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3.7 out of 5
Germany Germany
Established: 2010
Employees: -
Average time to compensation: 12-16 weeks
Complies with GDPR
Supporting languages: endefritessvda
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Company charges a 25% success fee including taxes

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Latvia review & rating is one of the oldest German flight compensation company – it has been operating since 2010. Unfortunately, there is no accurate information about the size of the company, but it turns out that Flightright is the biggest European company, ranked in TOP5 claim companies in Europe. Flightright  is not a scam, it is legit company, which operates under EU Regulation 261/2004. You will find more information in review below. 

Customer support

Flight compensation company Flightright customer support service seems to have more disadvantages than advantages. A good thing is that the response to support requests takes less than 24 hours and is delivered in 7 languages: English, Italian, Swedish, Austrian, French, Spanish, German. Although, customers may contact the support service by email, phone or find a wide variety of answers using FAQ tab in website, live communication like Live chat on website or Facebook chat is not provided. After that, the customer support is not personalized.


Conserning flight compensation claims, the company provides many features for their customers such as automated user friendly claiming form and possibility to login using Google, however, Facebook login is not provided. Furthermore, customers have access to the user area where they can check their flight claim status anytime. Sadly, the information about exact possible claim amount is missing. After all, the first try using website went quite smoothly.

Credibility enables customers to leave feedback on Trust Pilot and Facebook, where the rating stands at 7,1 out of 10 and 4,7 out of 5 accordingly. Another important fact in favor of this company is that it encrypts all the customer data and complies with the cookie and GDPR policy. The photos of the team members are shown in the website. Unfortunatelly, it seems that the company does not find the importance to invest time for news and blog writing.

Customer reviews (102) Rate company

6 years ago

This is a company full of lies and deceitful and does not do what it claims to be doing. If the airlines gives the compensation at first application then they can take it but otherwise they do not bother to pull their finger out and fight your corner as they claim. I had a case with Lufthansa cancelling my flight 6 hour before actual flight and booked another one 36 hrs after my initial flight. Lufthansa told me it was due to restrictions imposed by Airport Authority and can not pay compensation. After giving the case to Flightright, they told me that Lufthansa refused to give compensation and will give the case to legal team to decide whether to go to court or not. They claim to have extensive experience in European flight delay but can not decide what to do about a simple case. After 4 months I sent an email to check what they are doing I found out they have done NOTHING..They asked me my booking documents after 4 months and probably they thought I lost them.. And now they are sending me an e-mail to say my case is closed because my flight was cancelled due to bad weather conditions. This is a LIE because Lufthansa already gave me another excuse for the flight cancellation . Flightright is worse that Airlines they do not move their finger ( we all know where it is) for your right.. Go and find another one for your rights

Med Ben Ali
6 years ago

Professional Company, I got my Money in less than 2 months since I started my claim.

Marco Lopez
6 years ago

I still can’t qualify, because I just sent my claim for compensation. As soon as I have an answer, I will give my point of view. Greetings

Hoffmann Henrietta
6 years ago

We contacted them for a flight delayed that happened one year ago. They solved it very fast and the air company return us our money. (843 Euro) We are very thankful! It was easy to work with them.
Very recommendable! Thank you so much Flightright Team!

Radiio Jungle
6 years ago

Thank you!

6 years ago

Thank you for yourhelp.

Yohan Nowakowski
6 years ago

A big thank you, after a great silence of air France following 2 DELAYS 1 CANCELLATION 1
Stroller lost all that on a simple a / r,
Flightright has been able to assert our right and defend.
A big thank you

Stef Reunion
6 years ago

Well, I didn’t believe it too much and I did it without really waiting for a refund. Hey bey, I came home on may 15 on a corsair flight that didn’t even want to take my request into account. We are on June 15th and the transfer has been made this day. Too cool

Harry Hirsch
6 years ago

Not cheap; you lose approx. 30 % but the er5folg speaks for you

Fatma Tebibi
6 years ago

Great service, fast and professional! Thanks so much for your help!

