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Established: 2013
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Average time to compensation: 12-16 weeks
Complies with GDPR
Supporting languages: en
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Company charges a 25% success fee including taxes +€25 administration charge for court case

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Latvia review & rating

Claim4Flights is a relatively young UK flight compensation company – it has been operating since 2013. Sadly, there is no accurate information about the size of the company. Since it started operating, one of the best English flight claim compensation company embarked on a mission to ensure that every passenger who has unfortunately experienced aviation service disruptions such as flight delays, overbooking, or cancellations can seek compensation from the relevant airline company. Claim4Flights is not a scam, it is legit company operating under EU Regulation 261/2004. There is displayed more information in further review below.

Customer support

There is a choice to contact airline claim company support by email or phone, unfortunately, Facebook chat or live chat on the website are not provided. Users can look up their FAQ section to answer queries related to EU passenger rights delay. However, website supports only one language – English. Sadly, flight disruption compensation claim users are usually responded back within 48 hours and personalized customer support is not provided.


Concerning flight compensation submitting, Claim4flights provides some features for their customers such as automated user friendly claiming form and mobile friendly website. What is more, customers have access to the user area where they can check their flight claim status anytime. Unfortunately, this airline claim company does not provide information about the exact possible complaint amount and flight compensation process is focused only on claiming – no additional tools for customers applying for air passenger rights are enabled. In short, this airline compensation company website is easy to use.


Although this airline claim compensation market player is not very active on social media channels, their Facebook feedback has a whopping score of 4.4 out of 5 from satisfied users. In fact, they have a high rating of 9.2 on 10 feedback on TrustPilot as one of the best flight delay compensation company. Another important fact in favor of Claim4flights is that it encrypts all the customer data and complies with the cookie and GDPR policy.

Customer reviews (71) Rate company

Rosie Siham
6 years ago

This company have witheld my compensation due to an apparent ‘backlog’ in their accounts department. I submitted the claim in September and still chasing. Correspondence is very poor, vague emails with no real answer to any questions you ask. The phone number on this page doesn’t exsist (not surprised!) Avoid at all costs if you want any hope in receiving money in the same century you submitted a claim.

Phill Haig
6 years ago

Do not use these guys. I processed a claim in September and was told in November that they were successful in claiming for me. I signed all the paperwork and forwarded my ID and it has now been nearly two months and I haven’t received my money. I keep being told by email the accounts team have a backlog and there is no phone number to complain. I would not use this service again.

Jenny Oag
7 years ago

Amazing Team! Thank you! Claims 4 flights are quick , Professional and fast processing your claim! After we had trouble with getting anywhere with the airline we looked for other options and came across this great company. They kept us posted regularly on the process of our claim and there were no hidden costs at all. I highly recommend claims 4 flights as they do a fantastic job and keep to there word and get the help they feel you need to win your claim! We were very happy to receive our money after an incident on our holiday. I’m so glad I went to the company otherwise we would of lost out a lot if we had given up. Many thanks again Claim 4 flights!

Jacki Pritchard
7 years ago

Brilliant professional service. Recommended by a friend who had had a successful outcome a year before. Easy process – did not have to do anything after completing the application online. Process took 13 months which was fine and was very happy with the compensation received.

Eftim Miladinov
7 years ago

I was surpprised this month when Claim4flights sent me an email saying that I was going to be refunded for a flight delay back in 2011, I applied one year ago without many expectations. Even that it took one year, I got my money thanks Claim4flights i give 5* and highly recommended

James Garland-grimes
7 years ago

Very helpful, settled my claim and received the money this morning! Was hassle free as I am pretty busy at work. Thanks!

Sue Deadman
7 years ago

It took a little while, and had the claim had to go to court (I didn’t!) but thanks to Claim4Flights my partner and I had the compensation we were entitled to for a 9hr delay from Manchester to Corfu – couldn’t have done it without them – well done guys!!

Caroline Jones
7 years ago

It took a little while, and had the claim had to go to court (I didn’t!) but thanks to Claim4Flights my partner and I had the compensation we were entitled to for a 9hr delay from Manchester to Corfu – couldn’t have done it without them – well done guys!!

Lucia Lacchin
7 years ago

Claim4Flights team was very good… They helped me to have a compensation for a delayed flight when the airline refused even to consider it.

Louise Dixon
7 years ago

I completed an application on there website in March, heard from them straight away via email. The claim had been past to solicitors, after not hearing anything for over 4 weeks I was starting to get doubts. However, just last week I had a confirmation email that the claim had been won and after confirming my identity the money was in my account within 48 hours. Strongly recommend this company and have instructed some people I know on the same flight to also make a claim.

