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2.8 out of 5
United Kingdom United Kingdom
Established: 2014
Employees: -
Average time to compensation: 8-12 weeks
Supporting languages: enptesitdefr
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Customer reviews

Get up to €600 in compensation. Once you have submitted the claim, the company will contact you within 2 business hours.

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Passengers impacted by airline delays and cancellations can seek compensation from RefundMyTicket. Established in 2014, the airline compensation satisfied consumers have been refunded as high as 1200 Euros. The UK company deploys a three-minute process to claim refunds for flight delays and cancellations. In fact, they have a timer in place – literally! This gives a glimpse of their expertise in claiming passenger rights. They provide instant feedback about the claim expectations of passengers. There is no time wasted as the process is performed by the team entirely, inclusive of all paper work. Their methods includes the experience of experimented developers, in-depth knowledge about aviation, and the network of lawyers working together to build relevant tools to identify, check, validate, and refund. RefundMyTicket is not a scam, it is legit company, which operates under EU Regulation 261/2004. You will find more information in review below.

Did you know? RefundMyTicket has been selected by StationF as the biggest start-up incubator of the world.

Customer support

In case of flight delays, overbooking, or cancellations, has an amazing ‘claim now’ system in place that generates compensation insights in under three-minutes! The user area features three distinct aspects – my trips, my claims, and my details. The claim assistance team can be reached through form submission at the website or even contacted via phone. There is a live chat option that lets users to seek answers to their queries almost instantly. Also, they can be reached out at their Facebook for support. They respond in six languages – English, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, German, and French. The FAQ on their website is also a great source to resolve queries.


The compensation form is automated and easy-to-use focused on passenger claim rights. The additional user area for customers allows checking of their claims, but the status of client request can be easily investigated by the support through email, phone and live chat. First try for many passengers went about smoothly and there were no handling delays. Users have been able to check their compensation claim through their mobile-friendly website. An additional option for users is to search by countries and cities. Also, they have a comprehensive chart that gives uses a thorough insight into how much compensation can be obtained in airline cases. Reimbursement is supported by the team of specialists who have been able to accurately and unquestionably identified causes of flight delays.

Credibility is a leading UK website that is quite transparent in its assistance, but they lack information about their team members. They are very active on various social channels like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Google Plus. This accounts for the personalized experience that can be obtained by users. Finally, they have not been rated high on Trust Pilot. However, their live chat and social reach out does offer an insight about their credibility.

Customer reviews (37) Rate company

Alan Kahan
5 years ago

Repeated demands for the same information, even after it had repeatedly been provided. No response to emails asking for updates 7 months after court papers had supposedly been filed. Utter lack of responsiveness once I had signed agreement for them to represent my claim

Raw Money
5 years ago

SCAM, stuck on the same step for 6 months, No customer support at all, completely useless company. Seriously, go with another one!

Christophe Jow
6 years ago

Thanks Refundmyticket for your help ! I get my compensation in only 2 months.

Frank Pila Frank Pila
6 years ago

Without nothing could have happened.

We got a very good compensation.

The communication has not always been good, the robot is a little annoying …

The procedure lasted 18 months but the result is there.

The lawyer was perfect at the end.


gajocha jessica
6 years ago

After opening the file on 17/03/2017 for a flight cancellation I just received my compensation.
It was tedious, I longed to have chosen: big lack of communication from them, when there was one they did not hold the same speech, I even thought of a scam like a lot of other people !
BUT in the end I was compensated certainly 1 year and a half after but I think the company did not help the thing.
I honestly think they do the job and they can not go faster in a lot of cases.
In spite of everything the communication really needs to be really improved.
It is part of the record to “reassure” us to show they are doing the maximum, they are present!
And please remove us this robot cat so useless !!!!!!!!!

Christian Michel
6 years ago

Pleasantly surprised by this service which allowed us to recover 500 € compensation for cancellation of our flight (410 € minus Refundmyticket commissions). Especially hat for the relatively short time. About 3 months between the complaint made at Refundmyticket and the payment of the company (AirFrance) obtained. I will recommend without problems, for the ease and the transparency of the site, the management of our file and the very precise communication, step by step, on the progress of our complaint. Thank you !

