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Latvia review & rating

Check your flight status in 2-minutes by availing the compensation calculator at Flight delay and cancellation, denied boarding, and even missed connection must be rightly claimed. With passengers successfully claiming from hundred airlines across 40 countries, the average compensation received by clients at Compensair is around 450 euros. In fact, the airlines indicate that clients have been able to claim up to 600 euros per passenger! Compensair is the best performing Russian company, established in 2016 with the aim to provide the rights of an air traveler. They take care of all the necessary work needed to obtain the compensation in accordance to client claims. Compensair is not a scam, it is legit company, which operates under EU Regulation 261/2004. You will find more information in review below.

Customer support

User support at isn’t personalized, which can be a bit of a hassle. Otherwise they usually respond instantly-not a regular feature with most claim companies. Their support comes in five languages – English, Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian, and Spanish, all of which works well in the European marketplace. The live chat help is missing, and the only effective means of communication is through email. They also do not have a Facebook chat, which can be a negative aspect. What really compensates for the great service that is on offer at is the wide variety of answers provided in their FAQ at the website.


The automated user-friendly claiming form allows passengers to submit their claim information. At, the team assess individual cases to prepare the claim to the airline. Their lawyers have years of experience and are informed to assess client legal position and create supportive arguments for claim. They further communicate with the airline to settle passenger claim. The mobile friendly claim status calculator at the website works smoothly after some initial glitches as reported by certain users. The absence of a user area prevents passengers from receiving updates about their claim status. There are no additional features on the website apart from the compensation tool, which at times limits the benefits that can be obtained from an airline claim company.


The leading air compensation assistance is known for its transparency when dealing with client claims. Their Trust Pilot reviews are all positive, which indicates a lot about their credibility. They have a great 4.8 feedback on Facebook. The best European airlines compensation company follows web security guidelines and ensures that client data is protected always. They even comply with the GDPR compliance policy, which is an added security that customers can avail. The Facebook page of is buzzing with activity, which explains why they have such a dedicated fan following despite not contributing with much update on most social channels.

Customer reviews (100) Rate company

Kristine Maslova
6 years ago

thanks for your perfect job!

Andrey Prymatov
6 years ago

Great and correct service. Got a compensation without any problems, thanks.

Evgeny Mingalev
6 years ago

Thanks to service and the people who work there. All Clear, structured, clear, timely.

Peres Miha
6 years ago

I got the compensation for the delay of the flight for 10 hours. Huge thanks

Светлана Нечитайло
6 years ago

For more than a year (May 2017) wrote about the cancellation of the flight so far no result. In the tracking, the case was written to the court, then the trial, and stopped on receiving compensation, the consent of the airline. The latest data has been updated 11.07.2018. I wrote a letter to me answered the case is cooked only to the court, and not soon. How does that work?

Daria Shkroba
6 years ago

Thank you so much for working with my cancelled flight!Compensair really have made payment of money.I can’t believe it’s really truth!Thank you!!

Andrejs Baranovskis
6 years ago

Thank you very much. Compensation received! I got compensation. Thanks

Irina Gorbacheva
6 years ago

Amazing! Didn’t believe it was possible! First turned to other, more ” branded ” ” compensators “, but they refused me. And compensiar did it! Everything is very transparent, alert about every stage, a very simple filing algorithm and statements. The Case lasted a year, but today received compensation practically in a hopeless situation) thank you very much! The opportunity to communicate with employees in Russian is a huge plus. Will recommend everyone!

Светлана Боровая
6 years ago

Flew from Barcelona to Ukraine and the airline, for unknown reasons, moved the flight, in connection with which we were late for the docking flight and lost train tickets. There was a girl on the plane who advised to apply for help in compensair. Honestly, I thought it was a divorce, but yet we decided to apply and as it turns out, very effective. The Company-Master of his business!!! ALL TÂGONINA WE ONLY TOOK 2 months, during which we were able to track what stage our request is now. Strongly recommend compensair!!! Thank you so much!!!!

Julia Evsunia
6 years ago

I want to say a huge thank you to the team team for the work done! Guys, you are real professionals) Honestly-didn’t believe something would work out. Saw a huge number of beautiful reviews and decided. All the more I wouldn’t lose anything-no prepayment, because no need to contribute. �Naš flight moved the next day, at the airport promuryžili a whole day without explanation. The next day there were problems with the docking flight. Home hit in 1.5 days. After the rest, there was a nasty residue over it. And Somehow 2 years after that saw the ad in FB. Filled out a little questionnaire and started waiting. And Here’s not the 2 months and the money is in my account! Yay) thanks again!!!!

Joan Teylor
6 years ago

Received compensation from Wizzair, thank you!

