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Established: 2012
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Average time to compensation: 8-12 weeks
Supporting languages: endees
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Company charges a 25% success fee including taxes

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Latvia review & rating is the only flight compensation companies in Austria – it has been operating since 2012. Unfortunately, there is no accurate information about the size of the company. Currently Fair Plane takes care of air passenger rights and specializes in delayed and cancelled flight compensation. Fair Plane is not a scam, it is legit company, which operates under EU Regulation 261/2004. You will find more information in review below.

Customer support

Flight disruption compensation claim users are usually responded back instantly when using the personalized customer support. The reliable service on airline claim company’s webpage assists customers in three languages – English, German, Spanish. In an event of delayed or canceled flight, passengers can readily reach out to them for supports through phone, email and Facebook messenger, unfortunately, live help chat on their website isn’t provided. Also a very good advantage for the great service that is on offer at is the wide variety of answers provided in their FAQ at the website.

Usability is a user friendly website with several features to assist clients to claim flight compensation. The automated claiming form helps passengers to understand about their claim status. Sadly, there are no additional features on the website apart from the compensation tool, which at times limits the benefits that can be obtained from an airline claim company. The mobile friendly website works smoothly and ensures comfortable use on mobile devices. However, first time airline compensation claim users might find some difficulties at the beginning.


Flight claim company is known for its transparency – all the details of its activity are provided to public. Although they have a quite average rating of 7.5 on 10 feedback on TrustPilot, their Facebook feedback has a whopping score of 4.4 out of 5 from satisfied users. They ensure that client details are safeguarded with their advanced cookie policy in place. However, this company doesn’t comply with GDPR policy. is also very active in all major social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Google+.

Customer reviews (100) Rate company

Danilo Hesse
6 years ago

Did everything super worked we are super to peace and went all right fast

Tobias Wörsdörfer
6 years ago

A huge big thank you to fair plan!!! Thanks to you we received a compensation for our 12-hour delay from 02.06.2018 (Sunexpress: Hurghada-Düsseldorf) on Friday. What surprised me and I found remarkable was the fact, the excellent smooth u. Quick Settlement. We have always been informed by a-z of the essential and important information on our case. The information has been made clear and comprehensible to us. Just today, I find it extremely important as an individual (small man to the airline), if you can rely on such partners who represent his personal interests 100 %, save a much more-trouble that is leisure with countless correspondence To put apart u. So you can sit back and relax. If we need help again, we will turn directly to fair planning. Clear recommendation! The next vacation will come……. 600 € per person compensation. Fee, for that you like to say again merci beaucoup 🙂

Zlatka Brumund
6 years ago

5 Stars with further recommendation!!! Thanks

Annemarie Hauptmann
6 years ago

Thanks to fair plan for the rapid enforcement of my claims against flybe for a fancy flight.

Alexandra Handler
6 years ago

It took 1,5 years to get the info that we don’t get compensation “as a altitude occurred in the rotation of the plane”! Our Condor flight to Cuba had 24 h delay!!!

Benigna Strnisko
6 years ago

My flight from Prague to Venice Treviso was cancelled on 26.3.18 spontaneously at Prague airport. Wizzair didn’t want to pay me compensation. That’s how I gave up the case fair tarp and I’m top satisfied. The money was credited to me on 14.5.18 5 Stars with 100 % recommendation! Thanks

Matthias Pieringer
6 years ago

Lucid Case at the end of July 2017 – no claim for compensation in April 2018 according to fair plan’s firm. Exactly same case for air help filed – transfer of EUR 450 within 5 weeks… �

Susi Kadletz
6 years ago

Quick and uncomplicated execution. It is just great that there is someone who is on the side of such irritations (delay) and represents the right of those concerned. Thank you ‼ ️

