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3.8 out of 5
Netherlands Netherlands
Established: 2010
Employees: 110+
Average time to compensation: 8-12 weeks
Supporting languages: ennldefresitplda
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Company charges a 25% success fee including taxes

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Latvia review & rating was founded in 2010 in the Netherlands and has been steadily growing ever since. Currently, this company has 110+ employees. is one of the best claims management companies in the Netherlands. This company has rebranded itself several times but has been providing its clients with the most convenient way to claim compensation from an airline for a delayed or cancelled flight since the beginning. It has in-depth knowledge of EU air passenger rights and understands the issues related to claiming compensation from an airline in the event of a disrupted flight. wins 98% of all court cases against airlines when they refuse to pay their passengers. is a legitimate company that operates within the legal framework of Regulation (EC) No 261/2004. Please continue reading the review to find out more about it. You can also opt for an alternative to such as AirHelp, Skycop, Claimcompass or Ifdelayed.

Customer support has an active customer support team that responds to inquiries within 48 hours. The customer support team can consult their clients in English, Spanish, French, Italian, Danish, Polish, Dutch, and German. They offer support by email only, however, as they don’t have live chat support. Nevertheless, you can get answers to common questions by visiting their extensive FAQ page. Furthermore, users can check the status of their claim by creating an account on their website, but the website doesn’t support social logins so users can’t save time by logging in using Google or Facebook.


Submitting flight details and other relevant information to its compensation eligibility checker is intuitive and easy. The first step is the eligibility checker followed by filling out personal details and then uploading the necessary documents. Their international team consisting of claim managers, marketing specialists and legal experts help people whose flights got disrupted get compensation from an airline hassle-free. They even go out of their way to find passengers whose flights got cancelled or delayed and help them get compensated. Their claim form takes only 3 minutes to fill out. However, the claim form does not say how much in compensation a passenger might get. Nevertheless, Their website has a user area where people can check the status of their claims. Filing a claim with can either be a smooth or frustrating experience as some users reported that this company can respond to inquiries after several months.


Trusting a company is much easier when you see the people behind it. features the names and short descriptions of its CEO, CFO, and CTO. This company doesn’t encourage their clients to leave positive feedback, but they have a TrustScore of 4.5/5 on TrustPilot and a 4/5 on Facebook. So while this company doesn’t have the best reviews, it still does a good job of getting its customers the compensation they are entitled to. Furthermore, they go out of their way to protect user data by encrypting it, but their website doesn’t comply with GDPR.

Customer reviews (91) Rate company

Nana Had
6 years ago

If I could rate them with no star it would be much better. Terrible service. It has been over 21 months that I have sent them my claim and last time I heard from them was last November. Don’t waste your time with them.

Thodoris Theodorou
6 years ago

After 5 months I have received no response. I am sure Thant the site is cheating on me.

Juan Manuel Caicedo
6 years ago

Gentlemen “late flight”: I’ve been in the painful process of my claim for more than nine months without getting you to reintegrate the sum that you’ve already cashed in my name, for this is really very unpleasant for me to have to hit on your wall, In order to publish the following answer from my bank (copy and hit): Date: 7 May 2018, 10:25 Subject: RV: code swift transaction client Juan Manuel Caicedo Good morning Mr. Juan Manuel The Department of foreign exchange informs us that they have not received anything to date, and suggest asking for support with swift for them to find out, as they report that written data is not viable. Thanks, Cordially, Paula Andrea Ospina s Office Manager Office Office (143) Regional Vice-President (Tel.: (57 2) 4855143 Ext.: 82841 Av Villas Cali, Colombia I hope they send me the soprte swift, without further delay.

Avrumi-Avigail Marmorstein
6 years ago

If i could rate them lower i would. Absolute nightmare

Millicent Montes De Oca
6 years ago

Well, all started or very good with quick responses and all that. As soon as the claim had been paid by the airline carrier I was sent an automatic email asking for IBAN number. I have now written 5 emails to them asking for an alternate way of receiving the money as the U.S. does not use IBAN numbers. I’ve yet to receive a reply in over a week. It seems as soon as they were paid for their services they no longer are concerned with customer services or ensuring that I receive what’s owed to me. I will be escalating this matter further and will definitely never use them again. Which is unfortunate because I do travel a lot and up until this happened had considered them reliable.

Reda Pincevičienė
6 years ago

All best words for this company. They handled my case in 1month. Very proffesional, fast and convenient. Thank you Fligh-delayed team.

