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United Kingdom United Kingdom
Established: 2016
Employees: -
Average time to compensation: 6-8 weeks
Comply with GDPR
Supporting languages: en
Customer support
Ease to use
Customer reviews

Get compensation up to €600. After submition company always answers within 2 business hours

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Founded in 2016, is relatively young but has already established itself as one of the best flight compensation company in UK. Unfortunately, there is no accurate information about the number of staff in their website. Currently FlightClaimsHotline takes care of air passenger rights and specializes in delayed, cancelled or rerouted flight compensation. FlightClaimsHotline is not a scam, it is legit company, which operates under EU Regulation 261/2004. You will find more information in review below.

Customer support

In an event of delayed, canceled or rerouted flight, passengers can readily reach out to them for supports through phone, email and Facebook messenger, sadly, live help chat in the website is not provided. Their support comes in one language – English. Unfortunately, flight disruption compensation claim users are usually responded back within 72-hours and support isn’t personalized. Also, users can look up FAQ section on the company’s website to answer queries related to eu air passenger rights.

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Ease to use

Unfortunately, mobile friendly website doesn’t provide automated claiming form, exact number of possible claim amount and customer area to see the claim status. Furthermore, is mostly focused on claiming, sadly, no additional tools for users are given. Despite mentioned disadvantages, this airline passenger claim company’s website is convenient to use.

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The one of the best performing air compensation assistance in UK is known for its transparency when dealing with client claims. Their Facebook feedback has excellent rate of 5 out of 5 from satisfied users, unfortunately, there is no possibility to check the reality of customer satisfaction as TrustPilot account is not registered. follows web security guidelines and ensures that client data is protected always. They even comply with the GDPR compliance policy, which is an added security that customers can avail. This airline claim company is quite active on most social media channels such that the audience can obtain news and updates always.

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Phil Waddingham
1 year ago

Just received over £400 (after all expenses) for a delayed flight with Emirates from Manchester. Hassle free and less than a month after the delay. Highly recommended!