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4.6 out of 5
Lithuania Lithuania
Established: 2017
Employees: 70+
Average time to compensation: 4-12 weeks
Complies with GDPR
Supporting languages: enitesplhudeptltruuk
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Customer reviews

Company charges a 25% success fee including taxes

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Latvia review & rating

Founded in 2017, Skycop is relatively new but has already established itself as one of the leading claim companies in Europe. Since it started operating, the Lithuanian airlines claim compensation company embarked on a mission to ensure that every passenger who has unfortunately experienced aviation service disruptions such as flight delays, overbooking, or cancellations can seek compensation from the relevant airline company. With the assistance of a trained team of over 70 employees experienced in the airlines business for 10+ years, passengers are not just able to know their flight rights, but can effectively claim compensation in the easiest and the fastest way possible. Skycop is operating under EU Regulation 261/2004. In addition, this airline claim compensation company is not a scam, it is a legitimate company and in the review below you may find more information about it. You can also opt for an alternative to Skycop such as AirHelpClaimcompassIfdelayed or

Customer support

The airline claim company assists distressed passengers in understanding exactly what claim should they place for the inconvenience faced by them and where should they apply? They help in realizing how to recognize a situation when the claimer is entitled to compensation. The service lets users file a complaint at the earliest using a 4-step claim flight compensation eligibility check. The Livehelp option allows claimers to always reach out for help in case of filling up the form. Their website supports six languages – English, Lithuanian, Russian, Polish, Magyar, and German. Flight disruption compensation claimers users are usually responded back within 24-hours when using the personalized customer support. There are multiple ways of communication offered by the service such as through email, chat, phone, and Facebook, thus making user-experience the best. Also, users can look up their FAQ section to answer queries related to EU passenger rights delay.


One of the leading claim companies in Europe, enables airline passengers to check flight status, booking updates, or refunds through an easy-to-use, automated web form. Simply enter the specific details at the user dashboard area to obtain accurate information anytime. The best part about their passenger rights service is the airline compensation claim calculator, which lets the user know about the exact possible claim amount. In fact, the convenient, one-step login through Google and Facebook makes access to the user menu relatively easier and personalized.


The airline claim company ensures that passengers always have their flight rights fulfilled. They are a premiere organization that is quite active on all social media channels such that the audience can obtain company news and updates always. In fact, they have a high rating of 9.2 on 10 feedback on Trust Pilot as the best flight delay compensation company. Their Facebook feedback has a whopping score of 4.4 out of 5 from satisfied users. Customer data is encrypted to maintain data confidentiality. Their data protective measures comply with the pro-customer cookie and GDPR policy. However, the only drawback is that Skycop website does not feature the company leadership.

Customer reviews (198) Rate company

Liustas S
6 years ago

Great thanks to skycop

Liustas S
6 years ago

Great thanks to skycop

6 years ago

Good job, Skycop!

Анна Калачева
6 years ago

Thanks to Skycop for the help us. They helped to get money from flight company for delaying of the flight more than on 24 hours. Thanks a lot!

Jeswin Joy Mathew
6 years ago

Eventhough the entire claim procedure was very time consuming, but skycop team was very reliable and trustworthy throughout.
I will recommend them.

Charles Anderson
6 years ago

So simply, a must use for all travellers.

6 years ago

The Skycop company did very well job. Very polite and quick service, super friendly staff.
Got my compensation and I’m very satisfied.
Would recommend it to everyone.

Jaarika Nurmsalu
6 years ago

Great delivery and wonderful customer experience!

Marianne Vetter
6 years ago

easy to apply, excellent service and follow up with positive result. 5* rating for Skycop!

6 years ago

Very easy and smooth

Carlos A.
6 years ago

It worked really fast!
Very good communication with client, smooth process and no waste of time or worries.
I totally recommend this company if you ever get a flight cancelled.

Silja Petersone
6 years ago

Compensation for Wizzair’s flight delay
I recomend this company. I received compensation for Wizzair’s flight delay (more then 4 hours) from Bari to Riga.

Sandor Daniel Kadar
6 years ago

Very well organised, very helpful and always responds to any question.
It took 8 month but finaly we got our claim!
Highly recommended!

liz bree
6 years ago

great experience! compensation I thought I would never get! Thanks!

Egidijus D.
6 years ago

10 stars for sure
It took some time, but result is on high end. Thanks to Skycop team, thanks for keeping in touch about the progress.

Toma Ir Vaidas Šilėnai
6 years ago

Very good job Skycop. I recommend this company for everyone. Everything Succeeded very quickly. We have got a money more than We thought.

Justina Sinkevičiūtė
6 years ago

It was pleasure to have that kind of attention all the time after we write complain till we get compensation.

Alina Talarova
6 years ago

Very good service

Daumantas Simėnas
6 years ago

Superb, hassle-free service
Excellent, hassle-free service! It would have been a long and time consuming process to do it myself, but these guys are pros at what they do. Superb service – definitely recommended!

Eduardas Drungilas
6 years ago

Nothing more easyer than deeling with those guys 🙂 10 stars out of 5 🙂

Ana Gojkovic
6 years ago

Amazing experience!
Skycop has my highest recommendation. I used services of this company for the first time and I am more than happy with the result. I received my money in a record time, with the assistance of the kind staff all the way. I am more than pleased.

