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Established: 2012
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Average time to compensation: 12-16 weeks
Supporting languages: esende
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Company charges a 25% success fee including taxes

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Latvia review & rating

Ever experienced a flight delay, overbooking, or cancellation? claims flight compensations faster in a hassle-free way with no risk-no win benefits. The leading claim company from Germany that was formed in 2012, records a 98 percent success rate in court! They provide compensation according to the European regulations and make sure that clients obtain the necessary compensation. These are few of the reasons why the company is considered as one of the most credible claim services in the region. They claim to deliver compensation related updates in an easy and hassle-free way. The team advocates on the behalf of its users with presence in about 150+ countries and refunds initiated from over 350 airlines. is not a scam, it is legit company operating under EU Regulation 261/2004. There is displayed more information in further review below.

Customer support

The good news is that turns flight delays into cash! There is a simple form that enables the team to find out whether the client meets compensation eligibility requirements and to what extend refund can be allotted. Their customer care remains dedicated to progress claim settlements by using a ticketing system, email, or phone in four languages – English, Spanish, French, and German. Live chat is not available for instant help. The website features a good list of FAQs, which ensures an even better way to personalize user experience. Clients can refer to this section to obtain suitable answers to their questions.


So, how much can passengers claim for a delayed or cancelled flight? There are several reasons why flight delays can occur. guarantees as high as 600 euros compensation per passenger. But, not all airlines would be willing to pay such a hefty amount. That is where assures clients that the best possible assistance would be given to prevent airlines from evading the pay stating causes like exceptional circumstances or even the stringent country conditions. There is a comprehensive claim form that lets users to enter their details and get started. The team answers all questions related to eligible flights, claim amount, and time to success. These are handled through separate forms, which caters to the specific need of the passenger. There is a benefit of creating a user profile on their site, but clients cannot log in using Facebook and Twitter. Passengers that tried to work their way through to obtain compensation have found the process extremely simple and effective.


The air claim support company is a leading service provider in the region and has featured in the Wall Street Journal, Frankfurter Allgemeine, FT Financial Times, BILD, Forbes, and Sunday People. It has received awards such as Sabre Red Appys, Appsters, Pioneers Challenge, and more. They have been rated 8.4 on Trust Pilot and 3.3 on Facebook. The company encrypts all customer data to safeguard client information and is compliant with cookie policies. However, it does not meet the GDPR policy. Their team is quite active on all social channels and has a great reach with their audience.

Customer reviews (65) Rate company

Ben Oka
6 years ago


I submitted this claim in December 2016…. it is now 2018 and my claim is still open.

Ulises Bravo
6 years ago

Super recommended
Very simple to take the case and solved it very soon.

Chri Chri
6 years ago

Almost 1 year after my problem with my flight nothing happen. So long work from No email from you nothing to explain what happens about my case…

Im always waiting….

Date de saisie :
23, March 2018
Durée estimée de l’étape :
60 jours (22, May 2018)

CLAIM TTR-2017821-11421

Tijs Van Leur
6 years ago are not the quickest but they do make it easy – and whit success. I had a cancelled SAS flight last month. I started the procedure on July 1st and today (July 23rd) they paid out exactly the estimated claim minus their 30% (a bit high but somewhat fair). Thanks!

C Marius Alin
6 years ago


Compensation obtained.
Initiated payment process to my bank account … waiting few months… nothing.
Tried to login … unrecognized credentials.
Wrong way to make money.

David Gerloff
6 years ago

“Refund me” was very successful and unbureaucratic in extracting the money I was owed by Scandinavian Airlines (SAS) – an operator who is known for their particularly bad service both in the air and on the ground and their refusal to acknowledge passenger rights.

Thank you!

Albert M Baron re
6 years ago

5 years and have not achieved anything, they only waste time and money by sending documentation, regrettable company, totally inadvisable not to use their services,

Peter Nikitin
6 years ago

I have submitted a claim on behalf of a friend through your portal several months ago and I am not sure that anything is actually being done about it given that the updates on the portal are vague and unclear and there is no means to enquire with anyone as to status. Is it possible to get any intelligible feedback about the status of the claim?

Darshit Joshi
6 years ago

Hi,my flight was delayed for 6-8 hrs.
After checking with airline I didn’t get much help about refund from there.
I studied few website and after that I selected
It was very easy to apply for refund from
website.I lost hope after 3 months. All of a sudden after months I got email saying refund claim was successful. I got full ticket refund may be because flight was delay 8 hrs .System deducted 25% which is fair enough.

