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Croatia Croatia
Established: 2017
Average time to compensation: 12-16 weeks
Supporting languages: hren
Customer support
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Company charges 25% success fee & taxes

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Flight issues, delayed, cancelled or overbooked are air flight downtimes faced by passengers regularly. With a possibility of retrieving as high as 600 Euros per traveler, a Croatian company established just a year ago is creating ripples in the flight claim industry. It is perhaps the only claim company in Croatia, that resolves such flight related issues with their exceptional ‘Claim Now’ form to derive at consumer requests within few minutes. Passenger rights have been one of the foremost factors that the company pledges for. Their mission is to help the distressed when it is most required.

– Claimdon is your best friend when flights get disrupted.

When 879 million people travel regularly by air in Europe, being the busiest air space means that a significant number of flights get delayed or cancelled. The team at helps in claiming the right compensation for passengers seeking reimbursement. In fact, as low as two percent passengers have a lack of awareness about airline rights. The company deals with the airlines, thus saving passenger time and money. They ensure there is no risk involved. is not a scam, it is legit company, which operates under EU Regulation 261/2004. You will find more information in review below.

Customer support provides quick responses to customer claims, supporting two languages – English and Croatian, the support is personalized with the impressive user area. Airline delayed or missed passengers can seek assistance through email, phone, and Facebook chat. There is no live chat, hence responses are usually not as efficient as those companies that offer live help. The detailed FAQ address most of the customer’s questions without the need for sending emails or calling.

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Ease to use

The success of Claimdom is based on their approach on claims with several benefits such as:

• Refund of at least 600 Euros for most claims
• Reimbursement for additional expenses
• Commission of 25 percent charged only when case is won
• Covered by TransferGo or Skrill for refunds
• Older compensations are claimed as well

They have an active support that investigates passenger queries and assists for such issues. The FAQ section lists some of the most asked questions by clients. The automated user claiming form offers ease of access. There are no additional tools provided to users. The first try went off smoothly for most users. The website is mobile-friendly, and customers can access their user details, request status, and more on the go. enables country and city-based searches in the user area to view claim status. However, the exact compensation amount remains unknown to the client.

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Although, their company is listed with its location on the contact map, there is no mention about the team members involved with the company. The legal and finance experts not appearing on the website does raise a question about transparency, but overall the support is great, so clients know that a good team in working to get their compensation. The active cookie policy ensures that client details are safeguarded always. There is no GDPR, and it also does not engage much on all the social channels.

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Branko Zdanic
7 months ago

No trust.

Toni Jelicic Purko
2 years ago

Love it. Great job guys

Ivan Silić
2 years ago

Great company!! Love it!!! ��

Josip Marasovic
2 years ago

Spectacular! This is so useful! I am going to spread the word about this most definitely.