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Czech Republic Czech Republic
Established: 2015
Employees: 30
Average time to compensation: 8-12 weeks
Supporting languages: encsesptfr
Customer support
Customer reviews

Company charges a 25% success fee including taxes +25% legal action fee to present in court

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Latvia review & rating

One of the leading Czech companies in the region, is one of the best flight compensation services in Europe. The company has played an exemplary role in retrieving as high as 1400 euros in compensation from various airlines within the last six years. When baggage and flight delays are common conditions regularly faced by passengers, the flight refund service can calculate the accurate compensation that the user is entitled to obtain from specific airlines. They have different services related to air flight delay, loss or damage, cancellation, denied boarding, and various other problems associated with compensation rights. The fact that they have a success rate of 95% with claiming compensations, whose recovery takes about 13 weeks on an average to be processed indicates their expertise in the field. ClaimAir is operating under EU Regulation 261/2004. In addition, this company is not a scam, it is legit company and in the review below you may find more information about it.

Customer support

Consumer assistance is available to respond to client queries instantly. Support can be obtained in two languages – English and Czech. The personalized customer support ensures a better communication and transparency to resolve client flight delay or cancellation compensation requests. Customers can easily reach out to the team at through email, phone, Facebook, and the LiveChat at the website.

Usability is a user-friendly website with several features to assist clients to claim flight compensation. Users are required to place their booking details or questions for the team to handle the situation. They take care of all the necessary documentation and ensure passenger travel rights are maintained quickly and effectively. The team doesn’t take long to obtain compensations as they have years of experience in the field. They however keep a 25% commission as fee. The automated claiming form helps passengers to understand about their claim status. In fact, customers can login to their profile using their Google credentials. Users cannot log in to their customer profile through Facebook.


The fact that services of the company is entirely transparent majorly contributes to its customer loyalty. They are quite active over all social channels – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Youtube. Users have provided a 5.7 rating for the claim company on Trust Pilot. Although several other companies have scored much higher, their Facebook rating is a good 4.0 out of 5. They have taken significant care to encrypt all client data and adhere to user information security measures. But, they do not comply with the GDPR policy.

Customer reviews (20) Rate company

Miles Bey
5 years ago

Totally a waste of time! I used Claimair to file a claim vs. Alitalia. After 6 months from sending all required paperwork, Claim Air sent me a message saying that the airline was unresponsive and that the next step will be a court proceeding vs. Alitalia, but Claim Air does not have the Team capable of assisting with that. Not sure why this was not disclosed in advance as airlines are most of the time unresponsive and filing the initial claim is something I could have done my myself using the form in the website. I suggest to use Airhelp as they have a better organized legal Team.

Rob Saunders
6 years ago

I signed up to ClaimAir to chase a delayed flight in October 2017. They did no work on this claim for months and I therefore took matters into my own hands. I had to call the airline for hours on end to get my claim. In the end I did get my money for the claim but a year later ClaimAir came knocking wanting 25% for the ‘work’ they did. When asked to see evidence of the work they completed, they said that it is in their terms and conditions that they don’t have to show any evidence (which it is not). Best of all – they have no contact number and only deal over email. They are attempting to claim 25% of my claim even when they claimed incorrectly and only got 600 euros for myself. Their communication and demands have been completely unsettling. I would highly recommend that you avoid dealing with this company even if they offer a quick simple solution because it still wasn’t.

Dite Gashi
6 years ago

When my flight was cancelled I was devastated .. I was thinking how can they do this? However I realized that yes the airlines can and thanks to the great people at ClaimAir I learned that I can get compensated for it! For this reason I now file for compensation every there is foul play in airline side. I’ve received great compensation and so should everyone! Like

Mihai Druga
6 years ago

there are better services offers by other companies

Jane Buggle
6 years ago

My son and I were stranded in Istanbul for 24 hours as our connecting flight left without us. I had no idea about our compensation entitlement. I applied through ClaimAir and within 4 months, we received €800 in compensation with minimal effort. Thank you Dita!

Taha Ali
6 years ago

I am very happy to share my story with Claim air , my transiet flight delayed so that i missed the final flight so they just gave me a ticket on british airway but my baggage would be delayed . Although i received my baggage next day but i did not like this delay for more than 24 hours . It was my first time to check if there is any way for compensation on google . I found Claim air and read the stories . I said why not to try . I just was playing but it turned to be serious . I uploded photos and make an online signature . Dita accepted my compliant and she was following it and updating me till she makes sure that i have my refunds . Thank you Dita , THank you claim air

Carol Martin
6 years ago

Claim denied even when the Montreal agreement allows for compensation (receipts etc provided). Not sure if a scam to get details and keep anything they get off the airline but in the event it is I will pursue this myself and the power of attorney is rescinded. If you want something done, do it yourself �

Bethany Hewitt
6 years ago

After a year of waiting I still have had nothing and after them saying they take a 25% rate has now gone up to half and now half with VAT, terrible service, not very responsive and time wasting!

Amanda Just
6 years ago

Thank you, ClaimAir, for winning our case! Our dream vacation was cut short by a 24-hour flight delay, and our own efforts to obtain the full compensation were repeatedly denied by the airline. They only offered us money for meals. We chose you to help us because your website specifically mentioned the laws the airline was using as excuses not to pay us. You challenged them on our behalf, and your efforts resulted in us receiving nearly 15 times what the airline initially tried to offer us. We hope other passengers will benefit from the amazing service you provide.

Petra Havejová
6 years ago

€600 from Lufthansa in just around a month and without any effort? Yes, it’s possible with ClaimAir… highly recommended!

Valentin Nachev
6 years ago

After 6 months my case was closed, because of no legal partners in Bulgaria….. Very unprofessional!

Kimberly Craig
7 years ago

They claim to have gotten money from the airline on my behalf but haven’t sent it to me and aren’t responding to my emails. This is a scam.

Alejandra Laiton Galan
7 years ago

It is all about patience! you need to be patient and giving a time to the process.. It worked for us!.. after one year of chasing Alitalia they finally compensated us for losing our luggages and a missed flight. Without ClaimAir we should have forgot it or just letting it go. Great service!

Andrew Heath Sloan
7 years ago

If you have a long delay or the airline loses your luggage, they will assure you that you’ll be compensated. The reality, however is a bureaucratic and time consuming process where most airlines will fight you tooth & nail along the way. Claimair know how to get the job done, to get the airlines to pay the compensation they are legally obliged to pay. They manage the entire process for you, they’re excellent and communicative and make it so easy. I’d recommend them to anyone who experiences a long delay, lost bags or another incident that is the fault of the airline. Great job Claimair!! 😀

Vincent Vagtx
8 years ago

Just awesome!

Tiago Nunes
8 years ago

Awesome service! I had a really great experience with ClaimAir regarding a flight cancelation with Lufthansa last year. Not only it was extremely useful at the cancelation time, informing me about my rights, but afterwards by keeping me updated about the compensation process.

Katerina Fabe
9 years ago

Very good app, useful informations, thank you ClaimAir for saving our money

Ondřej Nádvorník
9 years ago

Great app!!!

Harri Hautala
9 years ago

Fabulous service, patiently chasing the reluctant airline for making them pay the rightful compensation!

Alča Barnová
9 years ago

Great service!