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Sweden Sweden
Established: 2017
Employees: 10+
Average time to compensation: 4-12 weeks
Complies with GDPR
Supporting languages: ensvarfafi
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Company charges a 30% success fee including taxes

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Latvia review & rating is a claims management company based in Stockholm, Sweden. It was founded in 2017 by a young, energetic team of lawyers, marketing specialists, and experienced claim managers to assist their clients in getting compensation for delayed, cancelled and otherwise disrupted flights. Since its founding, this company has helped well over 170,000 unfortunate air passengers.

Ifdelayed works with both European and international flight delays and is faster than most companies. Furthermore, choosing Ifdelayed increases your chances of receiving compensation as it has a proven track record of getting compensation from airlines.

Ifdelayed is a legitimate company that operates within the legal framework of Regulation (EC) No 261/2004. If you want to find out more about this company, read its review below. You can also opt for an alternative to Ifdelayed such as AirHelp, Skycop, Claimcompass or

Customer support

Passengers can use in English, Arabic, Farsi, Finnish, and Swedish. Ifdelayed responds to their clients’ questions faster than most of its competitors. Passengers can contact this company via email, Facebook Messenger, Live chat on, and telephone. Furthermore, its claim managers provide personalised assistance for each client so that they can expect a quality service. However, if you’re looking for an answer to one or more questions, you don’t have to contact the company as their comprehensive FAQ page is likely to answer most of your questions.

Usability has a lot of useful information about the claiming process and air passenger rights. It also has informative pages for claimable flight disruptions such as delays, cancellations, delayed baggage, airline strikes, missed connecting flights, and so on. Each page explains the requirements passengers have to meet to be eligible for compensation and the amount they can expect to get.

Filing a claim on is easy. Users can create an account using their email or sign in using Google or Facebook logins. The claim form made up of four steps that, among other things, require the user to provide the departure and arrival airports, disruption type, flight number, number of passengers under the same booking number, and other information. The steps are clearly defined and easy to follow. The first step is an eligibility check that allows users to see the approximate compensation amount that is calculated based on the flight distance. Users can check the status of their claim, read and reply to messages in a dedicated user area.

Credibility respects it’s users’ privacy by using secure browser cookies and complying with GDPR. Ifdelayed is known for their commitment to protecting their clients’ rights, and many positive reviews on Trustpilot support this commitment. This company has a respectable Trustscore of 4.8/5. On Facebook, users rated it a high 4.9/5. This company frequently posts on Facebook and is active on Twitter and Instagram.

Customer reviews (72) Rate company

Richard Larson
6 years ago

World Class! Without you, I would never have received any compensation. Sued Swiss and won in court for me. Recommend all days a week!

Dennis Ring
6 years ago

Great! 4 1/2 hour waiting for kastrup in August, it took a while but now the compensation came.

Connie Don Marco
6 years ago

Thank you for your job!
Had no expectations and was pleasantly surprised when money ended up in my account. From trip to payment it went barely two months. 🙂

Annica Gustafsson
6 years ago

Can only recommend the company! Got Sitting 6 Tim in Gran Canaria but got compensation and is very satisfied. Fast it went too!

Agneta Fritze
6 years ago

Never thought it was possible! Many thanks for excellent and professional service!

Åsa Forslund
7 years ago

Thank you!!! Will absolutely recommend your services to everyone I know!
Was sitting in the plane almost 4 hours in London before departure to the United States.
But with your help, we received compensation that we were very pleased with!!

Virginia Romano
7 years ago

Fantastic staff and very helpful. Highly recommended ! they came back to my ticket for late flight to London

Salaam Hasan
7 years ago

Me and my son were flown to alanya when we had to wait in Stockholm because plane was late. I didn’t know that you’d have to do it because you were late. Then I got an e-mail from TRS. That I have the right to ersätning when I left full power. And received as trs has been promised. Then Rekomendar trs that they are at the top. Thank you so much trs

Peter Kraus
7 years ago

Great thanks for the help!
Was very hesitant at the beginning.

Petra Kling
7 years ago

Great, store a trip for flight that was delayed for hours and got again money with trs help. Without The TRS, we wouldn’t have gotten a crown, damn good company. Recommended!

