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United Kingdom United Kingdom
Established: 2003
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Average time to compensation: 4-8 weeks
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Company charges a 25% success fee including taxes +€23 administration fee

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Portugal Review & Rating is quite experienced flight compensation company in UK – it has been operating since 2003. Sadly, there is no accurate information about the number of staff. Currently Bott and Co takes care of air passenger rights and specializes in delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight compensation, however, it is not a 100% flight claim company, they also work with injury claims. Bott and Co is operating under EU Regulation 261/2004. In addition, this company is not a scam, it is legit company and in the review below you may find more information about it.

Customer support

Flight compensation company usually responds to customer requests instantly. Their website supports only one language – English. Unfortunately, customer support is not personalized and does not find the importance to invest time for blog writing or providing news about the changes in eu flight compensation.There is a choice to contact airline claim company support by email, phone, or Facebook chat, sadly, live chat on the website is not provided.

Ease to use

When it comes to flight compensation claims, the company offers a number of useful features, such as a very user friendly and automated online claim form, also, website is mobile friendly. Unfortunately, the information about the exact possible complaint amount is not provided, the customers do not have access to see claim status, flight compensation process is focused only on claiming and no additional tools for customers applying for air passenger rights are enabled. In short, this airline compensation company website is easy to use.


Flight claim company is transparent – it provides many details of its activity except team members to public. Customers who claim flight compensation have the possibility to provide feedback on Facebook (rated 4,6 out of 5). Sadly, they are rated 5,4 in Trust Pilot account – it is quite average rate comparing to other companies. Another important fact in favor of is that it does not comply with the cookie, also, it doesn’t meet GDPR policy. After all, this airline claim company is not very active on social media channels, it posts 1-2 posts on Facebook and has some Tweets on Twitter.

Customer reviews (101) Rate company

Karla Dibia
1 year ago

I would like to thank Rebekah for her help with my holiday sickness claim and after having to go to trial after legal fees I have £1400 thank you so much for all of your help.

Kevin Gunson
1 year ago

After being told by the airline a day before our holiday that our fligh to Dominican Republic had been delayed by 24 hours I rang them on my return from holiday about compensation but was told that as it was due to hurricane Maria in 2017 I could not claim. I heard about Bott & Co through Martin Lewis and on contacting them was told I did have grounds for a claim and although the process has taken 9 months, in which time I was kept informed by Bott & Co of the claims progress, I have now received almost £350 after legal fees, so well done to Bott & Co. I would definately recomend contacting them if you think you have grounds for a claim, you have nothing to lose but a few minutes of your time.

Denise Rimmer
1 year ago

Excellent service by Bott & Co. Dealt with Our Compensation for a delayed Flight. All done within 2 weeks. Would use again.

Mike Markey
1 year ago

Flew from Manchester to Crete last September for our honeymoon and got delayed by 5 and a half hours. Contacted Bott & Co online straight away. All you have to do is complete a few forms and they do everything else for you. We won the claim gaining us €400 per passenger, Bott & Co do absolutely everything for you, the most you will have to do is complete a few forms. It did take us 10 months for the claim to be settled but I can’t fault that at all. A percentage was taken from Bott & Co and it left us with £222 per passenger. Thanks so much, would recommend to everybody. I’m off shopping!

Doreen Keogh
1 year ago

My group of four were delayed over three hours traveling from Kos to Newcastle via Tui .I have made two attempts myself to gain the compensation I was sure we were due to . But to no avail both times Tui insisted our delay did not meet the requirements for compensation. This was from a delay in July 2013 . I decided to try Bott and Co and success ! We have received £220 each and wish to thank Bott and Co . All through the process we received updates they were excellent. Many thanks .