Sally Langley
6 years ago

Excellent service and result!
It took a long time but we’ll worth the wait. Informed of what was happening along the way, quick replies to questions and very pleased to have received compensation from the airline. Definitely use this company if you have been let down by your airline.

Monika Šimeliūnaitė
6 years ago

Thank you Skycop
I would recomend this company to anyone, waited for about 3 months but it was worth it, got may compensation for 3hours late flight. Thank you Skycop!

Kirill X
6 years ago

Got my compensation, happy with it.

6 years ago

Very good and fast service!
We had our personal agent who managed the claim very efficiently, providing us with sufficient information about the whole process. We had the money in our account in less than one month. I highly recommend them.

6 years ago

Great experience, fast and smooth, regular status update of the case! Recommended!

6 years ago

Brilliant company. Was kept well informed and managed to get the claim where other companies failed.

Isy Going
6 years ago

I found this service on Facebook. I thought I should give it a shot. The flight way already paid and was messed up. So I sent in all the needed papers to skycop.
The service was amazing and the money came as promised. I think this is a good thing and a great idea. Thank you skycop.

Ivan Atov
6 years ago

Excellent work, great service, i get my compensation in less then two months. Thank you and keep it up.

6 years ago

You’ll definetely take your money back.Excellent service and of course they deserve the 25% commision. Recomend

Danius Seilius
6 years ago

I’m waiting for claim for half year, it’s dissapointing..

John Russell Croft
6 years ago

Fought my battle with KLM and won
It took time but in the end they got there. Dealing with the airline KLM had been a nightmare so was relieved to let Skycop take over the fight. Very happy with the result.

Dainius Starkus
6 years ago

Great service, great stuff! It took long, but finally they win a compensation! Thanks Skycop, well done.

Heikk Kuismin
6 years ago

Skycop is simply the best! I am very pleased, everything has gone nice and smooth with them. I’ve got two cases already, got 600 euros and 558 euros from Lufthansa.

6 years ago

Skycop helped me get a conciderable good compensaion amount for a delay and a missed flight with SAS this July 2018.

Phet Phengphong
6 years ago

Good job from Skycop. They helped me get a compensation for my cancelled flight Bangkok-Warsaw by UIA in April this year. Had to wait for almost 4 months but I had been aware. Many thanks.

Darius Uziunas
6 years ago

Skycop is a reliable partner.
Skycop helped to get compensation for a cancelled flight. They performed their work well organized, regularly informing me about the status of the claim and finally achieving the results. Many thanks!

Βασίλειος Μπουτόπουλος
6 years ago

I had a serious incident and tried to solve it communicating with the company but they stopped replying me, holding the 50% of my compensation. They told me that my final amount is 375€ for 2 people but the credited me only 187,5€. I sent them the proof and they stopped replying. I have to solve it through EU courts now…..

Iulia Ilie
6 years ago

Helped me in my claim with Lufthansa. Took a while but they got my money back. I think I paid them a small commision (75 eur from 250 eur) for the work they made.

6 years ago

Excellent work!
Even the process was long, Skycop didn’t stop trying to get a compensation.
Personal thanks to manager Viktorija Milvydaitė. Thank you for compensation and your energy.

6 years ago

My flight in LOT Airlines was delayed and after I was late on a plane to Singapore. I used refund option from LOT, I didn’t get any answer so I give a try to Skycop. It was easy to upload information about my flight, I was waiting a long time but I was informed every some time that I have to be patient and finally, I got an email that money is ready to transfer. Maybe I would get more money if I would try by myself, but it was simpler and easier to use services like Skycop to get even part of the money for what I lost by late flight from LOT Airlines. Thank You.

6 years ago

Im whaiting abaut year, well working guys 😀

Rimants Dontals
6 years ago

Fuuucking bulshit..10 Month’s and no Results! Only automaticly e mail’s…

Česlovas Bieliauskas
6 years ago

Perfect service, highly recommended!!!!1

Krzysztof Cacko
6 years ago

Definitely recommend!!!
If you have any problems with your flights or receiving compensation, Skycop is the company you should hit. Excellent service, good cooperation, and satisfying compensation. I highly recommend!

6 years ago

it was going alright, i got my “compensation claim completed” mail fairly quickly, but i have yet to receive my money. It’s been almost two weeks and the website says transfer takes 1-3 bank days. I have written them and gotten no reply so far. I am not satisfied.

Donata G.
6 years ago

It was a 5-star experience until I received an mail from their billing coordinator saying that the compensation has been transferred twice and asking to return the excess amount. I checked my account and indeed I had received two compensations. I had to transfer the money back to them paying additional bank fees and that would still be fine. The problem I have here is that their billing coordinator was rather unprofessional – not only didn’t she offer an apology, she didn’t even say thanks for doing this. As if this was my screw up, not theirs.

Handri Stofberg-Nel
6 years ago

The incident happened in March and is still not resolved!!!! Unacceptable

Hirvi Hindocha
6 years ago

Good but requires patience
It took me a long time to recieve a refund (I’m still waiting on two others) but I finally recieve this one. It’s good but you just have to wait a long time.

Andrius Bartminas
6 years ago

Excellent service, fast results. Highly recommended!

Yori Epskamp
6 years ago

Got great help from Laura! Excellent service

Marta Paulavičiūtė
6 years ago

Fast and great service, thank you

Per Kær Møller
6 years ago

Excellent service. Good communication during the whole process.

