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3.5 out of 5
France France
Established: 2014
Employees: 11-50
Average time to compensation: 8-12 weeks
Supporting languages: enfritptde
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Customer reviews

Company charges a 25% success fee including taxes

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Latvia review & rating is a relatively young French flight compensation company – it has been operating since 2014. The European airline compensation company claims to have higher than 90% success rate. Their service is free if they do not resolve the claim, and it takes less than several minutes to fill out the claim form. The staff of 11-50 employees takes care of air passenger rights, the company specializes in delayed, canceled and overbooked airline compensation claims. Air Indemnite is operating under EU Regulation 261/2004. In addition, this company is not a scam, it is legit company and in the review below you may find more information about it.

Customer support

Flight disruption compensation claim users are usually responded back within 24-hours. The personalized customer support ensures a better communication and transparency to resolve client flight delay, cancellation or denied boarding compensation requests. website supports six languages – French, English, German, Italian, Spanish and Portuguese. With a comprehensive FAQ dedicated to answer client questions, users can expect a solution to most of the queries they have in mind. What is more, there is a choice to contact by email and phone, sadly, Facebook chat or live chat on the website are not provided.


When it comes to flight compensation claims, offers a number of useful features, such as a user friendly and automated online claim form, mobile friendly website. Furthermore, users may see the possible claim amount while applying for compensation. Clients can expect to receive up to 600 euros of airline claim compensation. Sadly, flight compensation process is focused only on claiming and no additional tools for customers applying for air passenger rights are enabled. Although, the airline claim company provides access for users to see their flight claim compensation status, login through Google and Facebook is not provided.



Flight claim company Air Indemnite seeks transparency – most of the details of its activity are provided to public. Customers who claim flight compensation have the possibility to provide feedback on Facebook (rated 4.4 out of 5). Sadly, the airline claim company does not have TrustPilot account to provide their users feedback. Another important fact in favor of is that it encrypts all the customers data and complies with the cookie, whereas it doesn’t meet GDPR policy. Although, they have a social presence on the web, such as Facebook, Youtube, Instagram, Twitter, this flight claim company isn’t much active with its tweets and posts.

Customer reviews (102) Rate company

Mario Prieto
6 years ago

I thank air compensation for the compensation of EUR 175 for the delay of 5 hours.
Without you we might have had 50 euros since volotéa wrote us by making the carpet dealer.
10 months waiting but the result is there.

Margeleine Ant
6 years ago

Great service, a little septic at first, I made the steps without too much convictions. Then several of me later, good news I’m told there will be a refund… all these steps and not for nothing. The 30 % taken by air compensation are legitimate in view of the work provided. Without them I wouldn’t have seen anything. Satisfy

Cédric Constantin
6 years ago

Excellent company that was able to pay me back and further to the problems encountered because of air strikes. Thank you air-compensation and bravo for your work.

Madji Westlife
6 years ago

I’m very satisfied with your really top service. Recommended 👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽👌🏽

Lucas Saur
6 years ago

Excellent service! I strongly recommend any problem with the companies.

Jean Jeant
6 years ago

Excellent service.

David Siffert
6 years ago

Very effective.
Despite an omission from me about sending my rib, I was contacted by phone to improve.
Always kept informed of the advanced file.
Thank you.

Pierre Jabout
6 years ago

Air-compensation has avoided me a lot of hassle all the file quickly realized the majority of documents by email quick refund nothing to say

Claude Beziau
6 years ago

Following Air France strikes and a cancelled flight, perfect support for the file and obtaining compensatory allowances! Simplicity, speed, efficiency.

Clothilde Garancher
6 years ago

Air compensation was very reactive in my case study. I received my allowance under 5 months and the amount is up to my expectations.
Thanks to you!!

Laetitia Cuilhe
6 years ago

Following a cancellation of flight on 3 March 2018, air compensation took the case in charge of air France. For my part, I find extremely long repayment times. At the end of August we are in the process of receiving reimbursement of these tickets. The allowance required by air compensation has not been validated by air France, so if it is combined with the intervention costs of this provider, I do not think that is a good solution. If I meet another problem of this kind, I will not call on their services. On the other hand, it must be recognized that each mail sent receives an answer and that the interlocutors of this company are polite in all circumstances.

Oudard Josette
6 years ago

Speed efficiency do not hesitate to entrust your file to air compensation
A very big thank you

Yasmina T. Djobo
6 years ago

Very professional and fast. I strongly advise.

