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Company charges a 25% success fee including taxes +€23 administration fee

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Latvia review & rating

Flights delayed, cancelled, missed, or even denied boarding? entitles you to obtain air travel passenger claims. They have a unique database, which allows passengers to get their rightful compensation. The company claims to have assisted 422+ passengers since 2007. EUclaim came into existence when airline companies did not comply with legislation rules. It was during that time that the claim company worked on behalf of the many airline passengers having a hard time retrieving the compensation they deserve. As they have been in the European market for almost the longest time since claim companies came into being, they had to build up their service based upon their excellent reputation. Given their years of experience, EUclaim now has a standing of 97% success rate in court. What distinguishes the corporation from their competitors in the world is their remarkable database. EUclaim is not a scam, it is legit company operating under EU Regulation 261/2004. There is displayed more information in further review below.

Customer support

The best rated UK company, requires just a single information to retrieve compensation related details. They have an accurate insight into such claims so that the probable amount to be compensated could be known at a much earlier stage! Users can access their profiles at any time. Also, their systems are regularly updated, hence passengers know about their claim status updates without any delay. In fact, they charge a commission fee only if passenger claim is granted. have an extensive service with availability over email, phone, and live-chat – usually responding in 48-hours. Support is provided to users in five languages – English, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Spanish. FAQ is also available to answer passenger queries.


The huge database of detailed information enables the team to foresee whether a specific passenger is entitled for compensation and of what kind-delay, cancellation, missed, denied boarding, and more. Airlines are aware of the kind of data they have in possession. Hence, they are at a stronger position to claim flight compensation for passengers in court. They have a precise, automated, user-friendly information collection form. The user area is also quite impressive. In it, clients can acquire details about their claim status. Such claims have been reportedly found to be successful for several passengers on the very first go! Their database contains over 13 million flight and weather details, which is perhaps the largest in the industry. Furthermore, these are analyzed daily, thus making it significantly easier to understand where passenger rights stand. However, log in feature using Facebook and Google is missing.


They have reportedly won cases in court about 97 percent of the time! It is a huge success with air flight delay passenger claims when compared to other services in the UK. They have a gallery of their team members on the website, which talks about their transparency. The amount of compensation provided is based on the distance of the flight traveled by the person. They also provide ‘free advice’ for travelers to understand under what circumstances are they eligible for a compensation.

Customer reviews (102) Rate company

Mindaugas Bagdonas
6 years ago


Karolina Kowol
6 years ago

Thank you for your support! I’m very happy. Everything was transparent, uncomplicated, fast and successful. The complete settlement lasted until the payout approx. 2 months. Great service! I would recommend euclaim! Nice greetings!

Joop Werson
6 years ago

Euclaim (also “Miss Casey”) promises a lot. Miss Casey is going to take care of what you’re entitled to! That was in the first e-mail. Problem with Ryanair; had to take care of its own food and drink for 24 hours (Hotel was arranged by the airline). Claimbedrag: Almost 60 euros. Three (Standard) letters are sent to Ryanair. Been waiting for weeks. Then the reaction of miss Casey / Euclaim: ” the amount is too low to be able to apply this case to the court. Try it yourself through legal aid (then it can apparently be).” There you are. This was just a) game. Ryanair knows that the amount is too low for euclaim to prosecute after the three replies. That’s why ryanair doesn’t answer, let alone pay. This was the first and last time I used euclaim, now proceed with flightright. I hope they have better things to do. Conclusion: Euclaim is not there for you, but for himself! It’s easy to make a lot of money, then they like to grab. On the other hand, the reward for euclaim is too small, they will soon be hooks. Let’s go to flightright!

Sabina Brioa
6 years ago

It went pretty fast after I submitted all documents needed for my claim. They kept me informed and I received my refund fast. Very happy. Would use the service again.

Karin Koldyk
6 years ago

Very convenient! I had on my trip to Barcelona and back delay on both flights of 5-6 hours. One flight was paid very quickly, before the 2th flight, the airlines had less com to return immediately. But the persistent one wins, so eventually after several the by euclaim, it was finally admitted. Luckily, I didn’t have to deal with it myself, save me a lot of aggravation!!

Alexey Peskov
6 years ago

It’s been two times already EUclaim helped me with my cases. Both cases went smooth, almost effortless from my side and I was always updated on the progress on time. It’s always stressful when your flights got delayed especially when you travel with children for holidays. But I can be sure – if EUclaim cannot solve this case – no one can. Thank you!