Personal communication if further informations needed.

Compensation paid promptly and as promised

Artur Gotlijevskij
6 years ago

Very well and promptly performed his work

Kęstutis Vitkauskas
6 years ago

As she said she did. 🙂

6 years ago

Can’t talk to anyone from Skycop. All I get is a automated message saying they are working on my claim. It has been almost a year. I don’t see a resolution coming at all.

Inga Leleivaitė
6 years ago

The only company who helped to me and very fast !!! Happy that i choosed them !!! Thank you 🙂

Tran Ngoc
6 years ago

Thank you Skycop
I would like to give a great thank to Skycop in helping us save our right. We honestly did not believe that we can have compensations for 10 passengers on this canceled flight. It might not be done without your help.

And Again, thank you so much for your help.

6 years ago

Great and quick service. Done a fantastic job on our behalf. Great! Would definitely recommend!

Ilona Paw
6 years ago

The issue of riding has been issued. Thank you.

Marta Paulaviciute
6 years ago

Fast and convenient service

gurjot gurjot
6 years ago

very trustworthy…..

Kristina Packeviciute
6 years ago

Excellent service, timely communication and the end result far exceeded my expectations. Well done Team, keep up the good work!

Aivija Fridenberga
6 years ago

Very nice and responsive company.

Jan Slavicek
6 years ago

They are working hard to get your compensation paid as soon as possible. Very professional behavior, I can only recommend it. Yes, they take around 25% of the total amount, but you do not have to do anything to get the rest. I think it is worth to use it! Very good experience!

Rolandas Rumbinas
6 years ago

The bad guy got no compensation for the canceled flight. The flight was scheduled to take place on 18th of January, 2017 (I do not have any more), but I received an SMS a few days ago that it was canceled. I returned to Lt, I got the money for an airplane ticket. I started to pay compensation for the flight. Someone from the acquaintances said that there is such a company, so well, I filled out the form, I hoped that everything would be well settled there, from the very beginning there were such tiny cumbers, with an agreement, a sign, a cons. No. That’s not all right then, then on December 22, a claim for compensation. both nervous and waiting, a million correspondence with skycop. both inaccuracies with them and ryanair. I just wanted to squeeze everyone in my face, both for skipper and for ryanair for a while, but finally, my money arrived in May, and so … I’m disappointed to see that, according to the calculations, I had to be at 400e, but since my number plates were not the same thing I left with 250. though I bought the ultimate goal with the transfer, the second flight also suffered, address this trouble, because there will be a lot of bad reviews. a large amount of washes .. when one canceled a flight, how gai spit to another ??

Agnė Rudžionytė Arlauskė
6 years ago

During 7-8 months I wrote 2 claims – I received 0 answers.

Robertas Petrovskis
6 years ago

I started asking Skycop if I got the opportunity to receive compensation and I got the answer so I lost my time and time until I sent all the information because I did not send myself to another person, I got personal data and I was no longer compensated, SUNSHIP! I will recommend others

Daiva Jaceviciute Rociene
6 years ago

I’m grateful to you, grateful communication and cooperation. If you were not your company, I would not have received anything at all and knew about compensation. Good and big THANK YOU

Vilma Daugaliene
6 years ago

Shooters! Very soon a claim was filed and compensation was transferred. Thank you very much for the constructiveness of Mr. Roberta Grisiute! 🙂

Irma Valančienė
6 years ago

Perfect company! Į give back my money! Thank you very Much

Ačiū už grazintus pinigus, malonų bendravimą ir greita aptarnavimą – rekomenduoju!

Kristina Masanauskaite
6 years ago

Great service, I recieved money in ~5-6 weeks. Please check your communication, notifications – few first weeks I got like 3-4 updates (same information), then no info till I asked to update information by myself.

Alex Apetrei
6 years ago

Best 10 minutes of work , no hassle received compensation

Illya Illya
6 years ago

Didn’t help. 3 month of silence and after that simple answer from airline which I received before by myself. I was expecting that Skycop will be able to handle difficult claims but I was wrong. Not able…

Right it was security issues until around 1700 hours on 20th of March. But then airport back to normal operation and once we board the plane we were informed that we will not fly today. So the plane fly on the next day on 21st of March around 1100 hours. More than 12 hours delay. So I have a question: What connection has this more than 12 hours gap with security issues when airport was in normal operation???

6 years ago

Really good service and easy communication. They are trustworthy and fight for your rights. Highly recommend.

Teddy Gelderman
6 years ago

Would highly recommend! We had an especially complicated situation, but the folks at skycop stuck with us and helped us get reimbursed. Could not be more grateful. I hope we don’t get delayed in flight again, but if we do, we’ll use Skycop!

Eryq Ja
6 years ago

promptly helps.recommended

Eglė Vi
6 years ago

does not fully communicate, does not respond to emails, does not report the ongoing process, even if you do not know the situation for 3 months, the company is not exactly what we asked. Disappointing …. DO NOT PROPOSE.

Rytis Krusinskas
6 years ago

Simple and recommended
Process is simple enough, need to keep all facts and provide it for Skycop. It took almost 2 months, but results are meeting expectations.