Janette Kingsbury
1 year ago

Our flight from Phoenix to London with BA was delayed over 4 hours. Complained for compensation to the airline but was refused because it was not their fault ?. Bott&Co took up our case and sorted out in a few weeks. We are very happy with their service and expertise . Thanks Guys! Taff & Janette Kingsbury

Rhi Coppola
1 year ago

Absolutely poor service my partner was in an accident in January and is still being messed around by Bott & Co being told conflicting information and been told countless times the ‘due date’ which seems to keep changing

Tim Marchant-Jones
1 year ago

Flight delay flying back from Orlando last August over 5 hours. Original claim refused by Thomas Cook. Bott & co took over handling the claim. Has been a long haul, but they kept me informed throughout. Process is easy and claim finally agreed prior to court. Worth the fees to have someone handle it so well with no hassle. Payout now due in 2 weeks. Thank you!

Janette Altan
1 year ago

Like all of these companies you end up paying around a third of the compensation in fees,VAT ,admin charges etc If your claim is recent and easily established then do it yourself especially against a reputable company. If however it is a historic, longstanding intrangient battle like the one we had with Thomas Cook,then I would recommend using Bott& do your battles for you.They are excellent at chasing up your case and keeping you informed during the process.

Coryn Shields
1 year ago

I have had an ongoing compensation claim with these now for 5 months. Their communication is terrible. The only way you can get any information off them is to constantly call them for updates and then it’s like pulling teeth. Don’t bother asking for anybody to call you back as it’s not going to happen!

Nicola Hoolaghan
1 year ago

Just received my compensation and absolutely delighted, Bott and Co kept me informed throughout and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this company. Thank you again.

Lakshmi Venkatesh
1 year ago

Very satisfied with the way Bott and Co handled the compensation claim for my cancelled long haul flight.

María Eugenia González
1 year ago

Thank you so much for your help. I would totally recommen your services. You were very professional and available during the whole process.

Mark Stevens
1 year ago

Excellent service thanks

Kassandra Gabriela
1 year ago

Bott & Co are amazing.. They respond quickly and solved my delayed flight in only 4 months. I have already recommended them to friends and family. Thank you so much for your time Bott & Co!

Lloyd L Khan
1 year ago

Easyjet refused to pay so consulted Bott and Co, they sorted it out for us…. ££ for delayed flight.. woosa

Sean Geekie
1 year ago

I had no succes in perusing a claim for a cancelled flight against BA, when I handled the claim myself. I passed it on to Bott and Co in February and by the end of May they had secured a settlement of £125 after deducting their fees. Process was very straight forward and automated emails kept me updated throughout.

Edita Bui
1 year ago

Great service! Received my money yesterday

Sue Makepeace
1 year ago

United airlines ignored all correspondence from us but Bott & Co got us maximum amount. Thank you – excellent Service!

Nick Barlow
1 year ago

I was skeptical to start with about the likelihood of success with the delayed flight service, but was pleasantly surprised at the quick outcome as well as the ease and well designed workflow of the claim process. Very low touch and easy to compete. Highly recommended!

Balağa Məmmədov
1 year ago

Last year in december I wanted to flight back to home from Luton airport in december and Wizzair cancelled my flight. Because weather was bad an it was snow. But company’s customer servise was such bad I got back my ticket for next flight after randomly 24 hours and flight was 4 days after. It was very disgusting, disturbing day. I made deal with Bott and Co about claim and they worked very very good. After 5-6 month I got my compensation. After all fees, bank percents and so I got 210 pouds. Bott and Co you made goal. Thanks for your work…

Cristina Mihaela Baranga
1 year ago

Really great service! It was the first time I was claiming a flight compensation and I am pleased that I chose Bott & Co. as they sent me regular updates for the 4 months I had to wait. Highly recommended service! Everything went really smoothly.

Bennett Robert
1 year ago

My travel insurance said no sorry can’t do nothing for my 17hrs delay, bott&co within 3 mths paid out….twice infact:)

Mary Kennedy
1 year ago

We are the friends who Linda claimed for we appreciate all the hard work you put into successfully completing our claim.

Linda McCabe
1 year ago

After a delay in September 2017, I contacted Bott £ Co, they kept me informed every step of the way. Today £224 landed in my bank account. I also claimed for my husband and two friends, £224 each, we are delighted. Highly recommend

Karen Donaldson Monk
1 year ago

We got in touch with Bott & Co after our flight with Thomson was cancelled at the last minute from Florida, we had been in touch with Tomsons on three separate occasions and got nowhere, Bott & Co were fantastic from beginning to end and we received our compensation within 6 months, we were kept up to date every step of the way, thank you very much and we would Definatly recommend this company.