Miguel GV
6 years ago

Don’t even think about handling your allowance with fairplane, it took me almost a year to get my money even though tap Portugal paid several months ago. I have had to write a lot of e-mails both to fairplane and to the lawyers who work with them in Spain, being ignored on multiple occasions. Until I publicly claimed them on their twitter account, implying that the only thing they’re looking for is that the customers let us get tired to keep our money, they haven’t put their batteries in. Fairplane, never again

Liborio Messina
6 years ago

Thanks to fair plan today we received compensation for our 4-hour flight of 17.02.2018 (Eurowings Catania-Stuttgart). We have always been informed of the most important information on our case and have always been up to date. The Information was also easy to understand for a layman. The staff of fair plan were always friendly and helpful via Facebook Messenger, e-mail or on phone. Without Fair plan we would probably not have been able to claim to catania airport. If we need help again, we will go straight back to fair plan. Clear recommendation! * thumbs up *

MaNu Schubert
6 years ago

15 hours delay. After 10 months of hard fight against epyptair. Everything worked out. At any time, a contact person. I can only recommend. Thank you to the entire fairplaneteam.

Frank Jackewitz
6 years ago

After two and a half years, the fair tarp lawyers against the tam airline have the complete airfare plus. 5,5 % interest back. I canceled my flight for personal reasons about 6 weeks before the, and the tam didn’t want to repay anything. The Frankfurt AG has finally decided in my favor. I’d like to pay the 30 % fees on fair plan, because I couldn’t have done anything to the airline.

Patrick Kuhn
6 years ago

Thanks to fair plan today we received compensation for our 12-hour flight of 20.09.2016 (Airline: Air Cairo). We have always been informed of the most important information on our case and have always been up to date. The Information was also easy to understand for a layman. The staff of fair plan were always friendly and helpful via Facebook Messenger, e-mail or on phone. Without fair planning, we probably couldn’t have invoked air Cairo. If we need help again, we will go straight back to fair plan. Clear recommendation! * thumbs up *

Guntram Brugger
6 years ago

That was probably nothing, first taking over the case and rejecting it again after exam.

Magda Chilla
6 years ago

I can recommend 1000 % further. For one way, I got money back, with the flight back, but sometimes it’s higher violence, the main money is there.

Nadine Kretz
6 years ago

I’m often on my way and there’s time for me especially precious and you don’t want to friends it with complaints or at the airport. Comfortable, easy, free, saves trouble and free. Better not go!

Kevin Koschick
6 years ago

I am very pleased with the settlement to my delay with tap Portugal. Has always been informed about the current state of processing. From the notification to fair plan, until payment of compensation passed 2 months. Can only recommend the service of fair plan, I am more than happy and can say thanks.

Désirée Firou
6 years ago

For 8 months I wait for a response from fair plan �

Melanie Rogge
6 years ago

Can I just keep recommending that it took 5 months… but in the end, fair tarp has dirt the full demand for me in court. Thank you!

Petra Rösner
6 years ago

We are absolutely satisfied with the service of fair plan! The whole settlement didn’t last four weeks, we were well cared for by mail and would always turn to fair plan. Good and professional work. Thank you!

Irene Sto Helit
6 years ago

Missed our connection in June because of a delay and is therefore 13 h at the airport stuck. First I wanted to claim my claims, but the airline turned me down several times. After 6 mails, it was enough for me, and I left it fair. Trial was in December and the money a month later in the account.

Andreas Kettnitz
6 years ago

Had in October 5 h delay with arzur air… still waiting this one what happens… if I knew that it took uber fair tarp so long I never had to turn there… can I Not good rate

Malte Rasmussen
6 years ago

Anyone who has to draw attention to his business for pure profit and in this despicable way, but at risk of 1000 Niki jobs, is also charged with me! It’s about livelihoods and job losses! You should be ashamed of yourself.

Mario Noe
6 years ago

I am already joining other posts and I hope that your future customers will also take account of this. Through their fucking lawsuit, they just endanger 1000 jobs!!!! That’s a fact and there’s nothing to talk about at all!!! An incredibly antisocial matter!!!!!