6 years ago

Nullissimes, even scammers. No answer, commission increasing, no proof of their “work”. To avoid abosulument.

Hiria Raimbault
6 years ago

I have just received 492,00 € of compensation following the reimbursement by Refundmyticket of my file, this took time, several months before it ended with respect to Air France. It was worth it, I have this little bitterness less. The Air France services here in Polynesia did not want to listen to my complaints, behavior also note with adequate services in France. So I contacted the site which is busy with all the steps, at each stage I was made aware of the situation, at each stage I was entitled to a progress report, the steps from the site and also the next steps to come, I was not taken for a dirty laundry bag but as a person in his right. I would not hesitate to talk about site, money was not my leitmotif even if it is very appreciable, it is the feeling of impunity of this great company that had me quite disappointed .. J I had to contact Refundmyticket without really believing it. Thank you very much for bringing my file to an end, for keeping me informed of each step of the past and the future. (to know that I am member platinum and that no compensation has been proposed to me, nothing at all, even in miles, more than 45 hours of flight for a papeete / Paris instead of 20h and detours of several thousand kms)
Thank you

Vernhes Clémence
6 years ago

Very great satisfaction
I recovered within two weeks my allowance, customer service to listen, I will recommend to my entourage!

Arnaud F
6 years ago

ttr-20160818-4048, still nothing after 2 years ..
Customer service does not answer, avoid

6 years ago

Aucun service client. Pas de remboursement non plus.

Mathieu Drugeault
6 years ago

Complaint of July 2016 still not treated …
we are close to widespread incompetence on this service … especially now that we do not deal directly with them by mail but with a chatbox completely to the west.

To flee absolutely.
Now some big travel site like GOVOYAGES propose these steps why I hesitated? Why !!!

Dailleux vanessa
6 years ago

Hello folder TTR-20160816-3930 dating from August 2016! No news. Incredible but true. Vanessa

6 years ago

Very bad, absolutely avoid !!!! No possibility of contact by phone, very complicated to have them by mail, radio silence for several weeks …
They are misleading advertising on their site saying that we can be reimbursed for additional costs incurred when canceling a flight but then they explained to me that the companies have no obligation and therefore do not reimburse never these fees! As well to fend oneself !!

6 years ago

Aucune nouvelle depuis mars. Je ne sais pas si mon dossier a été clôturé, abandonné, oublié…
Impossible de joindre qui que ce soit, si ce n’est un chatbot qui répète les informations déjà disponibles dans mon dossier.

Je changerai mon avis en cas d’évolution de mon dossier.

6 years ago

Excellent ! Process rapide et remboursement obtenu sous 2 mois.

6 years ago

No news from refund my ticket since 19/03/2017
(Assignment in progress) despite many reminders to know where is my file.
Filing of the file in November 2016 !! for 3 passengers.
Icing on the cake their robot no longer recognizes my file number

ToNe Romain
6 years ago

Scam: they drag, make you believe at an interesting rate of 18% commission, and without formal evidence goes to the prosecution stage which involves a rate of 24%

natacha bru
6 years ago

Avoid this platform, deal directly with the companies because I have not heard from them since November 2017. I was even told that it was scams it recovers money companies and more news. they keep themselves everything when I read the advice I tell myself that this is what must have happened to me;

Frédéric V.
6 years ago

it’s been 2 years that I wait, and always the same answers of a robot!

run away and choose another provider.

6 years ago

Same thing as the others: crooks!
File filed in November 2016. To date end of May 2018 no communication since August 2017, despite many reminders, emails, messages on networks (networks they “buckle”, you can not tag them in the publications! easy !!!).
In short, go through other services, looking at the opinions of consumers …
For my part I will now go through the legal process (which is a shame, for a court intermediary company !!!)
I think the positive comments here can only be fake, made on request or by their employees ….

Quentin Castelain
6 years ago

Just read the other 1-star reviews. Everything is said …. Go elsewhere.

6 years ago

complete file filed FIN JULY for a cancellation of flight between Lyon and Lisbon.ANCUNE COMMUNICATION on the follow-up of the litigation after ten mail sent and a system of ” cat ” ineffective which is useless! Here is their last answer which date d yesterday: ” The judgment of your file was given in your favor as we had informed you. We are now waiting for the payment of the sums provided. ” It smells like a rip off !!! if I do not have payment of my litigation under 1 month I would go elsewhere and do not fail to do them ” advertising ” on all social networks. !!!