Anne Stevenson
1 year ago

Great service. Much swifter than I was expecting Many thnaks Anne A

Tiszaváry Eszter
1 year ago

Last year in May we wanted to travel home from Dallas FW to Budapest through Heathrow London. Our flight was delayed for 6 hours because of British Airways operation system stop. I was 5 months pregnant and the service at the airport wasn’t too nice let’s say. Than we decided the claim. I filled the forms during waiting at the airport. We were expecting £600 after each passenger. Bott&Co always gave clear instructions, advices and news about our case. They cut their fee at the end which is normal as they worked with it. After 10 months last week we recieved our money on bank account. I’m safisfied with their work, giving information always asap, and also with the term of the procedure. Thank you very much for your help!

Philip Foster
1 year ago

fantastic company dealt with my claim for flight delay quickly without any problems thank you very much

Kevin Williams
1 year ago

Excellent service from Bott + Co Easyjet is a nightmare to deal with as a mere mortal, but Bott sorted out compensation with the minimum of effort on my part.

Sharon Boaler
1 year ago

Delighted that Bott and Co have won our case on our behalf and that we decided to use this company. We had a10 hour flight delay back from Malaga which was handled very poorly by the Tour Company in question. Bott and Co kept us well informed throughout and the communication from them was always very accurate.( I feel that if we had tried to claim directly from the Tour Company we would not have been successful.) Many thanks.

Aleksandrs Keišs
1 year ago

Pleased with experience provided by Bott & Co. In case you can not pursued airline to pay you compensation on your own this is great alternative. Although charges could have been lower. Communication and action taken was prompt.

Carole Ann Brewer
1 year ago

Absolutely first rate service handling flight delay claim. From first making claim to receiving compensation took just over a fortnight. From previous experience with the airline involved (Emirates) my husband and I doubt if we would have even received an acknowledgement in that time let alone compensation! Would recommend 100% for fast, efficient and professional service. Thank you.

Elizabeth Swannell
1 year ago

Can’t fault this company from 1st getting in touch to final outcome of our 12hr flight delay.Thank you so much for everything you did

Andy Holmes
1 year ago

Thank-you Bott and co for sticking it to easyJet for us, perhaps they`ll think twice about their shoddy treatment of paying customers in future! (Although I won`t be holding my breath!)

Gary Marlow
1 year ago

After 18 months chasing Small Planet Airlines and being fobbed off and ignored, I used Bott & Co. In a fraction of that time, Bott’s have sorted it to a successful conclusion. Thanks!

Charlotte Johnson
1 year ago

Thank you to Coby Benson from Bott and Co for his excellent customer service in assisting our party in issues we had regarding a flight delay claim. He dealt with it swiftly and professionally without any fuss.

Stewart Swift
1 year ago

I tried for 1 year & three months to claim flight delay compensation from “Small Planet Airlines” without even a reply to my claim. I was about to give up when I read about Bott & Co having had success against this very difficult to claim from airline. I registered my claim with Bott & Co 24th Jan 2018 for 400 euro x 2 for myself & my wife (800 euro) approx £350 each. They kept me informed all the way. March 16th 2018 after Bott & Co fees we each received £220. Without their help I believe we wouldn’t have got a penny. Well worth their fees. Thanks Bott & Co,

Stewart Swift
1 year ago

I tried for 1 year & three months to claim flight delay compensation from “Small Planet Airlines” without even a reply to my claim. I was about to give up when I read about Bott & Co having had success against this very difficult to claim from airline. I registered my claim with Bott & Co 24th Jan 2018 for 400 euro x 2 for myself & my wife (800 euro) approx £350 each. They kept me informed all the way. March 16th 2018 after Bott & Co fees we each received £220. Without their help I believe we wouldn’t have got a penny. Well worth their fees. Thanks Bott & Co,

Valerie Hughes
1 year ago

Thank you for all your help. Thomson or Tui as it is now known have finally settled after nearly 9 months for our 6 hour delay.