Edita Jurkevičienė
6 years ago

I recommend! I really did not expect them to succeed (until then I tried myself, nothing was done), but I was pleasantly surprised by the runners! For more frequent delays

Justina Kievišaitė
6 years ago

I did not expect you to solve problems so quickly. Great! Thank you for your kind communication and compensation.
It is amazing that there are such organizations as you. I wish you luck!

6 years ago

Excellent service, fast reliable and kind stuff.

6 years ago

3 out of 3 in less than 30 days! Amazing service!

Kamilė Taujanskaitė
6 years ago


Tadas Doveika
6 years ago

All good, thank you guys!

Natalija Nataliux
6 years ago

Work fast and prompt, co-ordination guaranteed!

Petriceanu Canareica
6 years ago

Thank you Skycop
I am pleased to say that I was sceptical in the begining and I didn’t think I will get any money for my delayed flight but Skycop proved me wrong. The process in requesting the compensation was very simple and didn’t request much envolvement from my side.
My flight ticket was 75 €, the flight was delayed for almost 5 hours and I received from Skycop 187€.
The only reason I didn’t rate Skycop with 5 stars is because it took around 4 months until I received the compensation and I expected it to be faster.
Thank you Skycop👍

Odeta Odette
6 years ago

I did not expect such a quick and good result.
But I recommend to others!

Karolis Januška
6 years ago

Perfectly served, got money, very helpful and polite. I recommend contacting everyone.

6 years ago

Skycop claimed successfully

Ignė Lavrukėnaite
6 years ago

Thanks for the expediency and the compensation received !!!

6 years ago

Good service !! I am happy from skycop.

Ruslan Kotov
6 years ago

Return money, but it took about 6 months

Daiva Besagirskaitė
6 years ago

Professional service and very prompt work. I received compensation in less than a month. Thank you!

carolina sher
6 years ago

Very friendly service, extremely helpful and guided me efficiently and effortlessly along the way to complete the process. Am really grateful for the payment and have recommended your company to friends

Nadezda Maeki
6 years ago

Very good and qualitative service!

Deimilė Krukonienė
6 years ago

Great communication!

Erika Chaleckaja
6 years ago

Want to say thank you!

The communication was excellent and I didnt believe in refund until I see it now! 🙂 thanks!
All communication takes me about few weeks.
Everything is quick and save.

You can trust Skycop!

Thank you!

Niall O'Neill
6 years ago

Excellent ,.. no hassle and full payment of the claim received . 5 star service . Thanks to everyone who helped in SkyCop! Niall ONeill

Elzbieta Zurowska
6 years ago

My flight was cancelled on 12/2017.
I submitted my claim on 01/2018.
First, it was declined of the airlines.
And 2 months later, I and my colleague was contacted by claim admin with a good news – LOT is going to pay our compensations.
Thank you for a great job! It was very helpful service.

Dalia Ąžuolienė
6 years ago

Thank you to Skycop’s comrades for work, and especially for Inesi Narrow, who has been struggling to make a sailing journey. The process lasted a long time, but I got a compendium,

Arnoldas Prunskas
6 years ago

Whisked done neatly. I got the money one and a half months after the claim was filled. He paid as much as he did. I recommend

Lucian Pintilie
6 years ago

The answer lasted longer than I expected, but eventually it was positive.

Neringa Bumbliene
6 years ago

Skycop is amazing! I had a flight cancelled one year ago, I wrote my travel agency, sent letters to the airlines, but nothing happened and Skycop managed to get the compensation for me in just a few weeks. I am very glad I’ve decided to write them, highly recommended!!

Ricardo Freire
6 years ago

Someone one that stands for your roghts
It’s very important to have someone on your side, that stand for your rights.
And don’t give up till the case is close.

Audronė Staugaitienė
6 years ago

I think skycop works. Send messages at least. Do not forget

Ugnė Rusvaltaitė
6 years ago

Our flight was postponed for 3 hours, then we got into a lecture, and in the morning we started to say that we would not be flying … landing and flying was dropped to another day, which was another time delay of 1.5 hours. I was more than boiled up.

We immediately started the domain of condominium, which depends on this case. I filled the form only 1 time. After that, it was just a wait, so there was no need for an extra match than data. I always had to contact the Lithuanian language, I always got information about the ongoing processes.

Finally I received a message that the Norwegian airline had paid compensation. The case is singular then the process has crashed. In any case, I deceive the service because without this company I have not received any compensation. Really recommend!

Jurate Stoniene
6 years ago

Perfect service and they work until result is reached!!! Thanks guys 😉

Vita Andziulė
6 years ago

We liked it a lot! Very helpfully, in the process of carrying out all the procedures and very quickly received compensation money! Really happy.

Inga Makuskaite
6 years ago

Thanks for the quick work !! I got the money 🙂

Katrin Lipstal
6 years ago

Very Professional and quick
I wasn’t sure we had a case, but skycop reviewed our case quickly and reassuringly. The case got solved in a month! I am very grateful for their help 🙂

6 years ago

What a simply easy process.Turkish airlines delayed my connection filght, so was stuck in Istanbul for 24hrs.Found Skycop online and the rest is history!!!!!.Great great service and funds of €900 in my bank.
Thankyou Skycop.

