years ago

We are very excited about the work of this company. This company unexpectedly recovered our compensation for two trips. We flew 5 people to America, both flights were complicated with delays. Avia companies have offered other flights, hotels. However, such compensation for moral damage was not even mentioned. Thanks to the air complaint, we found out that we have compensation.
Thanks for the great work. I recommended your friends to you.

Audronė Du
6 years ago

Thank you for the prompt and quality assistance! I recommend!

Žiedūnė Stankūnaitė
6 years ago

Recommend to everyone! Only with your help, we found out that our compensation (flight delayed 10 hours) was recovered by a travel agency that did not notify us. Thank you and good luck!

Rasa Pokvytyte
6 years ago

My journey from a few hours turned into a nightmare for a couple of hours. Thank you very much for the air complaint that he quickly contacted me and received compensation from me. The truth with the feedback is a bit tedious. I want to stumble in this place as soon as possible.

Dangis Sirmulis
6 years ago

Good work. Maybe a bit of feedback was missing. At least some autoreply that the complaint was accepted for consideration and when it is possible to expect a response or complaint will be satisfied or not.

Thank you.

Šarūnė Kirdeikytė
6 years ago

Does not provide feedback, no information about the process, and what happens to my complaint (I have not received any knowledge about 4 months).

Žygimantas Eidukevičius
6 years ago

Perfectly done the job, when the questions were all explained. Recovered compensation from the Ryanair company. Thank you very much!

Rasa Vy
6 years ago

Thank you very much for helping us get compensation for more than 10 hours of delayed flight. Recommend to everyone!

Nedas Stankis
6 years ago

It is very cool that there is such a body which helped to get compensation, thank you. Good luck in the future

Rasa Motiejaitiene
6 years ago

Good day, thank you very much for mediating the recovery of old-time compensation in a very short time.

Goda Venskaitytė
6 years ago

Thank you for the prompt and quality assistance! I recommend!

Sandra Sandryte
6 years ago

Recommend to everyone! Quickly fix the compensation on the hovercraft.

Laura Liepa
6 years ago

Thanks for your help 🙂

Tadas Kazakevicius
6 years ago

I am offering everyone a good service.

Roma Narkute Jonusiene
7 years ago

Thanks for the help, it works very quickly and perfectly. We received compensation without any worries, everything was done by the oracle. I recommend to everyone;)

Ona Sakalauskienė
7 years ago

It is very saun that there is such a system as an air complaint. I am very happy about the situation, which prompted me to pay compensation very quickly and without any hardship to the airline of the company. I would like to appeal to everyone, on discomfort experienced, during flight, only to air complaints . You do not even expect that such a system is in lithuania struggling to be true. I am grateful to you for helping me. Sincerely,

Kesukas Azukas
7 years ago

Shooters! Thanks for the good service!
I recommend to everyone

Agne Stasiulyte
7 years ago

Thank you very much for helping me to get compensation for a flight that lasted 6 hours ….. When I wrote to Wizzair myself, they wrote to me that the compensation really does not belong and silence …. No more knowledge from them .. .. for the unused ticket they themselves did not transfer …. And the airline’s complaint helped to recover the money for the unused ticket and compensation. I really did not believe 🙂

Saulius Kušleika
7 years ago

Some say that it is not worth asking for compensation, as it is an endless correspondence with the airlines and time stretching, and in the final there is no money. I did not believe it. I found anyone doing that. I got compensation for delay in the airplane, I saved time and nerves :). It is really worth asking through agents. Moreover, if you do not receive compensation, you save time and nerves 🙂
Thank you for your urgent work.

Kristina Lama
7 years ago

I’d advise everyone to ask a problem

Irina Michalevic
7 years ago

Decote to the provided services !!! Works great !!!! Recommended for everyone !!!

Karolina Auglytė
7 years ago

Thank you for your patience in dealing with airlines, services and successful results. I did not expect it, but it really works!

Kristina Marcelienė
7 years ago

Perfectly and promptly arranged all matters, it is only necessary to scan travel documents and sign a power of attorney, postpay for services, all Airline complaints incur any intermediary concerns between the airlines and the suffered damage. I recommend contacting the message to everyone, responding very quickly. What kind of troubles is it and always pleasant for us to get moral compensation for the time spent by the airlines in real money, not only in terms of travel conditions 🙂

Monika Klimavičienė
8 years ago

Thanks for the services provided, we are very grateful

Gintautas Vaitkevičius
8 years ago

Works SUPER!

Jurgis Mis
8 years ago

We did not get the result, but tried to help. Thank you for your efforts.