Philip Gee
1 year ago

Fantastic result thanks to BOTTLE &CO first service from start to finish recommend you to all my friends once again thanks

Cherlina Orquina
1 year ago

Thank you very Bott & Co for dealing our delayed flight to the Philippines . I wasn’t expecting this but today, my son and I received our pay Cheque what a surprise! Good job! Well done! And once again we thank you so much! XXX

Tracey Cavalier
1 year ago

Rubbish still waiting for my claim after 2 half years . Won’t be using theses again I had to get a second apinon from someone else. I had so many people sorting my file out then telling me different things all the time .

Dorothy Chatterton
2 years ago

Our claim was handled with extreme efficiency from a very good company and we are both happy with the result.

Joan Barkley
2 years ago

This company achieved success in a short time after 6 years of my trying without success. Thank you Bott & co. IMG

LLewis Pollock
2 years ago

Couldn’t do the work due to it not being a uk based airline and then had the cheek to try and charge me!

Amy Newman
2 years ago

We were eligible for around £1500. We got around £1000 for 3 passengers for a cancelled 8 hours-flight. Bott&Co did everything they promised and they always said how long it takes and how long at the latest. It always was correct. We got the money in time today in the bank account. If we didn’t have Bott & Co, we would have got £1500, but I was not confident to receive it after many negative experiences with the airline when the flight was cancelled. I noticed that British Airways ignored me completely until the solicitors started acting. I believe they’d never have got back to me, if there wasn’t a claim done by the socilitors. Even when British Airways came back to me, asking if I want to continue the claim myself or continue on behalf of Bott&Co, I did not trust them anymore that they will pay it if I claim it myself. Im very happy about so much money. Fife stars for Bott&Co. �

Jim Middleton
2 years ago

Never done anything like this before. Bott & Co handled all of it superbly. Well done and thank you !

Barbara Ann Davies
2 years ago

Thank you Bott & Co for acting on my behalf for a delayed flight from Heathrow to Glasgow I was surprised I got my claim accepted and I won’t be travelling with BA again thank you

Alex Kaye
2 years ago

PLEASE NOTE UPDATE AT THE ENDbad service, harrass you with phone calls and emails, twice a day, then they get your money and claim they havent got it, they took momey from easy jet for a flight delay, i didnt want them to i just filled out an enquirey form on line, this meant they could claim the money for me but i didnt want them to do this i just wanted to know if i was entitled to compensation. they applied for it without my consent, have been paid the money by easy jet a month ago and are claiming that they dont have the money. I wouldnt trust BOtt and Co as far as i could throw them. if its a flight delay claim do the form yourself it takes under ten minutes. my sister did it for me. Bott and co did it and i had not instructed them i had told them three weeks ago stop sending me emails and stop ringing me up as i ahve just had a bereavement and dont need this type of cold calling and harassment to sign a form. Then a couple of weeks later my sister put the claim in only to find Bott and co have the money , now they refuse to give me it because they claim its not in there account despite me showing evidence of payment to them by easy jet…so please dont touch them with a barge pole…SO the day after posting this i get a call form mr Bension who has told me ten days ago he is doing all he can and to put this right. he even offers to calim the money from easy jet and bring legal proceedings however I have emails from Easy jet stating the money went into an account reference BOTT on 29th December. I have been told this threet iems now. Mr Benson on the first phoencall came across as Bott and co were faultless and that it was my mistake, however how can my not signing a form be a mistake when I have told the firm some time earlier i do not want them to act on my behalf? Anyway to cut a long story short Mr Bension has offered to act on my behalf free of charge which i appreciate however what i really wantred was not to have ahd daily phone calls and emails from various firms including Bott and co which are apparnatly instructed to act on your behalf as soon as you fin an enquirey form on line. SO if you are good with computers and filling in forms then fill the form in, with the flight company. DONT fill anything in on line without checking. Its very decent of Mr Benson to offer to stiull try and help. so if you want a fimr which will take responsibility when something goes tits up then maybe Bott and co are the one. to Botts credit when i rang and said I dont want you to act they closed the claim. there were two other firms one related to Bott and co and one not who were callignand emailing me as well so it was difficult to work out who is calling who. one things for sure – they dont give up and you will be inundated with communication from various firms wnating to have your authority to act on your behalf so they can fill a form in and get approximately 100 quid for ten minutes work. If its straighforawrd then this is not ethical in my opinion however if you envisage problems then go with Bott and co becuase they are prepared to help bu thtings right, ill give them more stars when i get my cash!