Geoffrey Ince
6 years ago

Excellent result, took a long patient time but did get my compensation processed by Flight Delayed, would definitely use again if the need be, best regards Irene Ince 😁

Nikita Snigirev
6 years ago

Extremely bad service. Its been over 1.5 years and last time I heard from them was over 8 months ago. There are just a big scam that tries to get % off what you can do yourself very easily.

Kristian Ivančević
6 years ago

Very proffesional, fast and convenient! All best words for this company! They handled my case in 2 months! Thank you Fligh-delayed team!

Cam Chav
6 years ago

Thanks for your service! I will not hesitate to contact you next time I have problems with an airline, hopefully not so soon!

Henrieta Oroszova
6 years ago

I’ve received my compesation from wizzair in a month, thank you.

Igor Bereslavski
6 years ago

Very bad service! They will try to make money even if they didn’t get you any compensation. I applied for a c for on June 6st, 2017. I missed my compensation flight from Frankfurt to Venice because of a delay of the first flight from Tel Aviv to Frankfurt. The Airline company was Lufthansa. In the company, guidelines which you can find on their website.they are compensating the passenger for the hotel in Case of delay. The delay causes me to arrive a day later to Venice and I applied for Flight- Delayed to get a compensation base on the time I lost. Flight-Delayed didn’t get me any additional compensation but still want to take the fee for their services, which was basically nothing. Instead of getting 120$ from the airline I will get 30% less because of using their service.

Wolfgang Winkelmeyer
7 years ago

Thank you for your efforts! You’re the best! We got more compensation than we expected.

Palaondas Constandinos
7 years ago

Excellent service. Dates on timeline would be more helpful though.

Roland Dde
7 years ago

Thanks to the delayed flight site, it was possible for me to claim compensation for a delay of 19 hours on a long mail. The procedure requires a small effort to write and file a file using pdf copies and a team of specialists shall deal with the procedure vis-à-vis the airline concerned. Everything is done in a methodical manner and in the end, the airline pays the late compensation while recognizing the inconvenience caused. This procedure thus gives us a fastidieus and time effort, and we reconcile with the airline. I strongly recommend this site to those who like me have no legal competence and cannot afford to waste their time without guarantee of success. Thanks to the whole flight team.

Lynda Wilkinson
7 years ago

I am still waiting for a reply for my claim from 2 years ago & have been advised that other passengers have already received their compensation. My claim is Ref no 1440045969. Please could someone reply to my emails asap? As there seems to be a mix up and I have been invoiced a bill for £87.50!! instead of being awarded my claim money. Thank You in advance.

Niek Nbr
7 years ago

Terrible service. Something went wrong in the process of submitting the documents. We haven’t received any answers on the question concerning this matter and month later the close the case and sent an invoice for doing nothing!

Diego Antonio Sanchez
7 years ago

Efficient, safe and effective. They helped me claim and deposit the money on my account. Great!!

Mark McCarron
7 years ago

Great service, Received €600 in compensation. Thank you. Very is to use. Great communication.

Stanley Woo
7 years ago

We lodged a claim with you in Feb and it is still not resolved. Email correspondence is slow and there’s no contact number. Very bad service. Stay away from this company. (UPDATE) It’s November and we still haven’t received anything.

Garren Chan
7 years ago

I booked a semi-last minute flight, and picked the cheapest choice available, which landed me on an airline(omitted) that caused me delay after delay – I reached my final destination in 40 hours rather than 14 hours (yes you heard right, 26 hours later than I paid for). This service (Flight-Delayed) helped me with securing the compensation I deserved under law – in less than 2 months! Very impressed ans grateful. Never let airlines push you around – no matter what industry we pay for the products & services – the customer is God.

Yev Ineuge
7 years ago

They are liars. Don’t trust this company. More than a month they promise to send my money. They asked for BIC/SWIFT number as well as routing number of my bank account.I provided all my information and now I regret it because I think it’s scammers.

Simon Legault-Bélanger
7 years ago

Very quick to submit the claim. Couple of weeks later received an email explaining I should receive 1200 Euros minus the 25% that they keep. Since my IBAN code doesn’t work for payment I provide my swift code as an alternative. Everything was perfect so far but It’s been 5 days now and I have no news. Unless I receive my payment I can’t say I’m satisfied …

AK Akash
7 years ago

Amazing, the if I have to traveling any others place i must pick you.

Paula Koudjo
7 years ago

I don’t understand anything. I was compensated by Brussels airline more than 6 weeks ago and I have trouble getting my rights back to 425 euros. Yet delayed flight sent me notification of my refund and m asking for bank coordinates for transfer and until today nothing. Thank you for seeing my case again.