Steffi Pütz
6 years ago

If a company on the heads of over 1000 employees submits an action for 3 customers and a sum of 1800 euros, which is already paid, you should doubt the seriousness!!! But for your publicity it is certainly Well, it’s not true??!! There’s a chance to put 1000 jobs at risk. Amazing!!!!

Peter Nafe
6 years ago

I am very pleased with the settlement of my claims of fair tarp. Was a good service and not very complicated. After about 8 weeks I had the money (800, € for 2 people) minus the commission on my account. You can only recommend. Thank you.

Amanda Szvetitz
7 years ago

I’ve already filed damages twice on fair plan. Always got great works. Great service. Thank you! 🙂

Jonas Schindler
7 years ago

Thank you for your quick help… it was a thing of not even 14 days and then the case was settled and the money on my account… again thank you!!! Just recommend!!!

Axel Hoffmeyer
7 years ago

My flight from England to Germany was completely deleted at the British Airways blackout in may 2017 I arrived with flix and 30 h delay in düsseldorf. Fai then took my concern and called for several evidence. Now I got a lapidary mail that fair tarp can’t weiterbetreuen the case…. really a sass. My mail was only reacted with an electronically generated rejection mail. I can’t recommend fair tarp even if I’ve been helped by another flight….

Anita Bylsma
7 years ago

I made good experiences with fair tarp. Waiting on 17.8.2017 in split 13 hours on departure after cologne Immediately after return, the required documents sent to fair tarp and today was the amount of money on my account. It took 4 months, but it was easy for me.

Kris Tin Kl
7 years ago

Everything went great. After Nearly 5 months, my money was there. Almost 430 €. I’m absolutely thrilled and really glad I ran the 10 minutes effort and sent my documents. Great!!!

Andreas Möllers
7 years ago

Flew with air Cairo from düsseldorf to hurgada 11st delay and still no compensation and the flight is over a year ago And those of fair planning are also very economical with info and Answer very rare to even not on mails

Huba Tohotom
7 years ago

For 2 days, I’m going to ask for a question, nothing!

Vitja Ba
7 years ago

I have a case of 02.09.2014, I know it can take a little longer, but it’s been a little too long.

Val Milano
7 years ago

They only take easy trap… my from alitalia they refused to deliver with audree without any sample… I’ve been waiting for my compensation since summer 2015….

Alice Springs
7 years ago

n a few minutes the necessary documents are collected and kept regularly updated by email. 2 months later the money on the account. Highly recommended!

Cordelia Petermann
7 years ago

Hello, I was informed by e-mail in April that in my case, a payment was made by the court of justice This should be done in 6-8 weeks. In September, I asked for an email at fair plan as the current situation. Unfortunately, no answer until today. I think it’s a pity because my case has been edited since September / October 2015 and I finally hope for a positive result and the payment. Greetings greetings

Heidi van Graf
7 years ago

Very good communication. Payout really after 48 hours. I was very happy. At any time. Can I only recommend �

Danö Spiralez
7 years ago

Lucid Case (5 H flight with Ryanair) – the enforcement of my claim lasted more than 10 months, probably because ryanair is a hard brocken and my case was passed by fairplaneat to fairplaneuk and went there before an English court. As a private person, there is no chance of compensation against Ryanair. Finally, despite waiting for fairplaneuk, I got a check on the successful completion of my case. Final Score: Fair Plan 1-Ryanair 0 😉 thanks also to the great support here on Facebook and also behind your e-mail, all requests on my part. Status during the case always professionally and satisfactorily answered! (Y)

Adam Olisidabe
7 years ago

Girlfriend Used Fair plan and get navh 2. Months 400 EUR. I’ve been on flight right for 5 months. Now I’ve used fair plan, and they’re direct to the lawyer. Flight right only after about 1,5 months.