Raeann Rooms
2 years ago

Bott & Co dealt with mine and my daughter’s claim very well – we were delayed 19 hours in Mexico and we were transferred to a sub standard hotel. Although it did take 7 months to receive our compensation, it was not their fault but the dragging of heels from the tour operator. We received a very fair proportion of our compensation. Thankful to have £350 in my bank account.

Kiara Chen
2 years ago

very pleased with Bott & Co, they helped me with the compensation.

Lorna Grant
2 years ago

Managed to settle a claim with Ryanair after Ryanair said they were not at fault. Wasn’t really expecting anything but was delighted to get over £200 per passenger. Very easy to deal with. Other companies had refused to take the case.

Ian David Halstead
2 years ago

After Thomas Cook airlines refused to pay anything for our delay after flight crew were over hours. Despite then giving us a letter explaining all this Thomas Cook said the flight was due to air traffic control. I contacted Bott and Co and in less than 4 weeks the claim was resolved and we got the cost of our flights back. All 5 passengers were refunded. Great service and no hassle at all.

Darren Cooper
2 years ago

Brilliant Flight delays said NO…….. Bott and Co took Thomas Cook to town and won us what was due Thanks for pursuing what others said no to

Kim Wall
2 years ago

Thank you Bott & Co. Very professionally dealt with. Kept up to date with procedures. Excellent result. 😀

Francesca Horsfield
2 years ago

I WOULD NEVER EVER RECOMMEND THIS COMPANY TO ANY ONE, after the initial forms been signed and medical appointments made and attended physio session made and completed I have had no correspondence from any one within the company at all I HAVE SENT COUNTLESS EMAILS TO WHICH I NEVER RECIEVE A REPLY TELEPHONED AND LEFT VOICE MAILS TO WHICH HAVE NEVER HAD A PHONE CALL BACK I can only think of one reason why and this is they have (MY MONEY) in there bank account making god knows how much interest when (my money) should be in my bank account earning interest, NOT ONLY HAVE I HAD PERSONAL PROBLEMS THEY ARE FULLY AWARE OF I have now had to be put on anxiety medication and antidepressants daily due to nearly having a break down, not happy at all I will be seeking advice on how to deal with this company within the next few days

Danielle Kerry
2 years ago

5* got the money from Thompson. Very reliable and keeps you up to date.

Mark Hudson
2 years ago

No fuss great service. Thomson had messed us about for 3 years. Nott resolved it promptly and all on line. Cash in the bank now we’ll done Botts ps much easier to do it this way great value no stress

Jack Harding
2 years ago

Submitted a claim when my BA flight was delayed out of Heathrow and when I returned to the UK after ten weeks I found this check had arrived. Very welcome before Christmas and smooth efficient service. Cheers Guys!

Mandy Gaskell
2 years ago

Thank you bott &co for getting us some compensation you did all the hard work whilst we sat back our flight was cancelled in Cyprus by Thompson it took us over 12 hours to get back home they refused us compensation as they said it was a bird well bott and co did a great job taking legal action on our behalf very quick and easy to understand once again thank you

Lynsey Baxter
2 years ago

first of all I’d like to thank bott & co for dealing with my claim for a flight delayed from London to Belfast. my flight got cancelled and we ended up getting put on another flight to Dublin to travel up from Dublin to Belfast through the night. we contacted you regarding a claim and received an email asking for bank details which I thought was a bit strange and I didn’t want to give my bank details over so I did not reply. then thinking nothing of it received a letter in the post with a cheque for £130 per person travelling so would like to thank you for continuing with this claim and reimbursing us.