Suzette-Meldy Sery
6 years ago

Having no reply to United Airlines for 8 months in several raises, I contacted the flightright service I saw by chance on the internet., time to make my request and have the transfer on my account, this Took 6 weeks. It’s a very serious, fast and reliable service, I’m very satisfied. Notice to friends, if you ever have a 4-hour flight delay, you can contact this service,

Michaela Cukriček Cukrovaná
6 years ago

Woow, you’re just class. Very satisfied. 🙂 I didn’t think this could work. My enschädigungssumme was transferred, fast, effective, uncomplicated.
Wow. ��
I can only recommend. �

Lydia Patricia Botero
6 years ago

Easy, fast, successful and trustworthy. I do recommend Flightright for claiming compensation for a delayed flight. They were responsive, helpful, clear and honest. GOOD JOB. Edit: my case was with Ryanair and it took some weeks.

Maria Jose Tutasi
6 years ago

Thanks to this service, I got my corresponding compensation, all in order!

So Kacemi
6 years ago

Bad service ! Better to choose www airhelp com
Flightright they don’t even take time to read your message !

Roli Käsbohrer
6 years ago

Even during my 4 weeks, I was transferred to the called compensation.
Sensational! Thank you!

Ian Jest Ojcem Aelan
6 years ago

Air France compensates me for 1222 euros… thank you flightright!

Dmitriy Levchun
6 years ago

FlightRight was quick in my case solution and money transfer. All was clear and transparent. Thanks a lot!

Luca Abagnale
6 years ago

I really appreciate the service, fast and simple, I highly recommend it.

Slavica Maksimilijan Berkova
6 years ago

Excellent job. I strongly recommend Flight. Got my compensation for delayed flight from WissAir. Took three months but worth it. Thank you for your professionalism.

Beth Buntrock Vassale
6 years ago

They got $400 for me for a flight that was a day late coming back from Europe. Thanks flightright!

Lisa Berlin Saloniki
6 years ago

Got the triple of the actual fare! Very recommended!

Serge Perrine
6 years ago

Privateer did not answer my requests, after a flight that had been delayed by 10 I contacted flightright, they offered me their services and today I tell them a big thank you.
Privateer after a long battle paid great allowances.
Thank you again!

DrOtto Von GrapeDrink Martino
6 years ago

Wow!! I just got 450 euro deposited into my paypal, from what seemed to me like an annoying regular flight delay. Apparently laws were broken and we deserved satisfaction… we got it, and it was painless… a few emails is all it took. Had I been more skeptical I would have erased it assuming a scam. I’m thrilled and shocked. THANKS FLIGHT TRACK!!! You all made my weekend…

Amelie D. Noordzee
6 years ago

Great service ! Took around 2 months to get an answer (and money!) from Delta Airlines which wasn’t paying any attention to my first complain on their website.

Cindy Savlan
6 years ago

My flight got cancelled 1 day in advance and I had to fight a new flight for the next day. It took several months, but it was worth it in the end! Thank you very much.

Evan Jewell
6 years ago

It took months, but it was worth it! They won 600 EUR against Norwegian Air after we were stuck on the plane for 5 hours (damaged by their own crew!), then handled horribly (waited in line for 3 hours, rude staff who knew nothing!), shoved into a hotel (we had to pay for the taxi too!) and not given a real dinner, and then our new flight was delayed for hours. They take a 25% cut of the payout, but it was worth it! Very professional and always responded to my emails!! if only airlines were so punctual and polite!

Rita J. Afloroaei
6 years ago

Amazing service!
Had more than three hours delay on my last flight, which was in October. Flightright took over my case and today the money came into account.
I’m very happy, thank you very much.

Evgeni Tulinski
6 years ago

Thank you very much.

Omara Rodriguez
6 years ago

Excellent and fast. I didn’t expect to be reimbursed so quickly for an unexpected change in itinerary. Thanks.

Romain Richardin
6 years ago

Corsair wanted to pay me 150th in good for me and my family to compensate me for a delay. I called FLIGHTRIGHT AFTER 2 and a half years of procedure, it’s still 1124th that flightright fired on my bank account. There’s no picture as they say.