Daniel Gornouvel
6 years ago

Undisputed file filed over a year ago … trial won in November (it seems) with promise of compensation within 60 days, by bailiff if necessary! Always fake answers, inconsistent and contradictory. is written is not even reflected in your personal space.
.Refundmyticket plays on wear hoping that the customer will give up, and takes advantage of the credulity of people to make money.For me they are liars, thugs.
For the 5 or 6 th time I just put them on notice to prove to me that the compensation is in the process of payment, if not, I envisage a claim by judicial way and control elements of the file.
I had a similar file entrusted to Flight Right, and the real fat: real exchanges (and not a robot that tells any matter?) And a success. They I highly recommend

6 years ago

Incompetent site, run away !!!
NO! Ineffective, I did not get a refund for a flight that was 5 hours late, Refundmyticket indicates that the delay is unjustified because the company gave a false landing schedule (with a time of arrival earlier than the hour departure … it must be done!) Refundmyticket’s customer service did not even want to hear my arguments, they simply closed the file, and I never had an answer … incompetent! Go your way, other sites are much more serious.

Pascal R.
6 years ago

Non-existent customer service
Once your file is completed, your only contact is a robot that will not be useful to you!
This company wanted to save in human resources and that is felt.
My file was opened more than a year ago, so I wait, I wait and sometimes I discuss with the robot. Very nice, he says hello, thank you and that’s almost everything. Do not choose this company if you want serious follow-up.

Francoise Montagne
6 years ago

After 18 months, still no news and no response to my last email … I have doubts about their effectiveness!

Mary Melliez
6 years ago

No communication
Months to raise them to know the result of the hearing; no response to emails, online chat does not work, the answers are copied and pasted not corresponding to your situation … (negative) finally known issue (more than 6 months after the trial date!) only because I left a negative opinion online, and there miraculously we reacted! A word to you …

6 years ago

We won thanks to the support of Refundmyticket
It was long (file opened in October 2015) but today, we note that the sum envisaged is the good one and that it was well transferred on our account. We must follow the steps of the file, provide all the requested documents and be very patient. Of course, we must restart after each new step if the feedback is not done.
Thank you for the service and especially for the result. Precision, this is a true testimony.
Nelly and Pascal.

6 years ago

I filed a claim for a delayed flight between Santiago and Madrid! Their service is simple, they saved me from getting myself a lawyer in Spain because the airline never answered … I had to be patient but I finally got 600 €

6 years ago

there is work to be done for customer service

6 years ago

No customer service, no tracking
Do not be fooled by the attractive prices of this company! Certainly the% commissions are the lowest in the market, provided that your case is settled amicably ….
No customer follow-up, very difficult to get in touch with them, d or the flow of messages on their page face book!
Do not recommend.

Samir Borja
6 years ago

In a word catastrophic, half the refund, no customer service impossible to join them for 6 months except to file your file of course, the worst company I have known in my 32 years of existence, to avoid at all costs unless you want to waste your time and money

6 years ago

No communication, my file has been waiting for almost 6 months. Can not have a contact. A scam

6 years ago

A catastrophic service and unfulfilled commitments. In passing in the positive comments on this page are those of the own employees of the box with whom it is not possible to discuss since they announce several days of treatment to obtain a possibility of dialogue with a human rather than with their sculpin which is otherwise poorly programmed.

Hubert Cahen
7 years ago

Can not file a request in a simple way
It’s been more than 10 days since I tried to file a file for 4 passengers. Everyone has to sign the file individually and that’s where it gets stuck. We all followed exactly the same procedure but there is always something stuck: attachments that disappear, signatures not taken into account. Sign requests not taken into account … In short a computer system that had to be tinkered by a trainee.
And the support that shines by its absence and inefficiency
I leave them 3 more days and I change operator.

7 years ago

I have been waiting 14 months for compensation. The service of the site is frankly average. The tracking is not good and they forget to ask you for documents or signatures. Time goes by and nobody shows up. If you do not keep a regular eye on the case they simply forget you …. Frankly disappointed! I’m still waiting for a resolution of the case … we’ll see, …