John Troelsen
2 years ago

I would never use this company again. They were misleading and work at snail pace. I can only advise to handle your own flight delay claim. Our fellow passengers did and had their compensation over two months before us. Never mind, lesson learnt!!

Heather Hilton
2 years ago

Very efficient and fast would highly recommend them.

Nath Ellis
2 years ago

Quick and easy, paid in my bank minus their fees. Would use again👍🏻£900 for a 4hour delay, after fees taken

Claire Whybrow
2 years ago

Helpful, efficient and a great result! Thank you!

Mark Hurst
2 years ago

No fuss service, easy to deal with resulting in a successful outcome. Thank you for your help

Liam England
2 years ago

After being delayed from Florida to Manchester by 3 Hours 45 Minuets Thomas Cook denied us compensation as they said the flight was only delayed by 2 hours 59 and you had to be delayed by 3 hours + to receive compensation. I contacted Bott & Co straight away they opened a case and said we were eligible to claim, after a couple of weeks I received an email saying Thomas Cook had agreed to settle our claim! I can not fault this company at all! Communication was also excellent!

Jackie Quinn
2 years ago

Absolutely dreadful company – I did not ask them to act on my behalf for a claim for a cancelled flight and I do not know how they obtained my details in the first place. The first thing I knew of them was an e mail saying they were acting on my behalf. I called them immediately and despite demanding in writing and by phone that they did not get involved with my claim and to delete me from their database, they pursued a claim. I have today received a cheque in settlement less their 25% charges which I will be sending back to them immediately. I will be taking legal action against them – their methods of working are unscrupulous and surely illegal.

Samantha Kate Bearman
2 years ago

So happy with the service from Bott and Co! Had a cancelled flight with EasyJet and a refused claim, and managed to get the deserved compensation. Definitely recommend!

Laraine Saedi
2 years ago

Very pleased with the efficiency of Bott and Co . Would recommend them to anyone who is seeking compensation for flight delays.

Jedalyn Albay
2 years ago

Very satisfied with this company. They help me to claim my flight delayed compensation.

Karen Taylor
2 years ago

After being delayed for 27 hours in Egypt and missing a family occasion, Thomson wasn’t interested and blamed it on a technical fault. We claimed £50 off our insurance and thought that was it until we heard about bott solicitors! We filled in a couple of forms and 4 months later the money is in our account. Thank you

Margaret Lindley
2 years ago

Today received cheques for my husband and myself after a 9 hour delay with Small Planet a year ago.Bott & CO kept us informed along the way and considering the amount of people they are working for, they fought tirelessly and obtained a result.Thank you very much from two happy pensioners!

Antonio Calavera
2 years ago

SCAM do not use this company, after one year waiting and giving different excuses, now they said that they can’t deal with Ryanair at the moment and I ask me to deal myself with them instead, DONT USE THIS COMPANY, THEY ROB YOUR MONEY

Mahalakshmi Nambhirajhan
2 years ago

Very good service. I had communicated only through emails. Quick response with timely action. I would suggest anyone to approach them.

Graham Henderson
2 years ago

Professional, quick and successful. Thank you for winning my case.

Neil Butterwick
2 years ago

Having been delayed almost 8 hours from Gatwick to Preveza in September 2016, I pursued compensation from Small Planet Airlines. After several months of chasing and being ignored by the airline, I decided to ask Bott & Co to help with my claim. Research suggested that SPA where a nightmare for paying out compensation, and therefore I did not hold much hope in getting any money from them. Despite this, I am pleased to say that Bott & Co succesfully fought my battle in court and won. I was notified of the success early this week, and can confirm that all monies owed were paid into my account within 48 hrs. Thank you Bott & Co.

Christopher Hill
2 years ago

Very good service – chased a weather-cancelled flight that easyJet refused to pay for – took a while to go through the courts, but all handled on my behalf for a reasonable fee.

Debbie Patterson
2 years ago

Mrs Lyle They worked on our behalf and received a cheque for compensation for our flight delay in July , well done

Joakim Blach Andersen
2 years ago

Worked out perfectly. Regularly informed about next steps.