Nabea Furzer
7 years ago

Great work. Took a bit but still super result �

Sandi Bajaj
7 years ago

I am surprised at the alleged rapid processing times. I’ve been waiting for more than half a year on money for a delay.. There’s nothing happened because the courts are overloaded and there are no clear statements!!! So nothing with within 48 hrs etc. And faster refund

Gerda Schmidt
7 years ago

Just got over 200 € refunded. Handling fee already deducted. Can I just keep recommending!

Dalibor Peric
7 years ago

Great experience

Konstantin Gamaleyev
7 years ago

Great service, received compensation less than a month! Recommended!

Frank Tiggelers
7 years ago

I first ordered the competitor flight right (23 hours delay). They hired the procedure for failure. Then I turned on fair tarp. Then they took the maximum to refund.

Kurt Schmücker
7 years ago

Totally great. After 8 months, we had our money. Then flew with Turkish Arline.

Sandra Kindtner
7 years ago

28 hours. Delay by germania fair tarp. All good

Sonja Borussin Fritzsche
7 years ago

Absolutely serious and unbureaucratic settlement. .. Within 10 weeks we had our money which ultimately covered all holiday… thus we had 1 week beach holiday for free…. thanks fairplane��

Petra Peper
7 years ago

I’m glad there’s fair tarp. No stress, you get informed about every step.

Daniela Erfmann
7 years ago

Absolutely recommend! Easy Settlement!

Maria Hollaus
7 years ago

We were well cared for. Great, friendly phone service. Super Quick Settlement! If we ever come back to this situation we know who our first contact person is.

Andreas Wessler
7 years ago

1,5 years waited, always asked for it, the next step would be initiated. Then it was called lawsuit exam blah blah blah and in the end came the message that the lawyer in Spain can’t do anything against Iberia.. ����

Marion Fuchs
7 years ago

Thanks to fair tarp we could win the process after 2 years and get our claims! �

Heike Wittkopp
7 years ago

Unbureaucratic and super fast our case was treated. In no time, we would have our full compensation. Topp!!

Monika Schmarl
7 years ago

Fair tarp is great. You get a quick answer and you’re always kept up to date. I got 400 € for a delay of 12 hours and of which 20 % were retained.

Mariam Chahrour
7 years ago

All great! No complications and the express payout was the money in my account within 24 hours. Thanks!

Helen Dino
7 years ago

It is one of the best company to claim air carriers, a council do not have rush to collect, because depending on the case may take a long time, mine took me about a year that the company recognized the delay, with one of the tickets Fair plane had to denounce them, but in the end we won. So patience, fair plane will never fool you, but palcio things go slowly.

Frauke Meinshausen
7 years ago

Thanks to fair tarp. My Case, which is 2 years back, would be resolved now, within a few weeks. Thanks for that.

Patrick Osikominu
7 years ago

Very bad customer service: delivered on 26.7. Received a confirmation on 10.8. and no longer heard. Requests are always answered with the same standardbenachrichtigung. There is clearly no transparency.

Martina Bandion
7 years ago

Set up for the passenger. Great service, very competent and helpful in emerging flight problems.

Oliver Janda
7 years ago

Fast and easy – everything worked great!

Steinhardt Andrea
7 years ago

My 5 Stars short said Friendly Uncomplicated Competent Excellent Fast

Erik Battaglia
7 years ago

Good morning, I still do not receive compensation for you that airline air Europe has confirmed to me paid in January corresponding to my claim. You have given me deadline at the end of February… there is no way to contact telephone with your lawyers’s office, nor with you… Let’s go a disaster… can you please contact me urgently please?