Natalia Grebenyuk
6 years ago

My story was that the flight from Prague to Lisbon was delayed, because of this I was late for the Lisbon-Málaga flight connection and spent the night at the airport. I applied for compensation in Flight Right. And six months later, after pushing them up with a letter like “I’m still waiting for news from you,” I received a charming reply.
Your flight from Lisbon, they write, did not leave on time due to bad weather conditions. Compensation is not due to you, because the case is not insurance. We closed the case, you were not informed about this – well, now you know.
That is, for half a year of “trials”, these guys have managed not even to understand that the plane from Lisbon just in time flew away. Apparently, despite the infernal wind. Only here flew without me, because the problem was with the flight Prague-Lisbon.
Handsome men, what can I say?

Max Kailey
7 years ago

In the first place didn’t believe in it….a month and a half after my 4 hour delay on Qatar airways just got half of my ticket refunded…super happy…..great service….great result, furthermore they update you on the process…..thanks flightright

Emőke Lászlóffy
7 years ago

I’m very satisfied with the service and the results. In 2 months they solved my issue with wizz air. I provided all the information they needed and i was informed about everything. Quick and easy, I received my compensation next day after they announced me. I will definitely apply in the future if needed, recommend 100 %. Thanks flightright.

Abdel Outy
7 years ago

I never thought it was going to be true.. But I was wrong, I’m very satisfied with flightright’s service, I got my indémnités in the most practical and correct way, while I hadn’t had A response from the airline. I strongly recommend flightright, and thank you again!

Denis Seghet
7 years ago

Pathetic. Wasted my time by collecting a bunch of documents and power of attorney only to come back 3 months later to say they don’t have lawyers to represent their customers. Stay away, these guys are another internet fraud.

Marcela Zanotti
7 years ago

Hello, to everyone who has had positive results, some flew by Alitalia? This company responds to late compensation???? Thank you, Marcela De Argentina

Silvia Knapp
7 years ago

I have been very pleased with you, all top and fast settlement. Thanks 🙂

Sanita Neil
7 years ago

Excellent service! Just aizpildiju form and everything! After the decision, the money entered the account on 1th day! 👍🏻👏

Philippe Szombat
7 years ago

I’m very happy with the service and the results. My case was not so easy but they succeeded! Congrats to flight right and the very good service.
The only thing, you need to be patient (because the airlines are not keen to give up easily). My case was with Etihad who didn’t want to apply the laws.

Monica Tedesco
7 years ago

It’s a highly recommended service. I’ve received my compensation in a short time. Everything turned out as we agreed.

‎אליהו ליזרובי
7 years ago

Thanks you were huge

Pierre-Aimé Clerc
7 years ago

Originally, I was only asking corsair the credit of my assets on a flight: flight right found that in fact my flight gave me right to much more!!! Bravo

Hüseyn Hüseynov
7 years ago

My flight from Baku to Budapest delayed 3 hours 9 minutes due to some technical reasons. I sent my all possible documents such as ticket, passport to get my compensation, and I have done my own duty, then after 4 months I got good news that thanks to Flightright team, Wizzair has already paid your compensation.

Thank you Flightright team 🙂

Steve Stead
7 years ago

They do what they promise . Great customer service !

Marcoux Marion
7 years ago

Great service and efficiency ! No hassle – just follow the instructions – delivered what they promised !

Alina Craciun
7 years ago

Flightright offers very reliable services.I was fully satisfied with their assistance. I had a delayed Wizzair flight and they helped me to get my compensation.The communication witjh Flightright was easy. via email.They always replied promptly.A trustwortjy company.

Angelique Van Uden
7 years ago

I get 827 euros back. Thanks for the settlement. I’m very pleased.

Mikhail Tsypanov
7 years ago

My case 27224 is three years old. First guys from #flightright responded promptly. A complaint was sent to Air France. After refusal they promised to sue. Agreed with the lawyer. Has spent money, sent by registered letter the power of attorney. Even the trial began, I received a letter from the judiciary. But a year has passed since that moment and they are too lazy to respond to the mail. Guys, how are you?