Nanny Wildenbeest
6 years ago

After transavia had thrown it into force majeure as a reason for a 17-hour delay, we reported to euclaim around 20 January. 28 febr we had the payment in, I find it only logical that a percentage of the amount received goes to this company.

Siggi Blum
6 years ago

Flight cancelled, thereby missing the connection, only 24 hours later, the goal could be achieved. The only thing that was reliable was a great personal advice, not giving up despite a stubborn airline, with good information about the current situation: better not! Today, “the case” has been successfully completed! Thanks to all involved in the team!

Diane van de Wiel - Lombarts
6 years ago

Great arranged, got the full punch back for my delay on my way to Australia. We can make fun of that again.

Joyce van Alphen
7 years ago

Very happy about euclaim! 2,5 month has passed from the time of claim to payment, super fast so! You do pay a fee to euclaim, but I thought this was worth the money. Euclaim has the right knowledge and experience to solve this as well as possible, plus the time that goes into it if you have to do this yourself! Clear procedure, where the delivery of the documents is easily via the site. Communication is clear and clear and always a clear overview in your personal online file. Thank you!

Huszar Ionut Luchian
7 years ago

Thank you for your services and support!

Ibrahim Aydin
7 years ago

Bullshit… you lost half of your fee! They send several times letter to pay… update… update… notice…. notice…… 2 years the same story!!! MORE NOT!!!! Believe me try yourself first at the Airline itself, this can be very easy and fast and jackpot ####

Esther van Laarhoven-Smits
7 years ago

It took quite some time so we never expected to get some money back, but we did! Very happy 🙂

Ancilla Mangalie
7 years ago

Eu claim thanks for ht good work. Everything was well-organized and well-followed online. I will certainly use your services again.

Jodie Petrichor Zafira
7 years ago

After I submitted all information about my flight and delay EUclaim took care of all further steps and kept me informed very well. It took quite some time to get my money back but I am super satisfied with the outcome! Thank you!

José Verhelst
7 years ago

Dear Euclaim, I would like to let you know that after all the positive reviews I unfortunately have to leave a bad one. My claim has been rejected by you. As a matter of fact, I have also submitted a claim to KLM / myself, and I have now received the full pound for compensation. In Short, to anyone who submits a claim through you, after a rejection, you always claim a claim to the airline itself!

Nicolette Mastbergen
7 years ago

Excellent service and excellent communication. It took a while, but everything was fine at the end.

Adriana Popa
7 years ago

Thank you very much for your support! Nice greetings silvia popa

Niels Harbers
7 years ago

It took me two years to get 400 euros back from the 600. It cost me EUR 200, which seems a lot, but I would have done it myself. Very good communication via the site and email. Thanks

Swee Peng Chan
8 years ago

I experience a flight delay this August, from Kuala Lumpur to Amsterdam. The flight was delayed for more than 40 hrs. I submitted my claim to the airline involved, the airline unfortunately was only prepared to compensate me the hotel cancellation fees and the incidental transportation costs. Despite the fact I explained it was my holiday in Europe where various other parties had made plans to meet up with me, the loss of close to 2 days of my holiday was a major blow. I felt the airline was not fair . A friend recommended me to EuClaim. I submitted all the supporting documents and in about 6 weeks EuClaim successfully made their case on my behalf and the compensation is now in my bank. Not surprisingly the airline compensation ( small amount) has yet to be credited to my account . I’ve no hesitation in recommending EuClaim to all. I’m under the impression EuClaim’s service is not well promoted in Asia. Thank you EuClaim and I also thank my Dutch friend for the introduction.

Rena Ta
8 years ago

Are very satisfied. Top services �

Svea Heise
8 years ago

We flew Rhodes in the summer and the flight back was 6 H late. Euclaim has settled everything for us and within 2 months we have recovered almost 900 euros. Thanks euclaim �������

Jeany オーラト
8 years ago

Absolutely simple settlement, it took almost 1,5 years since the airline revision (? ) but communication from the law firm was always given! I had tried to do it myself at the airline. Therefore: anytime again and thank you!

Stefanie Schäfer
8 years ago

Transparent, uncomplicated, fast & successful. After 2 months we were transferred with minimum effort € 878 from euclaim. That was worth the commission in any case!