Pranav Toor
7 years ago

My flight was cancelled in August 2016 from amsterdam to geneva. After the airlines refused for the compensation stating that its a special case I had lost all hopes. I submitted my claim on claim4flights. com. I was getting mails from claim4flights that the process is going on and after a long wait yesterday May 2017 I received my compensation claim. Even though it was a long wait I am still happy that my issue got resolved. Thanks Claim4Flights for the help.

Olga Baker
7 years ago

Good service. Flight from Riga to Moscow was cancelled by Air Baltic in September last year. It was easy to claim – I just simply filled in the form online, described my situation and then was kept updated by email on the progress of my claim. Dealt with in a couple of months and received a good result finally. Very pleased with the service I received from claim4flights and would definitely recommend them. Good luck to everyone from this team!

Érika Rodrigues Mendes
7 years ago

I was surpprised this month when Claim4flights sent me an email saying that I was going to be refunded for a flight delay back in 2013. I applied one year ago without many expectations. Even that it took one year, I got my money back and Claim4Flights always replied my email when I had questions. I am very happy with the service and of course, for the successful compensation. I am giving 4 stars only by the fact that it took a long time, but I am very happy with the service!

Clare Williams
7 years ago

£743 better off today thanks to claim4flights. Super easy system, completed the forms and claim4flights did the rest. Thank you claim4flights!

Philip Kuch
7 years ago

£1454 Payment received today 🙂 Thank you for your great help to claim this money from Cathay Pacific. CP were trying to compensate me with a few thousand air miles. Hope ours holiday next year won’t get delay or I will be using you again. Merry Christmas �

Alistair Menzies
7 years ago

Made a claim 9 months ago very happy with this company only two phone calls £1100 thank you yes there is a contant number 01525 853512 under CONTACT US TO DAY

Jess Taylor
7 years ago

The service isn’t great there is no number to contact. I made my claim 6 months ago and I am not having to chase this company and a solicitors for any kind of update. I work in the claim industry and this would not be acceptable in my workplace!! I claimed for 4 passengers and now Thomas cook tell me they only have details for 1. I am extremely frustrated and would not recommend using this company. Hopefully I get this resolved soon and get the payment for my 4 hour delayed flight.

Gillian Spence
7 years ago

Just received compensation for delayed monarch flight from July 2012. It took a few months since my original application but delighted to receive some money. Little effort required on my part. Well worth applying. Thank you �

Pamela Wilkins Bowes
8 years ago

Superb service� Would recommend this company to anyone who’s been delayed for any flight in last few years �

Kasia Paprotny
8 years ago

Thank you for helping me claim for our 6 hour delay. I would highly recommend your services to anyone who has been delayed. Thank you team at claim4flights ��

Rachel Davies
8 years ago

DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY They took our claim two years ago, began to ignore us this year and have yet to receive anything back. They won’t even call us back when we try and ring them. There is some good companies out there, don’t use this one they will take your claim until its expired then you cant reclaim. Thank a lot claim for flights after an 8 hour flight delay we are now left with nothing!!!!!

Norah McClatchey
8 years ago

Thank you for helping me claim for our 6 hour delay can’t believe that we got over £1000 back it was easy straight forward and quick. I would highly recommend your services to anyone who has been delayed. Thank you team at claim4flights ☺☺

Isabel McGilp
8 years ago

Brilliant – very happy with Claim4Flights and their quick and efficient service – would recommend them.

Paul Broadley
8 years ago

Simple, efficient and fast. Minimal hassle and now over £550 in the pocket. Thank you.

Helen Cant
8 years ago

Fantastic service- quick, professional and most importantly achieved a WIN! Thanks Chaps!

Mike Peat
8 years ago

Fast and efficient service would recommend. Everything was straight forward and they kept you up to date with everything that was happening regarding. Just a pity they took a bit more commission.

Julie Pratt
8 years ago

Thanks to Claim4flights I got nearly £900 back from a flight delay 5 years ago, we are very happy and looking forward to spending this extra cash!

Valerie Fell
8 years ago

Just received our cheque’s for a delay from Mexico in July last year, Thank you C4F it was well worth the wait, I would definitely Recommend!!

Brian Flynn
8 years ago

Did exactly as they said. Over £400 received in compensation Brian Flynn

Douglas Ballantyne
8 years ago

Great service I would use this company again if the need arose.All conducted by e mail.