Dirk Schrage
7 years ago

So fair tarp is there very serios and wrap everything completely for the passenger off you don’t need a own lawyer or any assistance!! All you have to have is a little patience and all needed documents that lead to success we had all full trust In Fair planning with now eight people who have ordered fair tarp and are all around satisfied!! #Top again right thanks to the team what behind it ���

Andreas Sievers
7 years ago

I was very confident the fair plan – also due to relatively good reviews – a compensation for a flight with 21 h delay for me at airline sas can obtain -> Unfortunately I was taught a better one. Because of snow, my direct flight was postponed 2 x, finally I’m ” stranded ” in Sweden instead of Copenhagen at night. Here again ” thank you ” to SAS There was only one standardized answer email the fair tarp here can’t do anything for the customer > if not at 21 hours delay, when else? All in all, I can’t recommend fair tarp, shame.

Karinchen Kaninchen
8 years ago

Top, receive compensation for fancy flight within 2 months. It’s a pity that fair tarp doesn’t even deal with lost baggage.

Nadia Sou
8 years ago

Thanks to fair tarp again money for the budget of my parents back :).

Kettcar D Edgar
8 years ago

My parents for which I cancelled their flights have got good 285 euros per person back All easy to understand and pack for everyone No annoying paper war with lawyers and courts this has all fair plaine done for us Always happy to �

Kerstin Zar
8 years ago

For months, despite commitments and transfer announcement, nothing happens… 🙁

Raúl Cuzcano Torres
8 years ago

Good morning I want to thank fairplane for the attention and good professional and understanding treatment of his team. And many thanks to Javier who always kept me informed I recommend the team team Good morning I want to thank fair planning for attention and good professional and comprehensive treatment from his team. And thank you Javier this always kept me informed �� I recommend fair tarp to team Good morning, I want to thank Fairplane for the care and good professional and comprehensive treatment of his team. And many thanks to Javier who always kept me informed I recommend to the Fairplane Team��

Christina Kaeding
8 years ago

I am surprised at the alleged rapid processing times. I’ve been waiting for over a year on money for a delay of 6 hours and a cancelled flight in may 2015.. There’s nothing happened because the courts are overloaded and there are no clear statements!!! So nothing With within 48 hours etc. And faster refund �

Richard Mai
8 years ago

At First, I was skeptical whether it was also respected what we were promised. Within a few weeks, we have been able to obtain the rights that we have I’d do it all the time.

Ulf Schönberg
8 years ago

Good service and uncomplicated. I can recommend it.

Kevin Papousek
8 years ago

First, you explain that you are entitled to sum x and then you get the information months later that the case will not be taken over.

Thomas Bresch
8 years ago

I don’t like this company at all.

Nora Gönitzer
8 years ago

Great, uncomplicated and fast processing

Jennifer Maria Schwarz
8 years ago

It took for 4 months, but now I get a refund – fair tarp thank you! Moreover, Ryanair previously said that it was adverse circumstances and that they were not in a duty.

Sabine Pauletz
8 years ago

Perfect!!! Got the money transferred very quickly! And it was absolutely easy! And this is still free!!! I can only recommend!!!!!

Katrin Lehner
8 years ago

Am very pleased with the performance of fair tarp! Was really uncomplicated and reliable, took almost a year but got my money from the airline which I wouldn’t have had without fair plan.

Stefanie Schmelzer
8 years ago

In January, our plane from Malaga to düsseldorf had more than seven hours delay. We have first claimed a claim for compensation via our travel agency. When this process was finally processed by the airline, we were offered a voucher of € 250,00 together (two people). We objected to this and, after the airline did not react, turned to fair planning. Lawyers have received a compensation of € 400,00 per person for us within a short time. This is absolutely worth the success commission of 24 At the next problem we will contact you directly to fair planning and will always be happy to recommend the organization! Thanks for helping fair tarp!

Michaela M. Baumann
8 years ago

Good (therefore also the assessment) that this company is at all, but in our case it has not brought anything. Just ask me if not at a 20 hour delay from a remote destination when otherwise something comes back. Well, the weather wasn’t good at first, although other airlines flew (started and landed) and we were on site, we didn’t see ghosts, but that was over after 2-3 hours too. So alone on the weather the 20 hours delay is not fair here by Austrian Airlines. It was all very tedious and very messy on the ground. This alone has cost us nerves and not to mention additional days and organization night for home (dog etc. Am therefore very disappointed!!!