Only problem I would say overall it took long to get claim successful.there was no email in between.
And it took long to get the money ( I don’t know whether bro do with PayPal or other issue.)
I would give 3.5 as it took long.
Fairly satisfied.

Wojtek Borkowski
6 years ago

They never write back, My case is taking ages more than half year. I’ll use airhelp next time, they were more useful

Michal Dobrajc
6 years ago

Poor service, for a claim against AirFrance over 4x 250€ it took them from Feb 2015 until Oct 2016, so over 1.5 years, to tell us, we had no chance winning (although the claim was bulletproof). We now used the “European Small Claims Procedure” ourselves, really easy to fill out forms, you can place the claim in YOUR local court – and we WON. AirFrance now has to pay 1000€ + interest + court fees.

So do it yourself, if your claim is valid, you get 100% refund with just little risk of cost (just court fees) and you do not need a lawyer: Go to “youreurope . eu” or google for “European Small Claims Procedure”

Peter Veentjer
6 years ago

Zero response. Nonsense chatbot. Make use of another service, this is just a scam.

Collin Woulstan Mercer
6 years ago


I’m totally unsatisfied with this service and also the customer service since day one has been terrible. They keep messing up my case and for over a year I’ve had to send the same emails again and again to get a reply. I have sent all documents they have ever needed and by right I should have received 600 euros however they recently closed my case after advising they would send to the lawyers. Personally why are they only doing this now when 5 months ago I was advised they would do the same if the airline didn’t reply. I feel like whoever is dealing with these issues aren’t taking their jobs seriously as this process has been far from a weight lifted off me. I wish I had have gone to another company, every person I’ve spoke to in the same position had such a pleasent experience with their other companies and received their compensation.

When they closed my case no one even sent me an email to advise, even after sending my scanned documents to them and in addition signed copies of the poa to the lawyers directly by mail.

Now after resending an email for the 2nd time which was over 2 weeks ago someone has decided to reply with a very short email, not addressing any of my concerns or questions. Simply asking me to send them also a copy of the lawyers poa to them, which I had done scanned as requested. So do they want a signed copy by mail as well?

I hope someone reads this and checks into my claim (fully) to advise me if this has been closed or they are going to actually put the work in. As of yet I have received nothing but misinformation and confusion.

In this respect I would stay away from this company and look elsewhere, as it will cost you way too much energy and time to not get the result you would elsewhere.

Amal Elgammal
6 years ago

Response time is terrible, I have submitted my case and signed and returned the POA and didn’t get any confirmation, although I contacted the several times.. Could you please answer my case!!! I am not sure if I have to open a case with another company… Case number :EUR2017092971015

Rafael Trussardi Ugolini
6 years ago

Horrible service, after 6 months waiting for my claim to be processed they sent an email without any explanation that they were not going to pursue it anymore

Tijana Tadic
6 years ago

Very poor service with long response times (or there is no response at all). I have submitted my claim last year in May and two months ago (end of January) I have received a feedback that my claim got approved so i had to sign a disclaimer form where i authorize to receive the claim from the airline. Since then I haven’t heard from them at all. I’ve sent few emails but no response.

Lode Imant
6 years ago

Do not use them. They do not take any serious actions and they do not inform you. They lost my case where i was clearly entitled > 500€.

Alexander Davydov
6 years ago

Just scam company!

Celine Kahn
6 years ago

Do not use their service!!!! just closed my case! More than a year after! I had to insist to understand where the case was standing until they realized something went wrong and resubmitted the case to finally get 300euros from the airlines (commission to be deducted) while I’m entitled by law for 600! In parallel my friend who didn’t used their service received the compensation from the airline 3months after the trip! Why do we pay you?

Bobby Mac
6 years ago

Very poor company . I submitted claim in 2014 and they told me the airline wouldn’t pay . I got paid in full with the help of another company in 2017

Miroslav Malek
6 years ago

Thank you very much for you assistance and effort! I just reported the issue and send them the required documents, everything else was handled by them. In approx. 2,5 months I got the refund. What else can a man expect for basically no work and they do everything instead of you? Pure joy.

Henrik Augustsson
6 years ago

13 months in, no communication, no progress. Unfortunately, utter BS.