John Mckenzie
8 years ago

After being turned down by Jet2 for compensation for flight delay,I had given up hope of any refund I passed the case on to Claim4 Flights more in hope than any real anticipation . It took some time and,of course they took their commission…and eventually I received a cash sum which I had really written off .

Saad Chehbani
8 years ago

that good work with them, professionalism , availability, and always listening , I thank them for their help and I will always be faithful to them

Helena Svanfeldt
8 years ago

Close to 2 years I have waited for my claim to be processed, with NUMEROUS reminders and requests for updates being sent throughout this period, only to hear today that nothing can be done on my case, due to various complexities. If it wasn’t complex, I’d never have asked for the help in the first place. Very disappointed.

Julie Truman
8 years ago

Excellent , quick service , kept us updated on progress , resulted in a refund , would recommend

Nichola Timperley
8 years ago

would give 0 stars but there isn’t an option. You ignore my emails. Via your one and ONLY letter to me, you threaten me with legal action, demanding money for my claim which is still unfinished. You refuse to send me a contact phone number and make false promises to phone me via twitter!!! And now I have seen that I am unable to bring up my claim on your website as there is a ‘problem processing your request’ I am shocked, frustrated and feeling strongly let down by your company

Martina Jočytė-Jankienė
8 years ago

Received my money after Claim4flights did everything for me. This was long process, but couldn’t imagine anything easier. I am sure i wouldn’t have done better job myself. Recommended 😉

Melvyn Gerson
8 years ago

I only contacted Claims4Flights after waiting for a long time for a reply from the airline. After I had instructed Claims4Flights(C4F) I received a cheque for the full amount directly from the airline – NOT as a result of C4F intervention. I informed C4F that I had been paid by the airline. C4F then sent me a bill for £102 for “work we had done”. They had done nothing for us. Subsequently they threatened us with legal action. My wife & I are both in our 70’s & we were frightened & forced to pay. On the same day that they acknowledged receipt of our payment, they wrote to us stating; “The airline is keeping your claim ‘on hold’ pending a European Court of Justice case”. That was an obvious lie as the airline had already paid us, and indicates a Company that doesn’t know what it’s doing. I asked C4F to do the moral thing & return all or part of our money, but they have ignored me. My advice: conduct your own claim, be patient & don’t use Claims4Flights.

Richard Cawthorne
8 years ago

Can’t fault them at all. 3 or 4 EMails and one form to fill in, all done. Yes they charge commision but it was worth it. If you’re too busy with life and not the sort of person to spend hours chasing companies up (im not) then this is ideal. Would use again if ever needed and would recommend.

Carole Nichols
8 years ago

Just received a cheque for £1093.00 from Claim4flights for a delay we had back in 2010 worth a try people

Fred Lewis
8 years ago

It took a while to sort out but I think it was the airline comp holding the payment up,but it is now sorted.

Adam White
8 years ago

Just received my payment from claim4flights. Very happy thanks! More communication would of been great however they did as advertised and I’m very grateful for getting the money through them!

Robert Peebles
9 years ago

outstanding company got my full compensation from Ryanair within weeks well done claim4flights Margaret Peebles

Tracy Higginbottom
9 years ago

Utterly brilliant. They didn’t give up and were successful in winning us £522. A bonus considering Thomson refused compensation initially, even though I went through the correct channels after our 24hour delay. They again refused claim4flight..but the team soldiered on and won. Well done and thank you.

Susan Bonnett
9 years ago

These guys are amazing..I got back compensation for the delayed flight with thomsonfly from Cape Verde,my husband was ill at the time we were delayed so it was great news to hear these guys had got us back something for all the stress Thankyou for all your hard work and if anyone has had any problems with flights get these guys involved the service is brilliant

Anna Drew
9 years ago

After a delay of 9 hours in Madrid, we contacted our airline for compensation. This was refused and all sorts of ridiculous excuses were made. Finally, after trying to deal with their useless Customer Relations department we contacted Claim4flights, and today, after 5 years, we finally received our compensation. It was a long haul and our case almost went to court, but I know that we wouldn’t have received a penny if Claim4flights hadn’t fought this case on our behalf. We were kept up-to-date throughout the whole process and I would have no hesitation in recommending Claim4flights to anyone struggling to claim compensation from an airline.

Sarah Louise Woodward
9 years ago

Received my money after claim4flights did everything for us brilliant & would recommend

Alan Paterson
9 years ago

My son suffered a long flight delay that meant arriving 24 hours later than scheduled after missing his connection. I contacted Claim4flight who have organised a most welcome compensation from BA with the minimum of fuss. Great work from the team!