Anders L. Hansson
7 years ago

It took a year to get our case processed, but TRS Travelright did a good job and the case was won. Money arrived!

Dorabella Fani
7 years ago

Wonderful service! Thank you TRS! I will certainly use them again if needed.

Mozhdeh Nabavi
7 years ago

The best service I’ve ever received 🙂

– thank you. – thank you.

Johan Spross
7 years ago

Actually, your services shouldn’t be needed, but wow how great to get your help to give Norwegian a nuts on the nose for a five hour delay! I would never have been able to run it myself that far. – thank you. – thank you. (and smooth handling was that too! )

Mikael Svensson
7 years ago

Very good! Quickly simple and cannon! When I’m lazy / ignorant in the case I sent in via trs and me and my sambo got whose $ 000 back!

Stefan Fredriksson
7 years ago

Traveled to Mallorca May 2013 where the flight became several hours delayed. Got Tips Autumn 2016 about trs and sent in desired data. Today it falls in compensation without me doing any bigger work! Big thanks for the help!

Bengt Karlsson
7 years ago

When our flight from Miami with SAS was delayed, we had to wait nine hours at kastrup before we moved on to landvetter.
Had no idea then that we could request compensation for this. Yesterday we got the money into the account :-).
Many thanks for the help, fast and smooth!

Per Mårtensson
7 years ago

Thank you very much for a professional job with my delay in hours from Lisbon to Copenhagen. Quickly and smoothly carried out, the compensation in my account after about 1 month. Recommend you with joy.

Christian Nilsson
7 years ago

It took a while, but after many tours back and forth, and an extremely reluctantly British Airways, I and boyfriend were right to them. The Case was really clear from the beginning, but ba refused to pay our compensation. Many mail with trs later, the case was tried in court and then even ba couldn’t fight anymore.
So if someone flew with the following flight (flight ba209, 2015-11-02) it’s just to claima your money 🙂

Thank you for a good job trs

Anders Erlandsson
7 years ago

For the second time, we went with Norwegian to the United States, and for the second time there were delays, a total of 34 hours. We got very good help from trs already the first time when they helped us through the court get out the right compensation against a Norwegian that was not directly -, now we have once again received amazing good help by TRS, after a new turn at the court of justice we have This time, the legal fee of a reluctantly Norwegian. Big and warm thanks to you at trs for all help, good info and nice response, can really recommend your knowledge <3

Julia Sweet
7 years ago

After all a great result with UA case Frankfurt-San Francisco.
Appreciate your time that you spent dealing with United Airlines.Trustworthy, honest, and a result giving! Good luck and thank you!

Sandra Scholvin
7 years ago

Very happy with the help we got �

Monika Eldh
7 years ago

Thanks 🙂

Ulf Ryber
7 years ago

Flygförsening to marakech 1 month ago
Amazing Fast O effective handling o money already on our account
Can really be recommended

Lina Svennevid
7 years ago

Took a while to get the compensation but everything floated on good and smooth and they answered all my questions and had a very good response! Thank you so much for the help and recommend you indeed!

Eva Bengtsson
7 years ago

Pleasantly surprised by the money we received after flygförseningen from Rhodes in September 2016, more than calculated.

Carina Falk
7 years ago

My and son’s morgonflyg from Toowoomba to Stockholm was cancelled June 2016, we had to take the em flight at 16 instead. Got now in mid February 2017 back $ 3300 Great. Good down for the time it took to fill out the form.
Thank you. 🙂

Melinda Latifa Johansson
7 years ago

After the flight from London to Copenhagen was 6 hours delayed to the destination (CPH AIRPORT) when I flew in October (2016) I contact trs who has helped me to take my case. Thank you for the help and that you have been so nice throughout the time 🙂
Got in a sum and is more than satisfied over this, thank 🙂

Anna Maria Marin
7 years ago

Incredibly happy with your work!
The fact that you informed us of the right to compensation in the event of delays, we are in favour of, and that you also arranged the compensation for us – thank you. – thank you.

