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Canada Canada
Established: 2016
Employees: -
Average time to compensation: 4-8 weeks
Supporting languages: enfr
Customer support
Ease to use
Customer reviews

Company charges 25% success fee & taxes

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Founded in 2016, is relatively young flight compensation company in Canada. Sadly, the number of the stuff is not indicated in company’s website. Since it started operating, the only Canadian airlines claim compensation company embarked on a mission to ensure that every passenger who has unfortunately experienced aviation service disruptions such as flight delays, overbooking, or cancellations can seek compensation from the relevant airline company. FlightClaim is not a scam, it is legit company operating under EU Regulation 261/2004. There is displayed more information in further review below.

Customer support support can be obtained in two languages – English and French. Consumer assistance is available to respond to client queries instantly. Sadly, user support at isn’t personalized, which can be a bit of a hassle. There is a choice to contact airline claim company for help by email, phone and Facebook chat, unfortunately, live chat on the website isn’t provided. Also, users can look up FAQ section on the company’s website to answer queries related to air passenger rights.

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Ease to use

The only flight claim company in Canada, enables airline passengers to start the claim by filling a short and automated user friendly claiming form. Sadly, customers have no possibility to check the claim status in the mobile adapted website and exact number of possible claim amount is not indicated. Furthermore, customers are not provided with any additional tools except primary claim tools. After all, the first try using website went quite smoothly.

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The leading air compensation assistance in Canada is known for its transparency when dealing with client claims. team members information is shown on the website. Customers who claim flight compensation have the possibility to provide feedback on Facebook (rated 5 out of 5). Sadly, the company does not have TrustPilot account to provide their users feedback. What is more, cookie and GDPR policy are not complied on website.

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Customer reviews (4) Rate company

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Neil Young
12 months ago

Extremely impressed by these guys. Process very easy and to be honest i did not envisage them getting as much money as they did. Great service!

Jenny Liao
1 year ago

The process was easy and straightforward to follow. After a few months of negotiating the case they were able to win a reimbursement. Would highly recommend using their service if you’ve had a delayed or cancelled flight.

Paul Renaud
1 year ago

My case was a bit complex and they exceeded my expectations. Great job as going after the airline directly got me the “as a show of goodwill” email only. Thanks!

Becca Proctor
2 years ago

Flight claim exceeded my expectations. I tried going after the airline myself for months without any success. After hearing about Flight Claim, I sent in my info and within weeks they had won my case and got me the compensation. Highly recommend going through them!