Franck-olivia Duflos
6 years ago

Fast and efficient. File managed perfectly. Thanks air compensation

Alain Le Menaheze
6 years ago

Speed, reliability, good customer information, anyway, thank you!

Ben Boukhatem
6 years ago

What I really like about air-compensation is the fact that they don’t abandon the part when you’re in your right and they keep you informed continuously.

Jean-yves Marie
6 years ago

My flight San Francisco Paris was cancelled
Placed on another flight a few hours later with stopover in Dublin
I made contact with air compensation that made the to in air France
IN LESS THAN 3 weeks, I was compensated

Congrats and thanks to air compensation

Aryette Monos-etieve
6 years ago

By Reducing compensation times. My file is over four months, and yet the company’s responsibility is proven.

Nad Vento
6 years ago

Quick File Management to compensate

Doume Dom
6 years ago

After a live refusal with Swiss air for an unfounded reason. The Dossier was taken into account by air compensation with a positive result within the time frame. Thanks to you!!

Eric Marcade
6 years ago

Excellent support; the company did not want to compensate us.

Air compensation has resolved very quickly and effectively the problem

Jean-Claude Poussard
6 years ago

I enjoyed the very professional follow-up of the dossier by air-compensation throughout these months of procedure for a conclusion to our advantage. Thank you.

Camélia Laf
6 years ago

Very efficient and fast, I really was satisfied with their service. Mercii

Christine Nachin
6 years ago

Satisfied with the conduct of the claim, and also the speed of reimbursement of injury.
Just I find the commission a high.
Thank you.

Dorothée Urdiales
6 years ago

Air allowances a very serious society that I recommend to anyone who has problems with air companies that carry out every approach and leads to a solution

Sev Sev Zef
6 years ago

Really very satisfied! Super efficient and fast! I recommend air compensation to all those who are worried about flights!

Olivier Dumortier
6 years ago

With an extra allowance at the price of the ticket 150 % Bravo to air allowance!

Regis Nicaudie
6 years ago

Air compensation is very professional, very effective, big thanks.

Marie Thé Dupouy
6 years ago

I really was very satisfied with their services with a very nice conclusion
We couldn’t have done it alone, so thank you very much for your support and efficiency.

Françoise Drousies
6 years ago

Last March, coming from Brussels, our journey by jetairways to India, from Amsterdam, was overloaded when we arrived in schiphol. We were redirected to a flight Amsterdam-Mumbai and Mumbai – Delhi. Consequence: 17 hours of flight instead of 8 hours. Exhausting! When we returned, we addressed air allowances and already today, in August, we were compensated for 1200 € less costs. Air costs that are in our sense, completely justified given the complexity of the file. Well thank you!!

Audrey Guetta Hagege
6 years ago

Very satisfied! Compensation received quickly while the dispute with the airline was over several years. The steps to be taken are simple and operators are available by telephone if necessary. Thank you!!

Laetitia Canel
6 years ago

Very professional and very efficient. We strongly recommend.

Bernadette Fournials
6 years ago

Very effective in their approach to compensation, excellent communication. We strongly recommend.

Marie-claude Chevallier
6 years ago

Thank you, happy you followed my file, greetings to you

Jeff d'Ardèche
6 years ago

Effective Despite the reluctance of airlines. They don’t give up kidney and it works. Compensation always happens. Thank you

Albert Phm
6 years ago

Scam. Lame to shit 💩

Previous comments are from false profiles.

Herve Vdq
6 years ago

Totally satisfied!
I didn’t believe it, and yet I was compensated and the maximum amount.
It takes time, but it works.
Very good on monitoring full instruction, information during waiting time, everything is there!
Don’t hesitate, you can only be surprised.

Dolce Vita
6 years ago

Quick processing of my file. Transfer Received 2 days after the company’s agreement.
Information on the evolution of the file at each stage.
I can only recommend air indeminte around me. Thank you for your work!

Khalid Lamiri
6 years ago

Air compensation is very professional, very effective. After a 2-year delay from ram, air compensation was able to repay me. Thank you.