Francois van de Wiel
8 years ago

Super nice company that takes care of everything for you. It’ll be a while before it’s settled, but after 2 years, we can get a lot of money back! Super thanks to all you specialists!

Niccolò Falciani
8 years ago

Very friendly, professional and efficient.

Aaltje Prenger-kemper
8 years ago

After a delay va kos after bremen on 6 Aug with germania instead of 6 Aug at 11.30 flying it became 7 Aug at 2.55. But also this became later and later eventually at 6 pm on the plane . A Super Luxury Resort was offered via neckerman. And the hours claimed through euclaim. Today the message that germania transferred the amount. And the amount that euclaim asks, I don’t like it anymore, because we couldn’t have done it ourselves. So should there ever be another gr delay than definitely again eu claim. Thank you for your help

Mahinder Soemai
8 years ago

It has taken a long time, but it is now at last that we have had that compensation, and communication with the euclaim was very good.

Ewa Bode
8 years ago

Lasted longer than a year but jetairfly (flight to Miami) eventually paid for what we were entitled to! First claimed in society but rejected and now thanks to euclaim a fee. Top, thanks! �

Mike Spaans
8 years ago

You take out all the stuff in a nice way. One Case still runs (after more than a year) and they keep me well informed. The other has been paid out after a few months! Very nice.

Daan van Tilborg
8 years ago

Good communication. Filling out the claimformulier is clear and clear. On 28 July I submitted the claim and today on 8 September I received word that the money will be transferred the 15th to my account. Without looking at it. The only disadvantage is the relatively high cost. From the € 600,- which I get reimbursed, € 200 goes to euclaim. Perhaps I would have been cheaper if I had submitted the claim directly to society, but since I am already busy enough, I have taken the costs on the sale. I’ll probably use the service again if I’m delayed in the future.

Monika Seweron
8 years ago

Our flight to Crete was 6 hours late. Thanks to euclaim we received 400 euro minus commission per person. Thank you for that. Only criticism, the language skills of the staff could be a little better.

Marielle van den Bogaerdt
8 years ago

First try to submit a claim to the airline itself (then you can receive a full fee). In British Airways, unfortunately, this is almost impossible to do and we were immediately fobbed off. So if that doesn’t work out, turn on euclaim immediately. They arrange everything for you, act quickly and adequately. The compensation they receive seems to be in proportion. On the other hand, you are different with empty hands and now we have received 2/3 of the fee.

Bzdziuch Boer Izabela
8 years ago

Thank you for the quick handling of my claim! I didn’t think it would work, which is why I’m extra happy with this.

Suzanne Flaton
8 years ago

Had a good clear communication via mail and phone. Yeah, you pay to get your money, and that could be a lot. But for 2 years (! ) work that I did not have time / sense / knowledge was nice to hear today that we suddenly have a little bit of money that we had no longer counted on. But more than that, it was about the principle that we were badly treated by the airline. Thank you!! 🙂

Franz Stahl
8 years ago

Super easy from the beginning No 2 months took the money there just great

Frits Langerak
8 years ago

With 9 relatives with aifrance via Paris to Johannesburg on 26 July 2016. One and already misery with delay and cancellation flight. Overnight stay in Paris and overnight stay in Johannesburg. Suitcases have not arrived. Day Holiday in South Africa. It costs some € 1800, but still net 3600 With Eu claim settled within 3 weeks. We couldn’t have done it.

François Renders
8 years ago

After a delay from zaventem to alecante of 6 hours with “veuling” I heard from a passenger about the fee via eu claim. Everything is well arranged and good contact. Too bad it was a few miles short for a bigger fee. Still satisfied

Lolita Gaile
8 years ago

Great job. I had problem with flight again. And the same as first time EUclaim did well.. so also this time..I am very pleased

Hans van den Brand
8 years ago

Really top, delay claimed. Eu claimteam has picked this up perfectly with a net result, team thank you very much this testifies to a good and expert commitment

Andre Groothuis
8 years ago

After a little less than 2 years, compensation has been received for a delay. Thank you.

Sandra Vos
8 years ago

Thank you. 4 hours delay from marmaris to Amsterdam. Thank God you’re all solved.