Angela Alesci
7 years ago

Their website is really friendly and easy to use, after filling the form request, they automatically send you an e-mail to confirm they received your case. They ask you to be patient for 2 months at least and to not get in touch with the air company and to provide them any information might be helpful. After few weeks I applied, they sent me an e-mail to remind me that they are still working on it and to be patient. I appreciated they didnt forget about me and my feelings! Just Friday I got the last e-mail where Flightright communicated to me that they actually won the case and they asked me for my IBAN in order to send me the money I was entitled to get. Today i checked my bank account and the transaction was complete successfully. At the beginning of the treatment I agreed with them that if the operation ends positevely they get 25% of the reimbursement fee + taxes as payment for their service. To me it looked more than fine, expecially because I didnt have to make any payment upfront if I wouldnt win the case. I feel that finally justice is made. I travel a lot and I cant describe the amount of problems I had in the last years due to flight cancellation or delays and finally someone found the way to make it right. Dear friends on facebook, if you got a delayed/ cancelled flight lately, dont hesitate to contact Flightright… they just make it right 🙂 Vielen Dank! 😀

Max St-Laurent
7 years ago

Got compensate! Unexpected money is always good! I am recommending the service!

Matthias Däncke
7 years ago

Always again! Very good and it went very fast! Excellent

Matteo Portanova
7 years ago

Good job, I got the refund a dozen days after I made the complaint. Super recommended

Anatoly Aseev
7 years ago

Hey, @FlightRight!
Many thanks for your excellent service! I received a compensation for a cancelled flight I almost forgot, in a few weeks and by means of several mouse clicks. You made me a little bit happier and, what is more important, now I feel much safer and confident when it comes to flight delays and cancellations. Well done!

Cees Zuithoff
7 years ago

Excellent service!! Thank you very much!

Isa Michel
7 years ago

Great service and efficiency! Thanks to Flightright, I was compensated for a long delay on WOW airline departing from Washington DC to Paris (via Reykjavik) on December 31. The departure was scheduled at 6:20 pm and eventually we departed at 11:30 pm. The company invoked bad weather conditions in Iceland. (which was weird because other flights operated by Icelandair departed normally). I missed a family gathering on January 1 and and I had to buy a new train ticket in Paris.

Eddy Couillaud
7 years ago

Thank you for this quick, clear and effective management. Less than a month for repayment, and that in a few click…. I won’t hesitate to recommend you.

Good continuation

Mustafa Türk
7 years ago

From 2400 € erstrittener compensation I get now 1657,44 €. The Commission is really deserved!!! Thank you flight right!

Danijel Sardelic
7 years ago

Super and fast done! I’m very happy with the flight right service! Would recommend it to everyone.

Kostia Kolesnyk
7 years ago

Perfect service! Received my compensation. Thank you!

Kenza Maria
7 years ago

Thank you so much to all the team ��franchement I’m very happy I just got to receive the confirmation email from my refund of flight jet air � 1200 € minus your commission I still have 840 € ��ca does good in full Holidays ���Ca only took a month fast do well done ��merci again I encourage tt did to take this company he is so fast and so easy ��

Karin Taylor
7 years ago

My LH flight on 02.07. Frankfurt – Nairobi Had 6 hours delay. Heard from a colleague about flight right. I have turned to you on 06.07. And I already have my compensation. Great service. A big thanks to the whole team!

Teresa Valerie Mandl
7 years ago

Thank you for handling our claims so perfectly! It did take a bit of patience, but finally our return-home day from vacation that was messed up by the airline has come to a somewhat happy ending 🙂 I don’t hope I will need your services again, but if I do, I will for sure use them.

Urška Jerala
7 years ago

Perfect service, fast and professional! Thanks so much for your help!

Magali Saverin
7 years ago

Ohhhhhh my God super fast reliable and followed him super ������

Adrian Stanciu
7 years ago

Excellent service

Laura Oehry
7 years ago

I’m super satisfied with flight right. Was initially a something table because I was just requested by mail at the end of February 2017 and my flight was already in October 2016 Then I told you a little about the company, and then I hired flight right. No two months later, I received my compensation. Was super uncomplicated and and. Both thumbs up. Thank you flight right!