Faïza Sarah Haytham Ter
6 years ago

Delay of more than 10 hours on a tlemcen-Paris flight with 2 children in the low ages. Eagle Azur offered me royally 50 € discount on the next ticket purchase lol.
I sent my air compensation file, which is very reactive both by mail and by phone. The problem is that the company is dragging things around, so it’s going to court that obliges the company to compensate me. According to the lawyer, they had 4 months to pay for it either before yesterday. Since Silence Radio (maybe the lawyer is on vacation because no answers to my emails). The flight was in December 2015!!!!! People who were with me were compensated with or without the help of recovery companies. Anyway, bad luck. I still put 4 Stars because air compensation is reachable and usually responds in 24 hours but they don’t have too much power against big airlines. 30 % I also find it excessive because if we pass before the judge, the costs incurred are also reimbursed.

Michel Titin-Schnaider
6 years ago

Serious, effective

Stephane Lecointre
6 years ago

3 h30 late for a return of Guadeloupe 1100 € refund for 4 tickets thanks to air compensation very simple follow nickel I recommend. Well keep boarding cards

Philippe Michel
6 years ago

I filed an appeal on 28 December 2015 for a flight delay of the White Airways company, I received a summons from the court / Wood Court for an audience on 4 October 2016
Since no news has been made of air compensation or aviva leszczynski supposed to represent me despite several requests for explanations from me
It’s not serious.

Sibiri Mohamed Coulibaly
6 years ago

Thank you for continuing to ensure the interests of users.

Claudie Henry
6 years ago

Simply efficient and master hand-managed file. I will not hesitate to contact the services if i have another air problem.

Thank you

Frederique Thomas
6 years ago

Compensation obtained thanks to your intervention thanks! Even if the 30 % of commission may seem important it is not impossible that we have not obtained the same sum without your help and at the price of what hassle and exchange of paperwork etc… very good monitoring and communication.

Daniel Prost
6 years ago

After asking in vain for the reimbursement of tickets to hop, because of an unexpected strike on a Bordeaux-Marseille flight that forced me to rent a car, I addressed air compensation that obtained, in two and a half months, A very correct compensation for expenses incurred. The 30 % restraint is justified. I will recommend this service, which has kept me regularly informed of the progress made.

Olivier Roncin
6 years ago

In April 2018, we went to 3 people with corsair. Our flight was scheduled at 22, we finally left at 7 the next morning. Thanks to air allowances, we received a very interesting compensation in July. Congrats to them. They are effective and the approach is very simplified. In addition, air allowances regularly inform us of the progress of the file. Management costs are for me correct because much efficiency. Without their intervention, we would have lowered our arms quickly to the dreaded airlines that drag….. I recommend air allowances.

Philippe Braun
6 years ago

What can I say? Well done.
Flight go and return from Antananarivo Milan for me and my companion blocked by strikes result 860 € of allowances (commissions deducted)
They took care of everything.
Just happiness.

Anne Sophie Poilleaux
6 years ago

Following the cancellation of my flight ajaccio-Paris in April 2018, I filed a request via air compensation, they were very reactive in their answers and kept me informed throughout the process. I got my allowances a few days ago.

Chloé Marcot
6 years ago

Very Fast!!!! J have been compensated in less than 15 days for a delay of just over 3 PM!! Thank you 👍🏼

Michel Thomas Danquin
6 years ago

It is the best choice when we have a refund to take after having a discount after an vol.
I’ve had all my lawsuits against air France from them.

Marc Rochard
6 years ago

A company “lied” and refused to repay our expenses following a flight cancellation.
Air compensation has accompanied us simply and transparently.
Air compensation kept us informed at each stage of the file. Great Follow-up.
We got a toll free of charge and without moving. The time limit seems to be long, but it is time for justice.
I can only recommend to airlines that are increasingly insensitive with their customers.

Stefano Sacchet
6 years ago

Very satisfied with your service perseverance to pay I thank you for your work

Bruno Nicolle
6 years ago

Delay on flight back from Costa Rica from 36 hours in August 2015 and refusal of Air Iberia to compensate us, I undertook an action with air allowances. I just received compensation from 1260 € for 3 people. It is therefore necessary to go through professionals to gain cause, but it is worth it.

Cindy Mininy
6 years ago

Thank you to air compensation for my appeal to air France during the strikes of April. Effective, fast and especially news never leave without reply its good to be supported. Compensation of EUR 420

Grattage Gratuit
6 years ago

Great job
Fast and efficient

Julie Morgane
6 years ago

Two flights cancelled following air France strikes, air compensation managed all the processing of the demand, received without any worries.