Jens Kennepohl
8 years ago

Total weak performance. One year and 2 courts in different cities took it to determine that the late flight did not start in d, but in Spain (only tra from d)! Even the airline’s headquarters wouldn’t be in d! It would be better to close the lawsuit…. do you need a year? And where is there the ” EU ” in ” euclaim “? my comment on euclaim was answered with a forwarding to lawyers… Anyway (even if it didn’t cost me anything): unsuccessful and incredibly long, next Another portal of this kind.

Jan Ubert
8 years ago

Compliments to euclaim for the fast and skilled handling of my claim

Nico Bunschoten
8 years ago

Thank you euclaim, after our delay of almost 4 hours on a flight to hurghada, we are over Munich backwards to schiphol because the toilets didn’t do it, your organization picked it up quickly and successfully. Thank you again.

Julia Heinzmann
8 years ago

We filed a complaint after delay 7 hours! 800 € reimbursement to statutory. Basics. File File, sign powers – that’s it. – easy access to the status with personal login on the homepage – copy of correspondence between euclaime and airline for download – regular notification by mail in news feed Approx. 8 weeks of processing – full refund of airline approved and 1 week later our money was on the account. In this period 800 € compensation from the second largest airline Germany’s received – without prof. Help not create. Thank you euclaim

Ytse Deuling
8 years ago

Top arranged euclaim! After about 5 weeks notice that the airline paid the amount. Quick Service, transparent method, clear site. Thank you!

Marina van Wijngaarden
8 years ago

Accessible, professional and reliable organization. They’re getting a big plume.

Dick Groen
8 years ago

Claim submitted due to delay with condor euclaim had arranged it in 4 weeks. Open and honest communication.

Corinne Van de Venis
8 years ago

Super helped by euclaim. We couldn’t have done it ourselves!

Cynthia Brinkman
8 years ago

Filed a claim a few years ago. Euclaim’s been working on this for 4 years, and every once in a while, we got an up-to-date on what it was After 4 years, we did it and we got our damages. Thank you!!

Lizette Kemper
8 years ago

Super service and very nice fee returned after 17 hours delay and a day longer holiday! Very nice how well you keep us informed of the status. We are happy people! 🙂

Linda van Beek
8 years ago

To our holiday destination in Egypt, February J. L., had our flight 5 hours delay. According to our travel agency, there was no fee for that. After some surf on the internet we came to euclaim and according to them we were entitled to return the travel. We were well informed of the developments and….. yeahhhh…. it worked! Euclaim Thanks! Let’s see where we’re going now.

Wesley Stuivenberg
8 years ago

2 weeks back from Mexico 1 day delay with the plane. Logged in to euclaim, and hoppa within 2 weeks everything arranged!! Thanks eu claim!!!

Isabelle Dold
8 years ago

Flew at 2 h delay from la and missed our connection. Had to stay in London and arrived 1 day later. Thanks to euclaim 2 x € 600 minus deserved commission. Thank you, super service!

Michael Mueller
8 years ago

#Euclaim has unfortunately classified my case as non-promising after a response from #airfrance and therefore closed unilaterally. Then I turned to #flight and there was the case with lawyers. From #flight right, I have received the EUR 420 paid to me by EU. I’m afraid I can’t recommend it.

Lisenka Dogan
8 years ago

Good and fast service. Last year twice a cancelled flight; and twice a fee. Euclaim, thank you!

Leoniek Melissen-de Jong
8 years ago

Super Organization!!!

Rob Musters
8 years ago

It took a while, and the money’s not in yet. But thank you so much for the help!!

Anneke Lubbers
8 years ago

Super work for us done A 10 with a granger for eu claim, thank you!! A and h lubbers from emmen Subject delay Tenerife journey of December 2015

Kevin Lehmann
8 years ago

Great service!

Bianca Mos-Bezemer
8 years ago

Fantastic helped by EU claim. After almost a year and a trial, EU claim got to get our money back for our cancelled flight. All out of hands, well kept up to date with a won final result. Eu claim thanks!

Feledi-Győrffy Kata
8 years ago

Absolutely satisfied with the service they provide. After my delayed flight i have contacted the airline and of course i got the “we are really sorry, but…” reply. So in a couple of days i have been contacted EUclaim which was the best decision i could have made. It took 8 months in total, but finally i got good news 🙂 You have absolutely nothing to lose as they work on a no win no fee basis. Great service, good communication. (i saw a comment below they rarely communicate, but that’s just not fair. If they have no updates to tell, why should they messaging? Whenever something is on the case, sure they let you know) Thanks EUclaim, you have been great! *****

Lorna Crossman
8 years ago

Still waiting after almost 2 years,very rarely get contact and if I do its because I’ve politely asked for an update and the response seem to be an automatic one! Wish I had used a different company!