Anakkarat Tubtim
6 years ago

Very happy with the whole process. So simple and no hassle at all. I was skeptical at first. Thank you so much for all your help. We really appreciate it.

Nikolay Ivanov
6 years ago

No one tells you at the begining that this is a small company with a small number of employees. My wife submitted a claim 2 years ago (January 2016) regarding a charter flight with 9-hour-delay. The court trial began in September 2016, and by now (16 months later!) the case has not been solved.

I do not want to be too negative about it, but it seems that the company simply cannot manage with so many applications.

You should also know that everything depends on the airlines. Wizz and Ryanair pay compensations very quickly, so manage with them faster. But what about such charter companies which refuse to pay at all?

Wojciech Monka
6 years ago

Hi Refund.Me team, I opened case on your webpage in 2013, since court ruling which took place in 2015, you stooped to reply to my emails or messages submitted in your portal. I know that I won the case but where is my money? Maybe you will reply here ?

Jane Assunta
6 years ago

72 days and I had my compensation! Great! Little more communication would be nice, plus it annoyed me that I had to wear the paypal fees and you won’t be mentioned before. Otherwise everything was good! 🙂

Natalie Pelc
6 years ago

I think the service is excellent. I tried dealing with the airline by myself and had very limited success (only a reimbursement for a taxi ride). I ended up with a significant refund using, and I was updated regularly. The flights were in September, I filed the claim in November, I got reimbursed mid-December. The only other option would have been to sue the airline privately. That would have made little sense. Very pleased.

Arnaud Le Maire
6 years ago

A complete scam! Please do a favour to yourself, do not use them.

David Stranger
6 years ago

they just said they cannot do anything about a cancelled ryanair flight, bad weather. but the same night there was several flights from other airlines on the route. I asked about this, they didnt respond (twice). “we will go to court for you if necessary”, just lies.

Darren Schutz
6 years ago

Slow, poor communication and expensive.

I submitted our claims on 18th of April 2016 and only received the payments on 29 November 2017. There were no updates about the progress of the case even when I sent enquiries. Once I received notification that the claims were successful, the payout process was long and tedious as their payout website doesn’t work. Emails to get this sorted out were usually responded to after a week. Aside from all of that, they claim that you can get up to €600 of compensation but after their 25% fee + VAT you only end up with about 70% of that. Save yourself the trouble, use another company.

Rosa Maria Castro Salcedo
7 years ago

Excellent Service!. I thought I was not going to receive anything since the company had rejected the claim, but after year and a half I received good news from refund. ME AND ONLY 4 days after I passed my data, I received compensation.
I totally recommend it.

Wayne Hanna
7 years ago

Heard nothing whatsoever from them for months. In the meantime my original claim I raised myself but had gotten nowhere with was settled by the airline and now these chancers have the nerve to send me an invoice. Not a single piece of contact from them and now they want their 30%.


Ναταλία Ευφραιμίδη
7 years ago

Me and my fiance have assigned our cases to and we received our compensations after approximately 2 & 1/2 months, without having to do anything from our side. And whenever I contacted here through ‘Facebook’ they always replied within the day. Thank you so much ‘’ team for your kind assistance and cooperation on our cases.

Samy l'Olympien
7 years ago

No news about my file! No serious! If I had known I would have passed by people much more competent than you!

Slawek Maciaszczyk
7 years ago

A simple and effective way to obtain compensation for problems with passing. It takes a while, but it works!

David McShane
7 years ago

While the business concept is good, just the initial handling of my supposed case has been atrocious. I won’t emote publicly here yet, until the COO, or VP of Ops in India has had a chance to respond, but suffice it to say that my case-handler is entirely inept, and should be terminated posthaste. This isn’t a training issue.

Adrian Att Dvg
7 years ago

Very unprofessional company. I am very disappointed and still regret the day I decided to go with them to find a solution. I advise to avoid this company as their service and professionalism sucks..

Jan Budzynowski
7 years ago

The company works slowly but effectively and honestly

Antony Bert
7 years ago

Received 700 € of compensation after 2 years of battle with easyjet. Despite the commission, it’s almost 3 times the ticket price, so thank you!

Juliane Friedl
7 years ago

Very quick processing and good service.
Within 3 weeks, I have received the sum legally due after my flight was cancelled at the departure and I was transferred to the next day. (only one planned night in Berlin is not quite as optimal)
But, thank you. Me – my flight to Berlin is so almost paid 🙂 I’m very happy!! Because a nice stay in Berlin I had so yet!