Martine Louzi
6 years ago

J had a flight easy mulhouse nice cancelled on a Sunday late may 2018 following irct strike on Marseille, J was lucky to be able to find a flight 2 days after with free modification. I made a claim for compensation, and they managed to get less than 30 So happy.

Trst Bsnrd
6 years ago

Compensation for air France. Without them impossible to recover the money

William Danet
6 years ago

Fast, efficient like air France klm that my only proposed 20 % on a next flight suite has a flight cancellation. The only negative point is the 30 % commission that seems too high.

Aline Markour
6 years ago

The compensation was made for a flight which was postponed to the next day in the month of may, on the other hand, the commission is too high, I think it is huge 30 %.

Limpio Diag
6 years ago

Thank you so much for efficiency

Mia Gavroche
6 years ago

Quick processing of my claim and compensation received online with their initial estimate
Very well managed file
Not much to do once the first necessary documents provided

Yvon Gandit
6 years ago

Allowances benefits in 3 weeks (complete file sent) as part of a flight of-1500 km good reactivity and good information on the tracking of the file.

After the financial conditions are not neutral. (30 %)

Cécile Clos
6 years ago

My flight Palermo Nantes has been delayed by more than 6 hours. The company apologized and offered me a discount on my next flight of 20 €. I asked them to pay me at least my ticket but nothing. Having found this very little commercial, I appealed to air compensation that took over the negotiation and thanks to their efficiency I got an award higher than the price of my ticket. Thank you air compensation. See you next.

Trice Beamuxu
6 years ago

Everything was managed by air compensation. Serious society… advise when you want to take care of nothing!

Jean Marie
6 years ago

Excellent service. I can only advise all users who have encountered difficulties or delays in stealing air compensation to arm themselves with patience they will be (if their files are accepted) safe to be compensated

Pascal Sarrabezolles
6 years ago

Serious and effective work in terms of time-limits and compensation. Recommend to the largest number.

Eric Ebersweiler
6 years ago

Effective, without blah-blah, perfect.

Martine Clement
6 years ago

Flight for Cuba delayed by eight hours, thanks to air compensation and their professionalism received a
Compensation of € 420 per person
Thank you

Arlette Claire Dutailly
6 years ago

A flight back from CUBA PARIS POSTPONED 8 hours later with air France.
All my thanks to air allowance for taking care of my allowance

Marie-Stéph Rivaux
6 years ago

My Lille / Toulouse flight was cancelled on Sunday night at 20 pm for a departure at 9 pm on Monday morning, I reserved my other means of locomotion (train, covoit…) so impossible to cancel!! The flight was postponed at 17 on Monday. I spent my monday day at the airport waiting for my flight without any excuse, compensation (drink, sandwich…) so thank you so much air compensation for making all these steps for me, I made the approaches late February / beginning March and I was compensated early July from 250 €-30 % = 175 €. By providing the papers requested, I had nothing to do.
I really thank you for what you did for me!!
Well cordially (and I don’t tell you soon :))

Joh Tas
6 years ago

I left in China at the end of March with the 24 hour off flight off of eco premium to eco at the last minute
My special food diet has been forgotten too
For These 2 “inconvenience” 150 € good purchases the joke
And There I get 420 € 10 weeks after my claim and several raises
I know 29 people who have touched 600 €…
I’m not satisfied at all.

Sylvain Roche
6 years ago

Serious organism. A few lengths in the processing of the dossier clearly due to the slow air company.

Na Nou
6 years ago

During the air France strikes of April 18, my flight back Lisbon-Paris was cancelled the day before. I got the refund of my flight 2 months after the request from air France. But I asked for compensation via air allowances because I paid the strong price to find a return flight, and it was the trouble… I managed to get a proper compensation to cover practically the costs incurred after this cancellation. And that was 1 months after my file was sent!
So thank you for your action, even if the management costs of 30 % on the total sum obtained are quite high.

Marjorie Lémeray
6 years ago

We are very satisfied with air compensation.
In February we had a flight to India and we were 4 hours late, so we filed a claim for our return and we were repaid by 420 €.
It was very simple, we completed a form and air compensation to manage everything, certainly with a commission of € 180 but without them we would not have succeeded.
Thank you thanks thank you air compensation

Arno Renardeau
6 years ago

Thanks to air compensation. The service was at the top and certainly won me a crazy time to recover the money following a delay of 18 h00 of air France on a long mail flight. A big thank you

Aude Magueur
6 years ago

Air compensation is a very good site, nothing to say, nothing to do just to communicate your flight evidence and they take care of everything. I strongly recommend that all those who have delays, cancellations of flight.