Stephanie Clark
6 years ago

Great Service!
I used Skycop because the airline wasn’t being helpful regarding the compensation for my delayed flight. Skycop’s initial response to my inquiry was within a matter of hours. After they gave me confirmation that they had received the money, it was in my bank account the very next day. All in all, it took just a little over a month, but I didn’t have to do any of the work to receive the compensation. I recommend Skycop, especially for those unwilling to go through the effort of fighting with the airline for the compensation.

Loretta Hilaus
6 years ago

Thank you Skycop. After 2 months of waiting,i thought i got scammed by this company,but,finally,they got the claim for our delayed flights with SAS airlines. They transfered the money in my account. And true to their promise i got 2250 euro.I am so thankful to you Skycop.Great doing business with you.A big thumbs up.👍

Margarita Damalakaite
6 years ago

Great! I got the money! Thanks inesai;)

6 years ago

Problems with Ryanair solved perfectly
Got “Invitation to Ryanair flight cancelation festival 2017”. Knowing that Ryanair is master of payment delays, the second I received the email notification, I knew that it is going to be long and painful. Turned to SKYCOP and they just nailed it. Got periodic reports of what is going on and finally was informed that after long battle with the help of Civil aviation Authority, our claim is accepted and we got our compensation in a few weeks.

Definitely recommended service.

Hank Quinones
6 years ago

Great service and they deliver what they promise!

Monika Ba
6 years ago

Got my money for a disrupted flight
My flight was delayed on 03/2017.
I submitted my claim on 10/2017.
Within 2 months I got my money for a disrupted flight from Small Planet Airlines.
Thank you for a great job! It was very helpful service.

Renatas Šakūnas
6 years ago

Three weeks and compensation in my pocket. The easiest way to solve questions for a reasonable price

Mindaugas Rutkauskas
6 years ago

Superb, SKYCOP is the best

Marko Jaeger
6 years ago

Very easy and fast. In less than 2 weeks I had the compensation from the airline on my bank account.

Eldin Isabegović
6 years ago

Very easy and receive my compensation in very short time.

Taty Watzal
6 years ago

Best Service
It was very easy to send all the information and the issue was resolved in a few months, which was totally worth the wait. I want to thank the team for the support and allowing us to get something back without any complication. Keep it up!

Binita P.
6 years ago

Lazy and Useless Skycop
I was contacted by Skycop on Twitter but within less than 24 hours they had not done the appropriate due diligence and had decided that my flights had not been cancelled but had merely been delayed. The email from them said,
“…Unfortunately we are not able to process your claim as your flight was delayed less than 3 hours.

Please contact us if you have any cancelled or delayed flights (more than 3 hours) in the future.”

At no point was supporting documention asked for. Instead, I was told they could not help me.
I had received an email from the airlines telling me my flights had been cancelled and that I could apply for compensation. Skycop is as useless as the airlines I have been trying to get compensated from since last year.

Sigutė Talandzevičienė
6 years ago

Absolutely no time limit for how long you have recovered money, how long will your employees answer. Do not write to e-mail. I promise you to write, but it does not know when and when you press it. I do not recommend it really. Because there is no immediate recovery of money. You will also not be sure that they did not take your money. One of my claims has been approved, it has been a long time ago, but there is no money, it’s not a month ago and nobody responds for that. It feels like people do not know what they are doing and I have to tell them what they need to do on the phone. Manage your staff and make terms with rules so that people can get familiar with your company policy and how you work because they are just TRAGEDIA before giving claims.

Joanna Kowalska
6 years ago

I recommend!
Few years ago (Jan 2016) my flight was delayed but back then I didn’t know that I could get a claim for compensation. When I found out, I tried to recall how delayed was my flight but I couldn’t, I was just sure than it was more than 3 hours. Many other companies rejected my application because they demanded the exact time. Skycop not only accepted this, but also settled my compensation. I got my refund in 2 weeks. Skycop workers are very helpful and decent, you don’t have to wait long for their response. I wholeheartedly recommend!! I’ll definitely use their services again.

Nick F
6 years ago

Very easy process. They sorted out a compensation payment from a very difficult airline. Have submitted a number of others.

Elvyra Pranckeviciute
6 years ago

I am grateful to the gentleman, to have a good communication and cooperation with Eugenijus Kurmius. The answers have always been fast and specific, I’m blaming you for good energy and demesy!

6 years ago

8 months istead of “8 weeks in average”
In their webpage Skycop says that in average it takes 8 weeks to get the compensation, but it took 8 months instead… I am disappointed in how they were sharing information. Every time you need to contact them first to receive something back. Only when I started to “push” them harder (after 7 moths) this case was escalated at their side and the things started to move. They finally contacted CAA just after my escalations.
And after all of this time they have not suggested any discounts for the commission fee. For me it’s poor customer service.
To be honest I would not recommend to use their services.

Augustas Černiauskas
6 years ago

Excelent, I would recommend this company to anyone.

Mantas Garjonis
6 years ago

Really recommend, did their job really quick. ))

Dovile Jonušienė
6 years ago

I got the MONEY. Thank you very much. I’m pleased

Martynas Martikonis
6 years ago


It’s amazing how persistent Skycop team is to have a nerve for chasing down the Ukraine International Airlines (UIA) for more than a year and finally with lawyers’ help making them pay for delayed (20 hours) flight.