Martina Brown
7 years ago

Airline brushed me off when I emailed them despite the refund being in their terms and conditions! Refund me took control and I got everything I was entitled to. Very efficient and excellent communication. Would recommend and use them again.

Lousine Hovhannisyan
7 years ago

Never hope that you’ll get your money back with them

Stu Aspery
7 years ago

Do not use this company for your flight claim i have had a claim in with them since December 2016 and still had nothing back, i had family members on the same flight who went with a different company and there claim was settled within 8 week’s of making the claim. i have sent multiple email to [email protected] but get no response i have phoned there customer care line and left messages but nobody has called me back when I have managed to speak to someone i get the same repetitive response.

Martine Travers
7 years ago

We thought that nothing would happen after 2 and a half years (especially since there was a lack of evidence), but the good news arrived as well as the payment 4 days after providing my bank coordinates!
Thank you, refund. Me!

Aucoflo Cricri
7 years ago

To Avoid, after more than 2 years of waiting, and of raise, an e-mail tells me that refund class me the file without any explanation!!!
There are other sociètès that are much more effective

Myriam Sondhi
7 years ago

Great service ! Had two cases and both were settled very fast. Only 14 days for the first one and 4 weeks for the second one.

Milan Cák
7 years ago

I was amazed when I got after 9 months e-mail with compensation payment details of my 24 hours delayed flight. Thank you very much, I recommend this service to everyone who has problems with flights.

Alexis Roques
7 years ago

My claim is still in “Claim is in settlement with airline” since november 2015 ! Probably due to the airline, but the service isn’t good enough when the case is complicated ! (i’ve lost 1 day in a 10days trip due to this trouble)

Dmitry Nemirov
7 years ago

Asked for a because of a flight delay more than 4 hours. After 2.5 months received compensation for lost time. Very happy with the result and performance of the company. Thank you very much!

Victoria Lewis
7 years ago

Still waiting after a year and no contact! Very bad firm

Gil Ou
7 years ago

Still waiting for 1 year and a half. ;-(

Olga Gržibovska
7 years ago

Very professional team!!! Helped me to get a refund in a complicated case (after 10 months trial). Thank you!!!

Ryosuke Minami
7 years ago

I wish they had been more upfront about the German tax (the commission ends up being 29.75% when you include it), but otherwise, I’m very happy with the service! Compensation received around a month and a half after I submitted all of my documents.

Ma Rio
7 years ago

been waiting for 211days already… no compensation in sight. waste of time!

Sergio M Gil
7 years ago

Excellent service, flawless execution.
The company rejected the claim and persisted on the legal way. I did get finally a compensation for a very delayed flight.
I highly recommend you the service

Cly Sealewye
7 years ago

No contact after a year with iberia claims. No email replies

David Welk
7 years ago

It is our one year anniversarry! Filed a claim a year ago, and STILL waiting! Get the same canned response each time I try to get information as to why this is taking so long. Not sure I’m looking for another year together, but there is always hope, yes?

Binja Kostner
7 years ago

Not a good service at all. I am actually waiting for more than two years now for something, a reaction, a claim … money?!? Every time I try to get information I am asked to wait! There is not even an email address, all the time I have to call to Germany… �

Arianny Canepa
7 years ago

I was so amazed with the service. Very efficient! I tried to do the claim on my own before I hear about and the flight companies do not make it easy. They make it quite imposible for you to claim compensation and it is hard to be on the case having a busy life. After two days of no success and extensive calls and stress I decided to go with refund me and it was so easy and straight forward. Got after around 4 months £250 compensation for a flight that I paid £30 and the comission was just like £65. Got basically a 2 weeks trip to berlin for free. Great stuff! Thank you!

Michelle Spring
7 years ago

Refund me is very helpful for my family flight delay! Couldn’t ask for more!

Krisztian Huber
2026 years ago

Thank you, you’re great!

Citoyen Du Monde
10 years ago

Tremendous the page!!

Anke Reinhardt
10 years ago

Thank you… everything worked well and faster than thought

Oliver Lopau-Kwast
10 years ago

It’s okay. Easy and without problems until the money is on the account. If your flight is delayed here will help you and you get from the 600 € after deduction of fees ca. 495 € paid and all without running.

Hilda Fatima Belarmino
11 years ago

Hilda Fatima