Inger Wahlgren
7 years ago

Great!! My trip to Los Angeles 2014 was totally delayed 17 hours.
Was contacted at arlanda by TRS, norveigan paid after a while $ 1000 in compensation. Then I got a call in the summer of TRS. Who told me they have a prosses against norvegian, on my journey.
So now I’ve received more compensation from the norvegian.
The slightly delayed Christmas present of EUR 600 So a GIANT THANK YOU TRS. I guess I’ll come to a passport when I go to l. A in a few days.

Mia Möller
7 years ago

Got help with a 24 hour delay from Las Vegas to Copenhagen in August 2016. Norwegian refused to pay compensation but trs fixed it 👍

Michel Graf
7 years ago

Was contacted by trs travel right services a few months ago ang. Our delay with air France from Dominican Nov 2015. Filled in a form with info on the flight and a few months (today) later it fell in about 6.000 :- on my bank account. Cannon service, thank and bow, sooooo happy with this super service!

Henrik Hede
7 years ago

Great service and response. Will definitely recommend you to my friends and acquaintances. Thank you for your amazing help!

Elin Dunnier
8 years ago

We were delayed 4 hours when we were going to la at the end of November this year. I filled out some data online and then sent in a warrant and today I got $ 4102 versed in my bank account. Incredibly impressed with the speed and simplicity of getting a compensation for the delay. Big Thanks! A very nice Christmas present :-).

Lennart Cronhamn
8 years ago

It took some time, but there was a compensation in the end of British air. – thank you. – thank you.

Margareta Rosengren
8 years ago

GOOD JOB TRS! We are, with the compensation for delayed flight

Mäjt Wik
8 years ago

Was contacted on a flight (Almost 3 years ago) that was delayed. Very pleasantly surprised to get so pass big compensation back, and fast besides!

Agneta Sjunnesson
8 years ago

Now we have after 6 months received the help we wished so thanks for the help trs 🙂

Ingrid Lundkvist
8 years ago

Excellent service with your professional expertise. Took some time, but it was worth it! – thank you. – thank you.

Jasmin Dehghani
8 years ago

Was contacted by trs travelright services a couple of months ago when they had received data from ticket that I had flown with a delayed flight between Amsterdam and DC in July 2015. I filled in a blanket with some information about the flight and a few weeks later It fell in $ 2000 on the bank account. Couldn’t have been smoother, I’m extremely satisfied!

Abdi Addow Nabadoone
8 years ago

A happy client!

Peter Orrbén
8 years ago

Thank you for a very fast job! In less than a month from we came home 30 hours delayed with fritidsresor now in June we have received 800 euros in compensation. This after fritidsresor wrote an email and explained that we were not entitled to anything when we had no loss of income due to the delay.

– thank you. – thank you.

Lidia Sällström
8 years ago

What happens to you?? You seem to have closed the page… There’s no way to connect with you at all. Have contacted your partner vagabond, they have no idea…. are you on vacation? Has your page oxo gone on vacation… is förbrillad!

Petter Eriksson
8 years ago

Hired to start with another company online, but they went right away when the Norwegian didn’t want to pay. Made contact with trs and bang and I got compensation!

Mona Larsson
8 years ago

Thank you very much for your help ang case no 1000005336! We would never have dared to hope for that.

Svein Eng
8 years ago

I had little faith that I would be compensated for the delay to novair in December, but there I was wrong. TRS TRAVELRIGHT SERVICES FIXED UP. I am very impressed by what they have gotten to, and recommend everyone who thinks they are entitled to compensation to contact them. Big thanks 😉

Marcus Perälä
8 years ago

World Class! July 2014 we traveled with Norwegian home to Sweden from New York with heavy delay, hired trs, been a long process but today the compensation came 840 € big thanks!

Staffan Dykes
8 years ago

Dear Client

Regarding your case 100000… on flight DY7011, 2014-09-19 from Copenhagen to New York

Payment has been sent to your bank account.

What a wonderful mail to get on a Friday 🙂 would never have managed to process this on its own but trs solved it gallant. We thank and do not hesitate for a second to turn to you if we suffer again.

