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Estonia Estonia
Established: 2017
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Average time to compensation: 4-22 weeks
Supporting languages: et
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Get up to €600 in compensation. Once you have submitted the claim, the company will contact you within 2 business hours.

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Latvia Review & Rating

Founded in 2017, is relatively young and the only flight compensation company in Estonia. There is no information about the size of the company indicated in their website. Currently Flagito takes care of air passenger rights and specializes in delayed, cancelled and other flight disruption compensation. Flagito is not a scam, it is legit company operating under EU Regulation 261/2004. There is displayed more information in further review below.

Customer support

Consumer assistance on airline claim website is available to respond to client queries instantly and support can be obtained in one language – Estonian. What is more, every customer is taken care of by a company representative who introduces himself/herself by the name and provides a personal feedback rather than an automatic answer. Unfortunately, the live chat help is missing, and the only effective means of communication is through email and phone. They also do not have a Facebook chat, which can be a negative aspect. What is more, flight compensation company doesn’t find the importance to invest time for blog writing or providing news about the changes in eu air passenger rights.

Ease to use

When it comes to flight compensation claims, the company offers some useful features, such as a user friendly and intuitive online claim form. Unfortunately, the information about the exact possible complaint amount is not provided, also, the customers don’t have access to see claim status. The mobile friendly airline claim website works smoothly and ensures comfortable use on mobile devices. Sadly, flight compensation process is focused only on claiming and no additional tools for customers applying for air passenger rights are enabled. Furthermore, first time airline compensation claim users might find some difficulties at the beginning.


The only air compensation assistance in Estonia is known for its transparency when dealing with client claims. Their Facebook feedback has a perfect rate of 5 out of 5 from satisfied users, unfortunately, there is no possibility to check the reality of customer satisfaction as TrustPilot account is not registered. This airline claim organization is quite active on all social media channels such that the audience can obtain company news and updates offen. However, doesn’t comply with cookie and GDPR policy.

Customer reviews (28) Rate company

Vivian Tamm
1 year ago

Very grateful to Flagstaff for quick and smooth business! I’m sure you do.

Märt Parker
1 year ago

Good work by Flagstaff! A year ago, we received a nice compensation, even though it was a troubled airline.

Liis Roben
1 year ago

Super work by Flagstaff! Despite the fact that it was a problem airline that has consistently ignored requests for passenger benefits, and even the estonian consumer protection agency, we have received compensation from our flag. Thank you very much, and I certainly recommend that you use your help in fighting airlines.

Ene Kukk
1 year ago

Good company and great job! People, stand up for your rights! The hardships of travel will soon be forgotten when your day-to-day troubles are in the back. But it’s worth it. Everyone has to take responsibility for their work. If it goes wrong, you have to admit it and fix it. It’s nice to have such a great company Flagstaff, who supports and helps.

Tiina Kreevan
1 year ago

Big help, and thank you so much for the real man! They act quickly and the result is positive for the customer. I would like to recommend to koyasan to use professional help with the airlines.

Helin Ilumäe
1 year ago

Very awesome service! I’ve also had a few times before that the flight was abandoned or delayed, but I never wanted to take time and bothered to see if it was somehow compensated. When I was flying home from Manchester, it was supposed to be in Copenhagen, but the first flight was 1,5 hours late, and then I missed the second flight. I stayed in Denmark. I only got to tallinn the next day in the middle of the day. Girlfriend Kristel knew about the Flagstaff team right away. I didn’t give you much hope, but I still filled the blanks on the flat website just in case. I soon received feedback that my business was taken in the proceedings, and in a few weeks, the compensation was in the account. England’s back-to-back plane tickets got covered in � The Ultimate with and thanks to a worthy service! Thank you very much to kristel for the recommendation and Kristian, who helped to make compensation possible. I’ll be sure to recommend it.

Oksana Kolesnikova
1 year ago

We had this experience. We turned to Flagstaff Inc. from the air carrier for damages for the delay in flight delay. We were just doing it out of curiosity, especially not hoping for the result and being very sceptical. FOR OUR BIG SURPRISE 2 weeks passed, the compensation had been received for us! Thank you so much!!! If you have experienced / problems with air carriers, I dare to recommend Flagstaff. Easy! Comfortable! Quick! You have nothing to lose – it is only necessary to fill one very simple form and mobilized a little patience! That’s great! Good for you!