Joëlle Heisser
6 years ago

We have appealed to air allowances following the cancellation of our flight. The service is effective in simple procedures. We got a very satisfactory compensation. Thank you

Nadine Mts
6 years ago

A big thank you to air compensation for its efficiency and kindness. I have received the sum indicated and they are the sum that comes back to them, which seems to me right.
Again thanks

Jlé Mick
6 years ago

A 15-hour flight delay with three children for a Nantes-Lyon via Easyjet. A refund of € 700 thanks to air compensation, 3 years after but reimbursement carried out despite all. Thank you for your commitment!

Alexandra Vandenbossche
6 years ago

Air compensation……. Air Speed!!!!!!! File barely deposited that it is already refunded….. it’s amazing….. we appreciate even more our stay in NY despite our 25 hours late.
Thanks to the whole team and good continuation to you all �

Bernard Leys
6 years ago

Following a delay in Ryanair, the compensation was very fast thanks to your
Thank you and bravo

Thierry Coulomb
6 years ago

Our flight Paris Pointe a pitre accused a 3-hour delay. When we returned, we appealed to air compensation. In 3 WORDS: simple, fast, effective.
It is a pity that corsair does not communicate better about the compensation it proposes. A 450 € per ticket is, but no precision on cash amount. We got 280 € per ticket with a & I but how much was corsair ready to pour us? In any case closed and we are satisfied.

Michel Edme
6 years ago

Very great professionalism full satisfaction of air compensation

Souki Fromlachaux
6 years ago


Chloe Boisson
6 years ago

File treated very quickly by air indeminite. The flight delay nice-Toulouse took place on may 25 and June 27 my account was credited. Very satisfied with the service.

Stephanie Hanier Daviau
6 years ago

I traveled with air France on may 3 for Marseille flight cancelled and postponed to the next day, impossible because meeting
Folder managed barely 1 months, I received 175 € I am very satisfied
We need to keep the evidence for the file.
J made my request early June money received late June

Daniel Brancher
6 years ago

You have problems with air transport, whatever your difficulty
Call air allowances

Claudine Herbin
6 years ago

Very appreciated approach
I recommend this company

Marine Lvax
6 years ago

My flight was over three hours late. I could either claim to claim an allowance of 400 €. Six months later they tell me my file has gone to litigation and more news for two months despite my raise… Ditto for my friend

Nicaise Vertueux
6 years ago

I come to you to thank all you had done for me,
I’m telling you again thank you
All my greetings to all of you.
Mrs. Virtuous

Isabelle Girerd-martin
6 years ago

We are delighted with air allowances. We left in March 2018 in Cape Verde with tap, 12 hours late to go and as much as we return. We filed our claims for compensation at the end of March, super simple. We were informed throughout the procedure and after 2 months we received a transfer of 1680 €… cool for tickets that cost us 700 €� result: new travel project before The end of the year. Thank you air allowances we would almost be able to appreciate the flight delays

Juulie Azincot
6 years ago

A big thank you to air allowance who managed to manage my file in March.

Axel Dumas
6 years ago

Time Limits (not necessarily due to air compensation), but commitments. I was compensated as planned, 10 months after filing the file, and passing through the lawyer box.
Air compensation took care of everything.
So I recommend.

Diouma Kobor
6 years ago

Apart from the duration and some communication problems, I find this agency very effective in terms of results. They settled my problem with a company knowing she was never gonna accept to compensate me.
Thank you so much air compensation.

Emilie Kehrer
6 years ago

Thank you again for managing our compensation file. We are very satisfied!!

Frederic Aupetit
6 years ago

Nothing’s busy

Lorene Lo
6 years ago

No new air compensation for months….
We applied for compensation for a flight that had been over 7 hours late in July 2017!
We were told that we would be kept informed but silence since February…
Is this really reliable… a big doubt is moving.

Lansana Bangoura
6 years ago


My flight back conakry-Paris was cancelled following the air France strike.. I used air compensation that received 600 euros with 30 % interest. Thank you service air compensation. Thank you again!!!!

Jessica Briard
6 years ago

The Reimbursement of my flight, which had been very late, was quite long, but I was kept informed regularly of the progress of the trial, and this was a positive one.