Richard Nilsson
8 years ago

Late flight from Cuba with Lufthansa and trs helped us get the statutory compensation. Well done! I don’t think that I as a private person had reached the same result without headbang me bloody for a long time. Their fee is absolutely justified.

Charlotta Tomasson Sjögren
8 years ago

Many hours of delay with Norwegian to new (2014) resulted in statutory compensation for the 4 members of the family. Thank you for an outstanding job!!!!! If delay would arise again we will return more than gladly.

Anita Hedström
8 years ago

When the airlines in my case Norwegian don’t do what they’re going after sour delays… use travelrights!

Gunilla Ottosson
8 years ago

Thanks for the help! Nice job trs travelright services and Felicia!

Our plan was about 18 Tim delayed when we 6 people were going to malaga last summer. Compensation EUR 400-30 % per person.
/ gunilla

Eva Lagergren
8 years ago

Smooth and simple, with TRS, will hire them again if necessary.

Tina Johnsson
8 years ago

Thank you for all the help you would have never driven this by yourself. Didn’t even know you could get money back.

Marianne Grunwald
8 years ago

Thanks for super good job trs we got correction for eight hours delay
With Norwegian from Oakland / San Francisco / Marianne and Matthew

Agneta Karlstedt
8 years ago

A thousand thanks for your help. In January 2014, we’d go to Cuba. In Copenhagen, we were on the plane after two hours of delay. But no clearance, another two hours of waiting in the plane. Then only access to the plane’s toilets, this turned out to be fatal once we got away. Full toilets, emergency landing in the Bahamas for the emptying of thoughts. The journey was thus delayed almost 7 hours. With the help of the TRS, yesterday the reward came. We wouldn’t have gotten any compensation for ourselves. Thank you once again. Agneta and Kjell-åke karlstedt

Roger Nallen Pettersson
8 years ago

In two months, trs fixed compensation for a delayed flight from Tenerife to arlanda, something that the airline refused to replace in contact directly with them.

Anna Lindberg
8 years ago

Nice job trs travelright services! I thought that as a lawyer, I could get the statutory compensation from Thomas Cook Airlines (after a 12 hour delay on the way home from Cyprus), but went bit. So I’m awesome impressed by you guys at travelright who succeeded! Big Thanks!

Martina Skantz Helgesson
8 years ago

Thank you trs travelright for all the help with compensation then our trip from rodhos became 25 hours late. We are very pleased.
// family skantz helgesson

Petra Olsson
8 years ago

Thank you. Without your job, I wouldn’t have been able to get any money back at all for flygförseningen. Clearly return if it would happen again!

Eva Lundberg
8 years ago

A thousand thanks for all the help. In June 2014, we had to sit first at John F Kennedy Airport New York and then on the plane out on the runway for a total of four hours. We got a glass of water all the time. Today, the compensation came. I wouldn’t have gotten a crown out of the airline myself.

Leif Erixon
9 years ago

Case 1000007238 on flight blx612, 2015-09-06. Thanks for the help 🙂

Ahmet Budak
9 years ago

Thank you for your help. You guys are awesome
If I get caught up again, I’ll be back.
Recommended you for all friends.

Camilla Busk
9 years ago

You’re amazing, I’ll recommend you to everyone!

Johan Väinämö
9 years ago

A thousand thanks for the help against air Berlin. Without you, we would never have seen the smoke of compensation for delayed flights. Amazing job of you. Recommend everyone who is in dispute with airlines to turn to TRS.

Thomas Gyllenmo
9 years ago

Really good service. Time-consuming and difficult to process itself against airlines that are jaws on rules, are and do not comply with international rules. Norwegian in my case.

Christopher Badju
9 years ago

Very good and fast customer service.

Denise Wessman
9 years ago

Many thanks for all the help with refund, etc when the flight with Norwegian was several hours delayed! Incredibly grateful! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Thomas Kling
9 years ago

Our Case has been handled in a very professional way.

Peter Johansson
9 years ago

Thank you for all the help, TRS and Stephan

Seppo Kesti
9 years ago

Many thanks for the help with the handling of the case against Norwegian who first refused compensation

Stefan Pellbring
10 years ago

Thank you for all the help… nice that you get right against the airlines