Ann Bradford
7 years ago

If you have a claim with easyjet go to them first. This company charges you even if they don’t do any work. USELESS don’t use them. Very unprofessional

Caroline Sheffield Hanlon
7 years ago

My compensation took five months, but I did receive!! At the end, they were really great about emailing me weekly with updates. Taking off a star for the five month wait.

Ajay Michael
7 years ago

I am very happy that hence I received the claim amount from the airlines. Thanks GreenClaim for such a fabulous services for the customer chooses you.

Liisa Kaupmees
7 years ago

I was prepared that due airline bureaucracy it might take couple of good months to process my claim but it went much quicker. As I have never used such service I was bit skeptical but it was above expectations. Process was clear and it was easy to send all the necessary documents. I liked the polite, professional and informing tone of the letter they composed, agreed with me and sent to the airline. System kept me updated through the process. I received the promised amount of compensation. What can I more say- it took total of 15 minutes of time to get compensation for the wasted day because of the delay in the airport. Yes, if you decide to withdraw your claim then according to the terms there is a fee you still have to pay. That sounded a bit intimidating (but there is no good reason I could come up why I should cancel the claim). If you let them do the job once you have applied there is nothing to lose (no matter whether the there is a positive or negative outcome with the airline). Suggestions – I think you should update your facebook and social media. Currently the website in fb is something different and looks suspicious. (fromthemovie dot com??) When you reply to customers on social media do it with your own name- so I know there is a trustworthy team behind. Unlike your competitors you have team listed on the website- that was a dealmaker for me!

Ronaldo Yap
7 years ago

Very useful and good service, help a lot and feel more protected, good choice

Monica Scrob
7 years ago

Even if they state that “You only pay if we succeed”, if it happens that you don’t want to follow the process with them, they still invoice you for having the intent. I don’t recommend this website, as they invoice you for nothing and they have non-transparent fees!

Frank Van de Ridder
7 years ago

Initially they picked up my claim really well, but it’s now been four months ago and there is absolutely no communication whatsoever anymore. I have no clue on the status of my claim, so it basically seems a pretty useless service they deliver.

Natl Dbt
7 years ago


Amir Zhelilov
7 years ago

My flight was cancelled on December by Lufthansa airline. And flights delayed company helped me to get my compensation in 1months, however you need to provide all documents to start compensation process. Now I’m waiting money from compensation which takes 10 business days. Great job!

Niki Paz
7 years ago

Highly recommend this company!!! I am really happy with their service!!! Super fast compare to other companies that I was waiting for 6 months to get my refund back. Good job guys!!!

DramanePapiss Cisko
7 years ago


Monika Zyśko
7 years ago

I recommend you. Thank you very much for your help. Great job.

Claire de Pont
7 years ago

It takes a little time to upload all the documentation, but from then good contact, well informed, received a nice compensation for the delay. Recommendable!

Chema Galvez
7 years ago

First you pay for a service that no work. Then the ask you for more money.

Kumarpal Shah
7 years ago

My airindia flight AI130 was cancelled at the last moment in london on 13 June 2016. Me and my wife were trated very harsh . All the travellers were ill treated by the air line. We all were flown to India next day 24 hrs late. After reaching india i made claim for compansation to air india.Even After repeated mails Air India refused the claim. After some search I came to know this sight and lodged the claim . And I am happy to say that it was sucsessful and i received the chqs from Air India it self. I am thankful to flightdelay people and its team who have made sinceer efforts in getting my claim. All who are suffering from such Airline mishap must contect the company with keeping blind faith on them.

Morgan Sowerby
7 years ago

It took a while to get my refund off Vueling but Flight delayed made it happen! Thank you guys once again for all your help!!

Tran Minh Tuan
8 years ago

Flight-Delayed helped us to get reimbursement from Easyjet. The process was however quite long (15 months).

Shirly Cohen
8 years ago

Thanks a lot Flight-Delayed, for a great service! Excellent and professional service in each and every step along the way!

Raphael Anyigba
8 years ago

I came accross the website by chance. I had lost hope after about one year and was not sure if I should try this company help me process my claim. I decided to give it a try since I had nothing more to lose. As if it was a joke the reponse came within a few minutes to give my flight details for review and if it was positively reviewed they could take the matter up. Luckily I had kept all my flight details and the correspondence I had with BA with negative outcome. A day or t…

Robert Mullan
8 years ago

Yipee! 500 Euro refund for myself and wifee – all the sweeter that it came from Ryanair. Thank you again Flight-Delayed – you were great to deal with. We loved the timeline on your website, it showed exactly what was happening at each stage of our claim.