Thanks once again for professional efforts and an extra mile to solve my case successfully! way to go! #success #persistence #skycop

Ignas Tamašauskas
6 years ago

Many did not even hear about the possibilities that skycop provides. Thanks for the help! But tracking and communicating information yourself is where you should improve

Ilona Žėglienė
6 years ago

I am very pleased with the result. Everything is very simple through this system.

Gediminas Milieska
6 years ago

Had a tricky situation, where flight was cancelled, alternative by different airlines offered which was also cancelled. In the end, none of the airlines accepted the claim.

This is when Skycop stepped in and proffesionally solved the case! Impressed and happy! Well done!

Saulius Karosas
6 years ago

Just got the compensation for two tickets. Thankful. Very professional service.

Ausraite La
6 years ago

Perfect! I do not realize how you succeeded, but from the moment of registering the file until the transfer of money is just an art! Well done! Great comunication and fast with reply.Thanks a lot and good luck!

Karolytė Tilūnaitė
6 years ago

Extreme super work! I thank the skypoc team for compensation!

Dovile Kisieliūtė
6 years ago

Very much the services of the company 🙂 We have regained the compensation for flying back in the year before 🙂 Thank you 🙂

Pim Pim
6 years ago

I filled out a claim for a long flight delay. From the airlines I received an answer that, under a certain regulation, I would not be compensated and no one will pay any money. The same was confirmed by one of Skycop’s employees. But today I receive a letter from Skycop that I have to pay EUR 200 for services, although I have not received any compensation. How do you work there? And from other people you ask for money for nothing?

Renato Djeska
6 years ago

Great help from Skycope. My flight was delayed 4h amd I almost missed the concert I was attending. Day after I saw Skycop on fb and that was my part. The rest was on them. Fast and proffesional service to give you back at least a bit of lost nervs with canceled or delayed flight. Thank you Skycop!! 🙂

Miglė Vaškienė
6 years ago

Works fast and is still effective in my case Good luck!

Za Ne Ta
6 years ago

A great company. Our entire 10 group of travelers have been compensated for the delayed flight thanks to the professional staff of this company.

Rasa Kalėdaitė
6 years ago

After cancelled and later delayed flight I have contacted directly with Skycop as I was to tired to deal with these unpolite and rude LOT employees. I am pleasantly surprised with excellent service, polite communication and extremely quick job. It passed less than three weeks from my claim to Skycop until I have received compensation.
Great job! Keep on going!

Aurelijus Sinkevicius
6 years ago

Kompensacijos negavau, bet ne todėl kad avialinijos turėjo rimtą pasiteisinimą, o todėl kad Skycop tingi dirbt. Suprantu, kad 25% komisas nuo €250 ne kažką, bet daugiau į šitą kompaniją nesikreipsiu, kovosiu pats. Apie situaciją – SAS iš Vilniaus neišskrido į Stockholm motyvuodami prastomis oro sąlygomis, tuo tarpu pusvalandį prieš tai tas pats SAS suskraidė į Copenhagen, labiausiai nuvilia tai kad Skycop pasirašė ant tokio bullshit’o iš SASo. �

Valdas Maksvytis
6 years ago

Sincerely thank you for the compensation you received! Communication was simple, fast and, above all, effective. I recommend

Zydrunas Juska
6 years ago

Although it took, but managed to get the maximum compensation. I recommend to everyone 🙂

Giedrius Girininkas
6 years ago

Compensation process was handled smoothly. Thank you!

Rolandas Rumbinas
6 years ago

The bad guy got no compensation for the canceled flight. The flight was scheduled to take place on 18th of January, 2017 (I do not have any more), but I received an SMS a few days ago that it was canceled. I returned to Lt, I got the money for an airplane ticket. I started to pay compensation for the flight. Someone from the acquaintances said that there is such a company, so well, I filled out the form, I hoped that everything would be well settled there, from the very beginning there were such tiny cumbers, with an agreement, a sign, a cons. No. That’s not all right then, then on December 22, a claim for compensation. both nervous and waiting, a million correspondence with skycop. both inaccuracies with them and ryanair. I just wanted to squeeze everyone in my face, both for skipper and for ryanair for a while, but finally, my money arrived in May, and so … I’m disappointed to see that, according to the calculations, I had to be at 400e, but since my number plates were not the same thing I left with 250. though I bought the ultimate goal with the transfer, the second flight also suffered, address this trouble, because there will be a lot of bad reviews. a large amount of washes .. when one canceled a flight, how gai spit to another ??

Sharleen Grainger
6 years ago

Thank you very much for your excellent service, perfect communication and extremely rapid work.

I had tried directly to deal with Lufthansa for an over eight hour unexplained flight delay before contacting you, but they outright refused, claiming some ridiculous “third party fault” and when I asked for proof of this, I never heard another word from them.

You were recommended to me by my boss, who is Lithuanian – I am very happy to have listened to him. I will certainly recommend you to others! Bravo!

Irena Grudzinskaitė-Žilinskiene
6 years ago

I learned about you through the “Knowledge Radio”. I remembered the information and soon used your services. I did it not really hoping that something would succeed, but I was very angry at LOT, so I pledged not to leave that. And I was very pleasantly surprised by such a great job. That everyone in Lithuania would do this. Thanks to the whole team 🙂

Alina Usinovič
6 years ago

A great company with professionals. Helped to redeem the compensation for the delayed flight when it rejected the airline complaint itself. I am very grateful to Carol Rupp for the kind cooperation and I really recommend Skycop when faced with problems flying!