Ailar Väärtmaa
1 year ago

Super job. A long mess was, but the men held up to the end and brought the victory home. 250 euros compensation like nak 🙂

Gea Piirma
1 year ago

Great job!

Joseph Randoja
2 years ago

Thanks to you for a quick and pro action!

Reelika Pukk
2 years ago

It’s very quick and comfortable. The problem was solved in 12 days! Thank you so much and for the second time I will turn to you for help! 😉

Maarja Neemsalu
2 years ago

I travel with my 1-Year-old child, and our flight was delayed for 6 hours due to a technical malfunction of the aircraft. Thanks to the flag team, the airline paid both of us compensation for the delay in flight. I suggest, in the event of a similar concern, to turn to the Flagstaff team, as they know exactly all rights and obligations and will not allow the airline to simply overlook its client.

Aigar Loodla
2 years ago

Great experience, I’m sure I recommend a troubled flight! �

Kristjan Jägel
2 years ago

Very pleasant experience, consistent, reliable, desirable!

Liis Päid
2 years ago

In February 2017, we traveled from Estonia to Spain through England. In England, we were waiting for a plane malfunction, which led to our flight to Spain for the next day. We spent the night in England at the hotel, and we reached the target point 23 h later than we originally had to. When we returned to our country, we contacted the Flagstaff team, and it started a long process. We have been very clear about what our rights are for compensation and we knew our options. In the meantime, there were people who already gave up, but the flagstaff lawyer didn’t give up and promised he’d take it to victory. Today, in January 2018, all of this ended with our victory, and everyone got their compensation. Thank you so much Kristian!

Eliise-Marie Lambing
2 years ago

After five months, thanks to Flagstaff, Smart Lynx, I was able to reach out to compensation.

Johanna Maria
2 years ago

Pleasant and helpful service; simple, effective and comfortable.

Erik Joller
2 years ago

Very super action and quality of service. It wouldn’t have tolerated a long fight with the airlines. Flagstaff was effective. I will be sure to use it again, and I will recommend to others.

Klaarika Kaljula
2 years ago

A very good experience – the whole process of making a statement up to the compensation took 2,5 months. Well, I’m sure you wouldn’t have the nerve and the time, but flagstaff did everything for us, informed us of every step, and the result was a pretty nice compensation for the airline.

Laura Teder
2 years ago

If you don’t bother, or don’t know how to deal with flight trouble, go to them! Very quick response and good help!

Karl Kukk
2 years ago

Fast and professional service! I recommend!

Robert Järviste
2 years ago

A specific and convenient service! Strictly recommended for everyone who does not have time / bothered to fight airlines.

Silver Reinsaar
2 years ago

The team will be able to make a clear and reasoned statement of objections to the unfounded positions of airlines. I recommend it.

Sebastian Pikand
2 years ago

Several times several hundred euros were received from airlines. I recommend!

Robert Taar
2 years ago

We recently traveled with a girlfriend to a rock stopover in Frankfurt, but what happened was that for technical reasons, the flight was postponed for 17 hours. After the trip, I went to Flagstaff, and a couple of weeks ago, we got a proper compensation from Lufthansa’s airline.

Keilit Aedma
2 years ago

We lost one vacation day to Bulgaria when we travelled to Bulgaria because the flight was postponed for 24 hours, and Flagstaff helped us get the money back for it. Super comfortable and good work! Continue to turn to them and I have recommended my friends. 🙂

Ihaboyus Magnus
2 years ago

Just an English comment passing by: I would like to thank Flagito for the kindness and support they showed me. I recently had a problem with a flight company, and thanks to them I managed to get it sorted out and get compensation for the delay and trouble I had to go through. All in all, I am super happy with the service. 5/5, definitely recommended!

Priit Rannik
2 years ago

For a year ago, I received good compensation for the rapid and practical action of Flagstaff.