Marianne Hones
8 years ago

Great work done. Thanks to all those who have used this for me. 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Stephen Dimmock
8 years ago

Excellent ! I received my compensation within three weeks and was more than happy to pay the agreed fees . I filled in a simple form ,and they did the rest , I would not have known where to start in processing a claim myself . Thank you very much

Maria Jose Nunes
8 years ago

Fantastic! Profissional, eficient, they really work well.

Nikolay Gurgula
8 years ago

Top service, not headache at all. Got compensation in 5 weeks. I will not be upset at all if in future any of my flights will be delayed=)

Mehrnoush Aria
8 years ago

It was excellent service, it took around one month since I claimed till they got my compensation , very professional communication . thanks to all the staff who helped in my case to get the result. I do recommend everyone to claim with them.

Ester Shank
8 years ago

Excellent service, great job!

Benoit Benny
8 years ago

It worked for me. My flight was delayed 3 years ago. Yes they take a commission but I would have never done it. It was simple to contact them and it took only 3 months. Thanks again

Pamela Caulfield
8 years ago

FlightDelayed never stopped fighting my claim with Monarch following a 26 hour 20 minute delay. Four years later my claim was accepted. Never give up. Thank you FlightDelayed.

Ester Elstgeest
8 years ago

Happy to finally get the email with the claim granted! Great service, swift response to our questions. Happy to recommand them to everyone ever suffering flight delay during their travel.

Ron Raynor
8 years ago

Flight – recess makes use of a very manageable website in which you can continue to follow all steps. They brokered for us on a trip to Bali via garuda airlines that was delayed for 24 hours an excellent week.

John Molenaar
8 years ago

We lost a day on our trip to the USA and received a nice compensation through flight delayBE Excellent

Dorien Jannis
8 years ago

Good follow-up of claim and perfect communication! 3 years after our delayed flight, we got 600€ back thanks to flight-delayed… Thank you for the good job!

Michel van der Laan
8 years ago

Excellent service and you will be well informed also online. Within 18 months, 2-time claim on tap Portugal is delayed by flight and after flight delayed and threat of legal action is paid two mail claim. They’re definitely worth the fee. I myself submitted a direct claim to tap on the first claim, first via e-mail received by e-mail that this should be done via headquarters in Lisbon in English. I did this in writing by letter and online on the site then comment zero. After filing claim via flight delayed after months ultimately payout by tap. Thank you people of flight delayed.!

Diane Garand
8 years ago

Vol24. Our flight back from Rome Marseille of 20 April is advanced to 18 without justification. We reserve a stay in Rome until, at 20 inclusive and must return to Marseille two days earlier. No one can answer our multiple messages… reservation 10906614

Gijs-Jan Goes
8 years ago

GREAT!!! It took a long time since Alitalia are masters in ignoring, delaying and not reacting. Thanks to Vlucht Vertraagd, their knowledge and their persistence, Alitalia finally gave up and had to compensate us for denying our right to board. Great service and very happy they took care of my claim.

Driss Harfi
8 years ago

Hello I was disappointed from jetair fly I never made such a bad trip 12 hours late go and 24 pm the return Attention very very bad company

Jan van Zonneveld
8 years ago

Professional, expert, fast and correct vv has treated and handled my claim. In Barely 2 months, the compensation was on my account. I would like to recommend vv to claim your claim (in). Happy written e-mails about the standing of business. Excellent staff. Very pleased. Jan Van Zonneveld.

Ronald van Rijthoven
8 years ago

Very well arranged! I approached Ryan air myself four years ago for a fee, but that’s where I got laughed. Now, by chance, this is discovered and with a who does not dare, who does not win mentality in it. A month and a half after the first contact, I can face the compensation in my bank account. Totally satisfied because I didn’t expect to get this compensation ever.

Aarno Malm
8 years ago

Excellent service! Going to be using their services again if (hopefully not) delays/cancellations.

Celine Van Rijckeghem
8 years ago

Great and correct service!! Quick reply to your answers and money back!

An Verheij
8 years ago

Within 2 months we will have our maximum fee on a flight from Alicante to Rotterdam with a delay of 7 hours. Quick response and good and reliable handling of the claim… so a recommendable!!!