Jessica Thiele
8 years ago

Submitted a claim almost a year ago and it still not resolved. There is no communication or updates from their side. When I asked for the status, I was told the claim is with a lawyer and if I had any questions, I should get in touch with the lawyer…. obviously I am impressed.

Gaby Roo
8 years ago

So happy! Received my money today after a considerable delay from the Gambia. Super arranged! I was kept well informed and the money in my account in 2 months. Very satisfied!

Jeannette Brink
8 years ago

After a large Stewart, we recommended euclaim. Kept informed of the state of affairs. Money from society got back. Great. Also tui thanks for the beautiful holiday

Sanne Grouwstra
8 years ago

Thanks for the mediation! Did not expect to receive a fee, but it did!

Michel Woelders
8 years ago

Just after almost 2 years finally won against the aircompany. Fantastic job eu claim. All the credits to you.

Matthias van Beurden
8 years ago

Totally top! After first hearing from tap Portugal that there was no fee for me, I turned on euclaim. It took a while, but I got my fee last week. Thank you!

Geert van den Berg
8 years ago

We didn’t think we’d get anything back. After six months, a message from eu claim that the airline had transferred the payment to eu claim. A few days later #payday and stood the money on our account. #Thumbsup for eu claim. Thanks for the great service.

Astrid Martin Van Beek
8 years ago

Super that they helped with our delay to Orlando we didn’t get this done again thanks

Ellen Boer
8 years ago

2 years ago we had a very nasty return flight from fuerteventura to Amsterdam. Stopover in madrid in connection with a technical malfunction. Further information was not provided, even after hours of delay. Out of anger, I wanted to file a complaint and ended up on the internet at euclaim. Clear Site, and I was well informed through an online file. I didn’t have high expectations, but I wanted to take a shot at it. To my surprise, after almost 2 years, I received a message that the entire vluchtbedrag had been repaid. Totally awesome! My Compimenten Euclaim. Thank you very much.

Jan Overbeke
8 years ago

After a delay of more than 5 hours on n flight with vueling from Amsterdam to alicante Did I try to get my right at vueling, however, without success? On the internet, I ended up with an eu claim that immediately told me that I was entitled to compensation. DMV n online file I kept abreast of developments between vueling and euclaim I was aware that it could last at a trial Max 2 years, after 14 months the trial was won by EU claim, and I received my compensation Chapeau for eu claim

Danguolė Bražiūnienė
8 years ago

Fantastic service didn’t believed it could work. Took me only few months but it depends if the airline agrees to the claim, great communication and great work. Just about to receive a payment, comission is 27:% + admin fee only good for those who would receive a high compensation. Just waiting for a payment now. Thank you!

Anita Martens
8 years ago

Very satisfied with eu claim. In August 2015 on flight to Macedonia of ark fly, 10 hours delay. This week we received the fee for this. A very nice bedrageu claim keeps you well aware of how things stand. Great

Mayra Kruik
8 years ago

Super arranged! Really top thanks

Diana Scheffers-Keijzer
8 years ago

After 9 hours of delay, the euclaim has represented us super and ensured that we have received the compensation that we were entitled to. There’s been a lot of time. But they’ve arranged it for us. Thanks!!

Sabrina Schüßler
8 years ago

The settlement was completed after only 4 weeks. Ryanair’s check came 2 weeks later. Perfect, thank you!

Käptn Blaubär
8 years ago

Easier doesn’t go

Jacqueline van Drunen
8 years ago

After Almost 3 years, we received a fee for our long delay to Dubai! Compliments!

Joanna Mania
8 years ago

Great and very dedicated service. Highly recommended!

Carla Donkers
8 years ago

Also almost a year ago but still got an amount thanks euclaim

Kerry Hartman
8 years ago

Thanks to eu claim with success compensation know stories on vueling for the delay last summer. Communication and handling have been very pleasant and smooth!

Sandra Monteiro Duarte
8 years ago

Thank you very much euclaim for handling my file. Great service! I probably wouldn’t have come this far without euclaim.

Marcel Beishuizen
8 years ago

EU claims have won the cause of our delay, and this has given us a good amount back. Top! And we almost did nothing for it.