Jason Gilzean
9 years ago

Did exactly what they said they would and any anytime I had to make contact I got a very quick response!

Gary Williams
9 years ago

Was refused compensation for a delayed flight from tenerife to Gatwick, I contacted claims4 flights and they sorted everything out great result

Kerry Owen
9 years ago

Been waiting over a year, just get fobbed off with the same emails that “these things take time” – has anyone actually had any luck from this company and if so how long did it take!!??

Linda Turner
9 years ago

Efficient and effective. All the work done for you.

Karen Meyer
9 years ago

Gatwick to Barbados. Sat in Gatwick for several hours and missed my partner’s 77th birthday dinner in Barbados. British Airways decided to change an engine as they didn’t have a spare plane at Gatwick. We put the claim into the hands of Claim4flights and received £606.23. Thank you all so very very much. You saved us a lot of time, effort, and fobbing off from BA.

Dan Prescott
9 years ago

after 6 hour delay a friend put me on to claim4flightsvery happy with the service they offered to me to win my compensation thank you so much will be definitely using them again

Tony Williams
9 years ago

Very happy with service and response, would use again.

Ryan Mullen
9 years ago

Took a bit of time bit the end result was amazing they got me back 700 punds back on a 1000 holiday because my flight was delayed 8 hours highly recommend would use again 5 star service

Iain Bunton
9 years ago

Claim4flights took on my fight for compensation against Thomas Cook and won £497 for me and my friend

Aubs Roberts
9 years ago

Delayed flight in Paris to Manchester – Claim4flights sorted out a compensation claim…awesome!

Ronda Ahadpour
9 years ago

Fantastic company I got a refund from a delayed flight with Thomas Cook would definitely recommend you thanks again

David Wood
9 years ago

Hi we had a 5hours20min flight delays we did get a refund after claim 4flights got involved so it was well worth getting in touch with them to sort any sort of claims. all the best to claim 4 flight thank you D C Wood

John Scott
9 years ago

Was refused a claim for delayed flight 36hours from America by Thomas Cook, put my claim in the hands of Claim4flight and received £761, claim4flight staff kept me up to date by email with all corespondents about my claim a big thanks to all staff at claim4flight and further delays I would use them again

Peter Banwell
9 years ago

After being fobbed off by tomson and sent a final refusal letter claim4flights got us our compensation with minimal effort from myself cheers

Ceri Swanick
9 years ago

Just received compensation for our delayed flight. Thanks for all your hard work claim4flights.

Lee Holt
9 years ago

Just received our claim money today after a process that didn’t take too long at all from start to finish, great service offered by professionals – can’t recommend enough, thank you claim4flights!

Filipa Moura
9 years ago

After a pretty delayed flight, a friend of mine advised me to try to claim a compensation. I chose Claim4Flights but wasn’t really expecting to get something back. Guess what? I did!! Very efficient and clear throughout the process, I definitely recommend them!

Alfie Faulkner
9 years ago

Great service, Claim4Flights got the compensation we would have never received from Monarch airlines alone. Thanks very much!

Kerry Lloyd PT
9 years ago

After a 4 hour delay coming back from our holiday on a late night flight Claim4Flights eased the pain with smooth and quick compensation cheque. I would recommend them to anyone

Lynn Passey
9 years ago

After being refused any compensation from Thomas Cook for our delayed flights in August 2013 I decided to contact Claim4flights and am so glad I did. I have just received my settlement and am more than happy. The claim process is simple and was settled very quickly. I would highly recommend using Claim4flights. Thank you for all your help.

John James
9 years ago

Provided all the evidence of a flight delay to Barbados with Thomas Cook and they tried to deny that our memories of a five hour delay in Gatwick ever happened. Then they conceded the delay but claimed the “exceptional circumstances” excuse. Contacted Claim4Flights who took over my claim and I’ve just received the full compensation due. Thanks Claim4Flights.

Brian Stephens
9 years ago

Delayed for almost 24 hours in Mexico. Thomson declined our claim. Forgot about it until I saw an add for Claim4Flights. Got more than £900 can’t fault them. 20% plus £15 is fair. Yes I would recommend them what have you got to loose. Brian Stephens

Julia Carter
9 years ago

They won my claim with KLM thank you, if you think you have a claim contact Claim4flights the process is so easy.

Lynne Mcintyre
9 years ago

very professional indeed , took on our claim and WON … the compensation has now taken them all away again on another holiday … we done very little in this claim , Claim 4 done it all .. sent our check really quickly and no hassle what so ever …many thanks and we would deffo recommend 🙂