Angie de Paula
8 years ago

Totally top! I’ve hardly had to take care of myself. The recovery of the amount of compensation due to a delay in which we were entitled has been settled within a much shorter period than I would have thought! 100 % reliable and fast. This company has taken care of everything. I recommend flight-delayed. Thank you very much!! Without you couldn’t have done it 🙂

RaiMon Mixi
8 years ago


Roosmaryn Roelofs
8 years ago

Very happy with the good service of vluchtvertraagd! Last year on holiday to turkey, a 6-hour delay on the way in, even tried to send letters last year but, of course, no response from corendon. As a matter of fact, we found vluchtvertraagd on the internet and received compensation for our delay even though our holiday was over a year ago. Very happy with it!

Marloes de Saegher
8 years ago

Very happy with the service of Vlucht-Vertraagd/ Flight-Delayed. I have just been informed that their team managed to get my claim settled and so it’s worth to pay the 25% fee. Clear website, email correspondence and your own account where to check the status of your claim. No cure, no pay so if you have any claim towards an airline and don’t know where to start just use this fantastic service!

Tania Passalli
8 years ago

Hello, we contacted delayed flight after having a nine hour delay on an af flight. Very quickly we had a follow-up of our file and a financial refund. Less than a month after our request. We never had an answer from air France, not even an acknowledgement of reception……… Congrats to delayed flight and again thanks for efficiency

Eva Nielsen
8 years ago

Thanks flight delayed! It was a long process, and I could never have done it, but you have persevered, with result, small amount I have to pay you for your work 😉

Eva D'hoore
8 years ago

Compensation for delay of more than 3 u from Portugal with Ryanair after long self-itself is eventually try with flight delayed. Top!

Coert Peeters
8 years ago

A clear website made the submission of the claim simple and we were well informed of progress. In contrast to other information, vueling has delayed the payment of compensation after the flight of flight. Good service, perfect result for which we are more than happy to pay! Thank you for your professional approach and handling!

Graham Lough
8 years ago

Quite happy to pay their fee of 25% because their service is top class. Very prompt replies to all emails and their web site is first rate and easy to follow. Evan though I conducted all my inquiries from Australia once I had returned from the UK (after 40 hour journey due to flight delay from Manchester), I had no difficulty in getting the refund due. Would recommend to anyone suffering the same fate.

Yun Bai
8 years ago

Well done! Thx.

Haitong Ye
8 years ago

Thanks to its service we have finally get reimbursed by Vueling, for a light six months ago that delayed for 4 hours! We were first trying to reclaim it to the customer service, but we were rejected. We were not happy about this airlines yet we did not have enough time to keep arguing with it. Therefore we came to this company for help. They represented us to defend our passenger rights, and their team showed great responsiveness, patience and professionalism. If you were in a situation like ours, I would recommend you to entrust this company.

Johnathan Dole
8 years ago

No hassle – just smooth and straight forward! Great Job! Thanks!

Alexey Baran
8 years ago

I got the money in 3 month. It was very nice, easy and professional. It is worth 25%.

Ronald Gravemaker
8 years ago

All the money back , because of a delay , good job

Filip Bakula
8 years ago

Sometimes it’s very hard to fight with those companies for your rights, so if you don’t have time and patience just contact this agency and they will take care about everything! The only reason I rate it with 4 stars is because of 25% fee but otherwise it is very hard to get your money back even you have 100% rights on it! Thank you for your help

Aneta Czarnecka Bezak
9 years ago

Great service !!!! Once again thank you !!

Line Halvorsen Fielding
9 years ago

If the plane is delayed over a few hours it’s worth sending mail to this company. They claim compensation to fly the company for you. It may take time, but it might be worth it! They take 25 %, but I was just refunded full amount-25 % without doing more than sending the one email

Rik Van Droogenbroeck
9 years ago

The location was excellent. Very pleased.

Marleen Henny
9 years ago

I had a 5 hour delay in August, now after two months I got compensated thanks to the work of vlucht-vertraagd. Thank you for your help.

Jürgen Lindner
9 years ago

Hello flight-Delate, thank you for your efforts and quick transfer. Mfg. Jürgen Lindner

Marie Ribeiro Duarte-Raspoort
9 years ago

Great service! Good turnout! Worth while chasing your rights! Great service, nice yield, worth going after your rights!

Roman Winter
9 years ago

Just won a case against RyanAir. It’s a pretty sure and easy way to get your money so I don’t mind paying the 25% fee. Thank you so much!

Anne-Linde Broekhuis
9 years ago

We had a delay in August, now, after six weeks they sorted our claim! Thanks for your help, we couldn’t have done it without you!! 🙂

Johan De Borchgrave
9 years ago

Great service and support. It was really a pleasure to use your services. Thanks for everything!

Anne Brockwell
9 years ago

They sorted our claim out in ten months . We would not have done it without them .