Romy Maaskant
8 years ago

They’ll keep you informed. Good service with a positive result!

Tom Boot
8 years ago

A small token of appreciation for euclaim. In 5,5 week a vertragingsclaim against wizzair successfully handled. Good and transparent no-Cure-No-pay proposition that is more than worth the percentage of deduction. Save yourself a lot of time and effort. Thanks team!

Hendrike Rodermond
8 years ago

Delayed 1,5 years ago on the flight from Milan to Amsterdam with easyjet. Not expected to receive another fee. But today received mail that we receive exactly the amount that had been claimed. Happy. Thanks eu claim!

Richard Jongkind
8 years ago

Super helped… thanks for everything.

Linda Rongen-Oosthoek
8 years ago

Today we have heard that our claim has been granted following a 8-hour delay from turkey in October. Good service from euclaim and we are very happy with the result! Persistence wins 🙂

Ulrika HN
8 years ago

Great!! with delay and hassle we got the cost for the tickets back!

Angelique Hunkar
8 years ago

Super service, transparent handling, regular progress report, positive outcome. What else can i wish for? Thank you!

Nico Kroon
8 years ago

This week, too, we received the amount of the delay in August, our travel consultant had passed all the data, and we received a message from eu claim every month on how things were. Thick Plume for eu claim.

Kenan Aras
8 years ago

The complete settlement lasted until the payout approx. 2 MONTHS (normal duration according to web) + cheaper service provider (web comparison) + generally simple process (I just had to file documents, otherwise nothing) + successful design of the user account (document upload and insight, contact details, input account data for payment) + contact by telephone and mail (quick and concrete answer) – status in the account did not correspond to my mail request (Hotline Information: Since 2016, the complete settlement takes over jb lawyers, so the lady on the phone could not call me the status but gave me the contact details of JB. I wrote JB an mail, the answer was made within 24 h fast and precise). I would recommend euclaim!

Beppie Lucassen
8 years ago

A year ago a day delay from Zanzibar. Claim to euclaim submitted. No longer expected to receive anything, but today the welcome message that the claim has been honoured. Thank you. You are top!!!! Good also that you keep the claimers informed of the status of the claim. I hope i don’t need any more, but if it is…..

Jordy van der Sluijs
8 years ago

After a delay of more than 5 hours to Gran Canaria last August, euclaim was recommended by a fellow passenger. After reading some reviews, I saw that sometimes it could take a long time, or that there are people who are still waiting. At the end of the day, I put it on the line, and as expected, society did not answer (you can all follow it in an online file. Great! There was a lawsuit filed on behalf of euclaim and vandeweek, and I got word that we’re getting our money. All in all, it has only lasted half a year and they get what we could never do. I cannot say anything other than super service, clear and transparent contact and a promising growing company.

Johannes Georg
8 years ago

4 hours at crowded airport dalaman (Turkey). Scheduled Start 21:00, actual start after 01:00. We have ordered euclaim to enforce our (legally entitled) claims. It was not important for us to have a quarter as a commission, since we learned from this opportunity shortly after the journey and then, of course, we were happy about every euro. It is gratifying that there is almost no action for us as customers – except a few signatures. I wouldn’t want to do such a lawsuit on my own. The fun moved over half a year, and a dozen letters were written between airline and euclaim and even a trial in Hanover. Airlines are reluctant to accept such actions (at least in our case) until the end. Eventually, a letter came up with the verdict and a few days later, there was money on the account. We were very happy, and euclaim did this for us.

Janine Barnhoorn
8 years ago

This is the 3rd successful claim EU claim processed for us……..thank you again for super service!

Goos Vossenberg
8 years ago

Great news received air Berlin pays the fee that euclaim took care of, after 5 months finally good news. 31 Aug. 2015 Almost 4 hours delay from Las Palmas to düsseldorf, never thought we were eligible for this fee but thanks to the good work of euclaim it has succeeded, many thanks to the whole euclaim team.

Hm Dl
8 years ago

I’ve been waiting for over a year. Claim filed on 09-2014, last communication was 06-2015. have traveled with royal air maroc. It’s weird that I still haven’t heard from you guys. Find it a shame! GR

Amber Nagel Stam
8 years ago

Our return trip in August 2015, from 24 pm from turkey with tui, it took over 5 months, but they did it anyway! Great that we could not have done ourselves, the commission is more than worth it!