Viktorija Turčinskytė
6 years ago

Great service, nice staff! I recommend !!

Marius Abelkis
6 years ago

Here’s what your ad spends on watching a movie.

Edita Stančik
6 years ago

Great THANKS! I received compensation 2 months after submission of the claim!

Zdanyte-Šabūniene Aurelija
6 years ago

Thanks Skycop for the prompt work ..

Vitalija Bartkute
6 years ago

Thanks for the help, I did not expect to get compensation, but Skycop helped.

Deimantė Nomeikaitė
6 years ago

Thanks for the help!!

Jurgita Stanaitienė
6 years ago

Fast and efficient service. It took less than two weeks to get the compensation for the flight cancelled 3 years ago.

Gintarė Pranaitienė
6 years ago

Thank you for the greatly solved flight problem, thank you and I recommend!

Darius Dovidaitis
6 years ago

The company advertises, “Only 1 out of 10 passengers receive reimbursement from airlines. Skycop always knows how to help the rest of the 9 “.
I contacted Skycop for compensation. I received an answer from the airline that the damage is not compensated. I sent the letter to Skycop and I received from them the same answer as if the airline was right. And my flight was canceled due to poor visibility. It’s just strange how can you cancel the flight from the evening due to poor visibility?

Kristina Aurėja
6 years ago

Everything went smoothly, within 5 weeks the compensation was already in my account, I recommend!Thank you skycop

Justė Zajankauskaitė
6 years ago

Perfect service, very fast, easy and reliable!

Domantas Lekys
6 years ago

Fast service, clear communication, fluent cash back ! Thanks Skycop and employee Evelina 🙂

Tomas Žemaitis
6 years ago

Great dealers! I received compensation within 2 weeks of flying flight!

Donatas Kumeliauskas
6 years ago


Jūratė Rekašienė
6 years ago

Perfectly done your job! I’m happy.

Sandra Garnelytė
6 years ago

We are very excited to receive help, we did not expect to succeed, however, Skycop helped to keep hands off and get compensation

Deividas Tumas
6 years ago

Amazing service, highly recommended!

Modesta Lukošiūtė
6 years ago

Thanks for the prompt and high quality communication. In less than 2 months, the money has reached my pocket! 🙂

Milda Kudirkaitė
6 years ago

Thanks for the help! Perfectly do your job!

Diana Rozenaite
6 years ago

Quick and prompt. Very warm and professional service. Thank you

Milda Mikelionienė
6 years ago


Aleksas Pikturna
6 years ago

Even strange that there is still a truth in the world: D – fast, easy and convenient … and most importantly, money in a pocket.

Erika Zmitrovičiūtė
6 years ago

Everything quickly and promptly, I really recommend it when you need it.

Aušra Meškauskaitė
6 years ago

Quickly, smoothly and without any troubles, everything was cleaned up and we successfully received compensation !!! Thank you

Andrius Tapinas
6 years ago

It’s incredibly effective and easy. From the first letter to the transfer of compensation – a little over a month.
Themselves handle all the paper, the customer only needs to send the flight details and sign the claim.

It is a pity that the previous reviewer did not succeed, but on my part I can only strongly recommend to anyone who has the right to reimburse the inconvenience caused by airlines.

Laima Surazinskiene
6 years ago

Everything is great and operative – I feel a little bit nervous when I get rich airline bill. Thank you Skycop for a great job (Y)

Andreea Agapie
6 years ago

They helped us a lot. In January this year our flight with Wizzair from Bucharest to London was cancelled. I was very concerned about what company to use to get my money back , finally I chose Skycop and in less than 2 month the whole process was finished and today we got our money back. It’s a very very good company to get help with these problems. Thanks to Rimantė Grigaitytė for dealing with our case!

Mig Loko
6 years ago


Kestutis Jrlns
6 years ago

Thank you skycop I recovered the flywheel compensation for a few months. Superior company …

Renata SD
6 years ago

The examination of the claim took place for half a year, but as I understand the delays in airspace. Aciu skycop team to win the case. However, however much work I have, I have more communication with the client, information about ongoing processes, etc., especially when it crashes and the client remains unknowing

Dangira Zilinskiene
6 years ago

THANK YOU for the great and quick work!
We received compensation in less than 2 weeks after submission!

Tomas Alekna
6 years ago

Resolved the problem competently and expeditiously. I do not hesitate to recommend the use of this company’s services to those who are still unsuccessful in the “mine thresholds” for compensation for flights.

Reda Naruševičiūtė
6 years ago

Thank you for the perfectly completed work. Overcome all expectations 🙂

Daiva PaMaiva
6 years ago

Problem quickly corrected 2 years ago. The best thing is that you did not have to take care of anything.

Lina Aužbikavičienė
6 years ago

He used the services of this company. Work fast. I’m pleased.

Ieva Butkute
6 years ago

Works great, everything is clean up very quickly!

Jonas Milerius
6 years ago

The most original customer service. Anti professional. Flight delay compensation. Long post

Have you ever paid for a service that you are dissatisfied with?

And for the one you are dissatisfied, maybe you are tricked, and you still feel idiots that you use it at all?

Me too.