Berta Balinho Moreira
7 years ago

Reliable. Fast resolution (my case about one month). Easy and permanent communication. No trouble at all. I sure recommend it.

Ana Fernandes Esteves
7 years ago

I loved the service and how quickly they handled my case! Thank you �
Excellent service, fast and competent! Thank
�Flightright – the no. 1 for passenger rechte�

Anna Johansson
7 years ago

Great work by Flighright! Heard from it by a friend after I was very unhappy with a flight with BA. I would just have skipped everything since it just takes too much time. Yesterday, now a few months later, Flightright contacted me and said BA has paid out. Smart business idea and very structured! Like it a lot!

Kathi Kat
7 years ago

Just had to enter my data and you took care of everything.
Then I got an e-mail that you’ll pay me the compensation in the next few days, which was also the case.
We didn’t have to take care of anything.
Can I just recommend!!
We’re totally satisfied. �

Joanna Sierpinska-Redel
7 years ago

I’m so happy and satisfied that I chosen flightright. They are very professional and do their job very quickly (in my case was less than 2 mths). And I have my money – Thank you so much for your help

Kathrin Wieborg
7 years ago

Excellent service, fast and professional! They resolve our problem on less than 4 weeks. Thanks!

Victoria Luquet
7 years ago

Thank you very much. Reliable, efficient and simple service.

Kat Rin
7 years ago

Excellent service! Thanks so much for your help! After my Lufthansa flight was postponed to the next day due to technical issues, I knew I was entitled to get a compensation. I tried to claim it from the airline directly without any success of course…
I decided to give Flightright a try as it was already recommended to me. The result was exactly as I hoped! It took a little while (around 5 months I guess) but Flightright kept me informed about the status of my claim at all times. The proess and communiation itself is also very easy.
I would 100% use Flightright again if something similar would happen again!

Marina Ott
7 years ago

The settlement took a little while, but was successful. Thank you flight right!!

Axel Böer
7 years ago

If you can only recommend, only the airline air France directly messaged no reaction. Then it went to flight right, and then it ran around. Always kept up to date. Super communication. Then successfully receive compensation.
I think fees are fine. € 600 compensation was paid € 421
I find the service world class, if i need help again, I’ll turn back to flight right.

Cristian Perucca
8 years ago

Excellent service,fast and professional,a very good service for who travel.They resolve our problem on less than 3 week,so was awesome.
Thank you very much flight right

Annett Franke
8 years ago

Just used flightright for the first time and find their service excellent! Easy to use features & super friendly service. While I hope not to be stuck at airports too often, I would certainly use flightright again in the future if needed. Absolutely worth it!

Claim Companies
8 years ago

Thanks a lot. Brilliant service! I received my money back within weeks and before the airline was just not responding.

Dominique Rensing
8 years ago

Excellent service, thank you flightright..

Päivi Tervonen
8 years ago

I’m impressed. I’ll definitely recommend Flightright to others having flight problems 🙂

I am so so happy! Thank you, Flightright! <3

Wolfgang Horn
8 years ago

After we return from Vancouver to Frankfurt CA. 50 hours on the way, we were authorized to enforce our compensation claim against Lufthansa. Everything went very fast, the steps taken were through us oh and we were constantly receiving status status. After about 4 weeks, Lufthansa paid the max. Compensation and three days later, the compensation was on our account. Everything went very well and to our full satisfaction, the handlingskosten of flight right would have wished us a little less (if necessary. Staggered by effort! .

Thomas Stadler
8 years ago

It often takes a long time to get an answer and communication is rather poor. After a year, however, the positive message was that the amount requested was transferred. Without flight right, an action against the airline would not have been possible.

Sandra Gabler
8 years ago

Everything really worked out! Thank you again! Can only recommend it! Most people don’t know what they’re owed…!