Norbert Michel
8 years ago

4 x almost 300 € back into the budget… flight demolition due to technical problems counts in the travel agency as higher violence, at fair plan complete settlement in approx. 4 weeks, enter flight data on the website… and wait until the money is on the account…. easier doesn’t go! Thank you ✈

Andrea Giannotta
8 years ago

A SUPER SIMPLE CASE SINCE 6 Nove, on, so almost 7 months and are to date, no feedback. It’s not to. A. Giannotta

Corinna Wieschendorf
8 years ago

Without stress, the maximum out. You’re top!

Anna Maria
8 years ago

I was very skeptical first and was afraid to fall into a kostenfalle. In the end, however, it was really very little effort and my patience was finally rewarded. I can clearly recommend fair plan!!!

Peter Glonek
8 years ago

Fair plan meant at my delay, I wouldn’t have a chance to repay the airline, so the procedure was not included. Flight right, on the other hand, helped me and

Bianca Tinkhauser
8 years ago

Top! Have thanks fair plan for a delay of flight per person to get the 400 euros without work! Very sympathetic staff 🙂

Rita Haas
8 years ago

In December 2015 we had 3 hours delay from varadero to düsseldorf. At the airport we received the business card of fair tarp. I must have seen that it was called we get 300 EU per person. Didn’t do anything until I thought we weren’t getting anything anyway. After the travel agent of the travel agency said, I have sent everything and Yay!!! After Just 5 weeks of money in the account. After deduction, it was 211 EU. Super allowance for really a little effort. Someone who was 36 hours late after us. Just tried to complain to the airline, nothing’s going on. I want to appeal to lawyer. Recommended fair tarp. Always again!!!

Patric Eickmeier
8 years ago

Super!! 4 tickets we had and 6 hours delay from Bangkok after cologne! We have paid about 430 € each without doing anything for it! If you share 430 € by 6 this is a Super Hourly Rate!

Tobias Rentschler
8 years ago

Get money back!

Verena Elkafi
8 years ago

Absolutely top service, I had almost zero effort, fair tarp done everything.. I can only recommend you…

Desirée Reiter Hajdarović
8 years ago

Despite delay, we did not receive compensation, and the connection was not reached, Unfortunately fair tarp couldn’t get us compensation 🙁

Michaela Em
8 years ago

Thank you – everything worked well (fair planning partner in Austria)! Competent advice, simple procedure… at any time!

Kim Bö
8 years ago

Our Summer Vacation 2015 in turkey was excellent until our departure day. Through fair tarp, we’ve been compensated. We were skeptical at first and today we can only recommend it! With a total delay of 8 hours and some complications, fair planning has identified an adequate compensation for us. We thank you officially for fair planning Thank you!

David Mh
9 years ago

Top!!!!! Super service, very uncomplicated!!

Olga Sei
9 years ago

100 % recommendation! Easy, little effort, relatively short waiting time, statusupdate… easier to get to the compensation! Thank you!

Thomas Graff
9 years ago

Everything worked well. Can I recommend a quiet conscience?

Marina Tsvetkova
9 years ago

Everyone recommend this service. For the delay of the flight for more than three hours (I had three hours 5 minutes, time is considered from landing to the airport of destination) I received compensation 280 euros (already minus the services of the firm). All it takes is to leave the application on the site, to send scans tickets and planting, to expel the power of attorney (my case was done by lawyers from Austria) and wait (months three). Russian passengers i would advise to specify the possibility of translating swift because there is only a bic option for European banks on the site. Bet well but not great because I got compensation and my friend is not yet, though flew and left an application one day.

Iwona Andrysiewicz
9 years ago

Seher good company!!!! Very good company!!! Recommend!!!!