Judith Cunningham
2 years ago

What a great result, they did everything very efficiently, kept me informed throughout and the money was in my bank the day after they let me know it had been successful.

Sonali Kunwar Singh
2 years ago

My BA flight was cancelled almost 3 years back and haven’t filled any compensation. A friend of mine recently claimed for his flight and I thought to give it a try! With Bott & co. It was so quick and smooth. I just provided small info regarding cancelled flight and rest Bott & Co did for me. No follow up, chaser was required at all. Got � credited in my bank account. It was unbelievable. Thank you Bott & CO.

Paulina CW
2 years ago

My husband has tried to send his feedback on the handling of his claim. Not only did it take them a YEAR to finally fill out the forms the reps are SO RUDE! Avoid avoid avoid! We are now in the process of moving the claim to another company as this one is just so unprofessional.

William Moon
2 years ago

Excellent service took 5 months due to taking Thomson to court but got 400 Euros pleasure to do business with

Didier Hosotte
2 years ago

Great service, excellent….Everything happened as they said it would. The settlement was transfered to my account on the exact date they said it would be. A very decent, very civil, courteous and helpful team. Thank you very much. Wishing you all the best. Sincerely, Didier H.

Sharon McKinlay
2 years ago

Excellent service surprised how quickly they dealt with our claim.

Dominika Witecka
2 years ago

Highly recommend them. Quick, excellent service!

Rob James
2 years ago

Brilliant service, we were delays 7 hours on a flight and they recovered the compensation within 6 weeks. Process from start to finish was entirely painless with good communication, no paper forms to fill in all online. Can’t really praise the process more highly.

Funke Yaya
2 years ago

What an amazing service. Very professional, was kept updated via email all the step of the way, took less than 2months and money in my account 1 day after I received an email about compensation paid by the airline. Thank you very much, I will definitely use your service again and also recommend to everyone. Adefunke

June Lister
2 years ago

Brilliant, I would recommend Bottom & Co, such fantastic service

Bob Kerr
2 years ago

First class service all round. Bott & Co promptly achieved compensation for me in respect of a horrendous airline journey. Highly recommended.

Sharon Williams
2 years ago

I have an going issue with this company and wish I had listened to all the bad reviews after being informed my case was a success and payment would follow I thought great job… then it’s as if they don’t want to part with (my money)!! I’ve not had any replies to any emails I’ve sent them Other than after an anticipated phone call that I made to them they somehow decided to send me more forms to sign bearing in mind these had been done already!! Clearly as time passes they are gaining interest on (my money) when it should be in my account not theirs how convenient!! Please if your thinking about claiming use another company because this one has too many incompetent staff who clearly don’t know what their doing!! To think they charge you for their service is just more shocking!!

Sara Chisnall
2 years ago

I have just used Bott & Co to claim compensation for sitting for hours on a plane on the runway . They were so efficient . I hardly had to do anything . Very impressed and would definitely use them again .

Anita Michele
2 years ago

Takes a while but well worth the wait. My friend and I had a terrible experience in 2015 and had food poisoning, hotel stinking and we had a nice little amount back.

Lang Kinteh
2 years ago

Bott & Co has worked very hard to secure my compensation from the airline. They have been notifying me every step of the way. I finally got compensated and i am very happy about their service. Thank you so much Bott & Co. Lang kinteh, Grantham

Alan Huddlestone
2 years ago

Total waist of time they took half of what out compensation and it took forever other people on same flight were paid out almost strait away bott an co took it to court so they could make more money

Donna Bella
2 years ago

Thank you Bott and Co for the superb service. The communication is very smooth and the process is very reliable. I highly recommend this company. Keep up the good work.

Paolla Madona
2 years ago

Great communications. Excellent service. The hole process can take long but it is worthy the wait.

Helen Phillips
2 years ago

Fantastic service, thanks for keeping us informed every step of the way, highly recommended!!

Jason Gerard
4 years ago

A big thank you to the flight delay team at Bott Despite the airline lying by omission to the court, Bott delivered the goods and went on to win the case Your hard work is appreciated