Tata Graner
8 years ago

Me and my boyfriend had a flight delayed by more than 8 hours with Aireuropa. I knew we were entitled to get a compensation of €600 each (as it was a long flight, more than 3,500km between an EU and non EU airport).
After a quick research, we found out that Aireuropa is one of the worst companies to claim your compensation because of the way they answer your customers (not answering at all). We decided to hired Flightright to do the work for us. In 3 months we got our compensation and even after the 25% fee plus VAT it was more than worth it.

Petra Gliem
8 years ago

They did a good job and we got our money without problems

Svetoslav Bonev
8 years ago

as expected, they take up only cases that are 100% guaranteed to succeed, which doesn’t require actually any actual legal action, hence easy money for them…

Joe Alvaro
8 years ago

Awesome job by flightright to get my brother and I refunded for a canceled flight in June from LUX-LHR, and a delayed replacement flight that left us stranded in LUX. Quick turn around and rapid payment!

Amalie Liv Grundtvig Bojesen
8 years ago

Dear Flightright

THANK YOU!!!! I’m quite impressed by your work. Especially since i have been in contact with Airhelp from the beginning (i contacted them shortly after my flight), but they haven’t managed to get this case anywhere.

So thank you for your great and professional work, it’s much appreciated!

Toni Lushnjari
8 years ago

I still don’t believe it.. I’ve got 1124 euro thanks to Flightright.. I would never have received myself a penny for my delayed flight…. Thanks, thanks, thanks..

Laurie Parcella Lewandowski
8 years ago

I received payout as suggested on their website in about six weeks.

Bettina Chour
8 years ago

I am very satisfied with their service! They worked very quick and efficient and always kept me udpated what the status of my claim was. I was lucky and got my compensation from the airline thanks to flightright. Thumbs up!!

Mohamed Nokkari
8 years ago

Thanks to you… I’m not hiding that we hesitated at the beginning of answering your correspondence about compensation for the few hours late on our trip with air France. Thanks to you we were able to get a good compensation…

Danilo Alba
8 years ago

eccellent! they contacted me and solved the problem and i really got my money back…notwithstanding the lack of professionality of Alitalia.
Thanks a lot!

Miao Wang
8 years ago

I’m very satisfied with this trail of requesting compensation from KLM through Flightright. This is my first time of asking for compensation from a flight company. I was a little doubtful at first, but the result really surprised me a lot! The whole process lasted for around one month, which I think it’s pretty okay as there are a lot of cases for them to deal with. Overall, thanks for flightright and strongly recommend it! Spread the world!

Kabli Kabli
8 years ago

Hello I’m waiting for an answer since January 2015 still nothing!!!

Fouad Riffi
8 years ago

Flightright helped me get compensation for a flight delay without having a late insurance or cancellation
Thank you

Ivar Frydenberg
8 years ago

I am so pleased With Flightright. They took our case and gave us what they said. They kept us updated all the time with mails. The airline would not pay inside the timelime they gave them , so Flightright took them to Court and the airline paid up. Ca 800 euros in which they kept 200 for the job and gave us 600 euros. They said that it would take about one week to transfer the Money , but it only took 3 days. Keep up the good work. 🙂

Daniel Lombardo
8 years ago

We are very disappointed. Flightright tricked us and acted against our will. We didn’t want to accept the offer of the airline and told this to Flightright, but what they did was telling the airline to transfer the money. After they got their money, they closed our case and didn’t answer any of our mail anymore… We still have a lot of questions that should be answerded by Flightright.
We really like the business concept of Flightright and we also think that start-ups like this should be supported, but what u did to us was a real bad service. You took the money though we proofed that it wasn’t you achievement!

Barbara Sift
8 years ago

BE AWARE I have really bad experience, 3 weeks ago this company said, my refund was ended to my bank account, i never redivide this refund, i did contact then but after week never nobody answer me…

Beata Gruźlewska
8 years ago

I got my compensation from a flight delay of 6+ hour and a change of reservation (another flights’ connections) after 4 months. Flightright was keeping me informed for every step! If something like this happen to me again, I will deffinately choose them! Thanks!