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Customer support2.0 / 5.0
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2.7 out of 5
Netherlands Netherlands
Established: 2018
Employees: -
Average time to compensation: 12-16 weeks
Supporting languages: ennl
Customer support
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Customer reviews

Get compensation up to €600. After submition company always answers within 2 business hours

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Founded in 2018, is relatively young, but has already established itself as one of the best flight compensation company in the Netherlands. Currently they take care of air passenger rights and specializes in delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight compensation. Unfortunately, there is no accurate information about the size of the company. Happy Delay is not a scam, it is legit company operating under EU Regulation 261/2004. There is displayed more information in further review below.

Customer support

Flight disruption compensation claim users are usually responded back instantly, unfortunately, personalized customer support is not provided. Assistance can be obtained in two languages – English and Dutch. Passengers can readily reach out to them for supports through phone and email, sadly, live help chat and Facebook messenger are not provided. Also, users can look up FAQ section on website to answer queries related to eu air passenger rights.

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Ease to use

One of the best airline claim companies in the Netherlands, enables airline passengers to start the claim by filling a short and automated user friendly claiming form. Unfortunately, the information about the exact possible complaint amount is missing. There are no additional features on apart from the compensation tool, which at times limits the benefits that can be obtained from flight claim company. However, website is mobile adaptable. Customers don’t have possibility to check claim status. In short, this airline compensation company website is easy to use.

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Credibility Facebook feedback has extremely high rate of 5 out of 5 from satisfied users, unfortunately, there is no possibility to check the reality of customer satisfaction as TrustPilot account is not registered. They ensure that client details are safeguarded with their advanced cookie policy in place. However, they do not comply with GDPR policy. Airline claim company is transparent – it provides many details of its activity to public, except information about team members is skipped. Despite the fact that they have a social presence on the web, their activity with the tweets and posts is poor.

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Arie Giesen
8 months ago

You’ll still be happy with your flight delay of 3 hours or more. I’m glad to see you’re getting your money.

Suzanne Kooijmans
8 months ago

In my annoying delay, in a day without problems, I had a good amount of money. I’m going to be happy about that.

Merlijn van Overbeek
8 months ago

Super service! Compensated within a day, thanks Guys!

Stephanie Bergmans
9 months ago

Great! Thank you very much!

Maaike de Boer
9 months ago

Super quick compensation at a vluchtvertraging!

Laurens Bossen
9 months ago

Fat Shit This!