The story began in the summer of 2017, when we flew home from Zagreb with our colleagues. Due to the delayed take-off in Frankfurt, we spent our connecting flight to Kaunas. This, of course, did not damage the mood, but we even joked that we are perfectly finishing this great journey.

When I returned to Lithuania, I shot at Lufthansa for compensation. I did not get the answer for a week, so I decided to give it to those who eat bread from such situations.

I used to hear about the startup of Skycop in the past, so I did not hesitate to fill out a claim & here the fun begins …

August 20, 2017 – I am complaining. Flight Zagreb – Frankfurt – Kaunas. The Skycop Distance and Cooking Calculator shows that the payout should be 400 Eur. I receive confirmation that the claim has been registered. More info will be provided on the self-service website.

08/22/2017 – I’m trying to connect to self service. Writes a bad password. Reset I am receiving a confirmation that it has been changed. Join, do not connect – says that the password is bad. I found the confirmation email, press “reply” with the whole trick that I can not log in. I am getting an answer saying that no such address was found. I found another address. I’m writing I receive a service desk type English reply that the request has been received and registered.

24/20/2017 – I receive a letter from customer service with thanks for comments and apologies for system errors. It is promising that they will be corrected quickly and will be able to track everything myself. Requesting flight documents, sending everything. I get confirmation that everything is ok.

September 12, 2017 – I get a message from a friend of study time (who appears to have started working with Skycop) via messenger that I have found my name among the claims and sees that the status of “missing documents”. I am sure that I have sent everything and, if everything is smooth, I will recommend another five colleagues traveling together. I am urged to send colleagues’ contacts at once, but I say that they are very ambitious and will try themselves, although they are no longer written by anyone from Lufthansa. We are glad that Andiele’s post has been read by now as a stroke of airborne steroids. Remember that I’m not logging in to my self.

09/21/2012 – Breakthrough! After 5-6 personal correspondence with my buddy, I finally can join the buffet. The problem appears – I only filed a claim, but did not finish the registration process (what?). Well, drive – from now on, with internal support, everything goes like butter, is not it? I connect and hands down – I understand the status: “All information is received and we are going to send a claim to airlines”. I am assured that everything is sent, only the status is bad – it will cure.

10/25/2017 – I receive a letter from another Client Service Manager, where is the sentence “We are writing to inform you that we are working intensively with the airlines to recover the compensation you own.” Ok! Wait! Faina, at least, that they are alive.

2017.10.31 – I receive a letter from the lady with whom we corresponded in August. This time again the joyful news is given: “We already have your compensation! I will send you an account for money transfer. Thank you and I will wait.” I’m sending everything on the same day.

11/26/2017 – I receive a letter “Thank you, we will transfer money as soon as we receive an order from the airlines.” WTF? I miss you because I do not understand what the previous letter says, that I have my compensation. I’m writing to my buddy. It looks like a problem with status again. But I give feedback because of all the possible little things – you need to contribute to the success of the Lithuanian starter.

End of 2017.11 – Steroid colleagues have received confirmation from Croatia Airlines (Flight Operators) that they have a 400 Euro compensation. Promises to pay in the near future within 3-4 weeks.

December 22, 2012 – I receive a transfer to the bank. 187,50 Eur. No e-mail letter, no message. Just the order. 187,50 Eur, when filling in the same Skycop system my part was calculated at 300 Eur (Total 400, but 25% or 100 Eur – Skycop commission / bonus for the work done). I’m sorry because I understand that the compensation is lower than expected according to their own system calculations + commission for the work done, although I felt more forceful, transposed their process and returned to each questionable place or received the benefit. But you need to help the startails of Lithuania, right? So I’m laughing, I’m not wasting and I’m looking forward to the success of my colleagues, from whom I cried, when they castigated, that Croats do not write and do not follow their own terms.

January 1, 2013 – A letter from a colleague with a screenshot showing a receipt received directly from Croatian Airlines. 400 Eur. Inspired, I remember my 187,50 Eur. Api *** received 400, recalculated distances, paid less, you know – stereotypical Lithuanian business. But no, I can not be, I’m soothing again

Editike San
6 years ago

Very reliable company. I recommend I regained the correlation of more than one month’s application. I think really fast. Thank you

Greta Greta
6 years ago

Everything is simple, clear and fast. Thank you

Matas Gaurilčikas
6 years ago

Super, arranged everything quickly

Haroldas Luksa
6 years ago

Turkish lines are closer to you. I waited for almost 2 years. In the meantime, skycop, we received a refund after weeks. thank you

Ieva Adomaityte-Subaciene
6 years ago

My claim was confirmed on January 6th, I received the money on January 11th. I do not understand how this is happening and how can I handle everything with an international company and as big as SAS so quickly. I really did not expect to recover anything, especially since the flight was delayed due to weather conditions.

Andrius Jurelis
6 years ago

Super, we did not even have a ticket, we had a copy of the bank’s purchase and the money reached us. Well done, it’s good to fight not alone 🙂

Daiva Petkeviciene
6 years ago

THANK YOU! The beginning of the year for our family promises new trips and new experiences :). The Skycop team is well versed in its work! Frankly, we did not expect anything, but try nothing after all. And we have a great result! We received compensation for 2013. delayed forbidden flight !!! Great success for you – Skycop !!!

Egle Kerzaite
6 years ago

I recommend! Usually and easily compensated :))