Tigran Kessedjian
6 years ago

I got my compensation after 4 months through Compensair and I can say that this company is really working. Good Job and Thank you.

Irina Dubyanskaya
6 years ago

Thank you very much!!! Clear and fast, I didn’t even expect!!!! Beautiful work

Sardari Iurii
6 years ago

Thank you! Got compensation. Didn’t even expect There are still honest people! Well done.

Marina Markova
6 years ago

In Compensair for receiving compensation for the change of Lufthansa airline route. Everything was done clearly quickly efficiently. Thank the staff of compensair for excellent work.

Eliz Medvedskaya
6 years ago

Thank you! Professionally worked.

Виктория Кифоренко
6 years ago

Everything is simple, clear, reliable and prompt! I recommend.

Андрей Даргель
6 years ago

Filling the application and contacts with the firm is easy and simple, without extra snags. After three months returned compensation from wizzair. 25 % not sorry for services. Thank you!

Ольга Виноградова
6 years ago

Great service. Minimum necessary action, all clear. Clear alert about every step of the process and clarification of the estimated time for the next step. I recommend!

Anton Arhipov
6 years ago

Thanks much!

Daniel Shleifman
6 years ago

Thank you very much. Compensation received!

Alexander Popov
6 years ago

Canceled flight (W62310) from Hannover to Budapest. Wizzair didnt not provide any support (water, transfer, hotel-nothing) rejected my official claim. I sent all my case details to COMPENSAIR, after 70 days compensation was received. Easy submission, clear communication, online tracking Thank you for great job.

Evgenia Moiseeva
6 years ago

Good job! � Thanks a lot Compesair team!��� You’re the best!

Elena Mostova
6 years ago

Express great thanks to the whole team of kompensar! Today received komensaciâ! From the day of application, it’s been 7 months. At some point, even no longer hoped for a positive result, but for all questions during the process, we are always patiently and immediately answered. Thanks again!

Ilona Ilona
6 years ago

Got compensation in three weeks. More than satisfied. Thank you!

Сергей Потапов
6 years ago

This service does not work on claims to Russian a / k, in particular – to victory. Only confusing by making their promotion in Russian 🙁

Dasha Starostina
6 years ago

Very good service! As it says, I have schooled compensation minus 25 %, within a year after application. The application itself took a maximum of 5 minutes. Very comfortable if you don’t want to solve the problems with the airline yourself, but with this one want to get compensation.

Vitaly Gavryushin
6 years ago

Thank you, helped get compensation! Great service!

Igor Burlakov
6 years ago

Thank you for your help! Even though it took about 9 months, but the compensation in the end we got!

Герман Левин
6 years ago

Thank you! So, in my opinion, and must work a commercial firm: Fast (in what is up to it), politely, clever and, the main thing is effective! Like many other authors of reviews, filled out the application, not hoping for anything, believing that it was just “get”, but it would be good to not carry extra costs. And it worked out! I recommend to all the made in a similar or heavier situation.

Deniss Balujevs
6 years ago

Good service)))

Janna Vlah
6 years ago

Well done job! Didn’t expect everything to be so easy and professional! Thank you!

Nila Belokon
6 years ago

Thanks a lot for a quick, very transparent and professional service! Got my second compensation today, really amazed how quickly and smooth it went. Warmest regards to the team!

Zinaida Zaitseva
6 years ago

Thank you very much for helping to receive compensation for the detainee for 8 hours flight. Compensair team works very professionally and quickly. I recommend everyone to take advantage of their services.

Hok Key
6 years ago

Flight from Punta Cana to keln, two passengers. Delay for almost a day. Applied to compensair. With Full Support, four months later received compensation. Thank you so much team compensair for work! By the way, sberbank in transfer restrained about two percent of the amount.

Dina Tiltu
6 years ago

Thank you so much compensair! Got compensation like and promised! It’s real and it works! All good luck and patience! Thank you very much!

Михаил Бронский
6 years ago

Super � all done professionally, minimum documents from me. Honestly not even believe)) all thought where here the catch))) I recommend everyone apply � Now flying has become even more pleasant

Asia Kalinina
6 years ago

Thank you! It was unexpected for us that we managed to get compensation. At First there was a certain mistrust what is this company and ave, but compensair work professionally. It’s a fact! Good luck and help others!

Lenukas Lenukas
6 years ago

Compensation received in six months, already and not hoped. Thank you very much!

Iuliia Streimann
6 years ago

Today got compensation, to say that I’m surprised not to say anything, not expected! Application Filled for interest. Thank you for your work!

Lyudmyla Fatyeyeva
6 years ago

I’m very grateful to compensair> even and couldn’t think. That this kpmpaniâ will return me the money for the cancellation of the flight 375 euro very sereznye guys people of their word such very little in the nynišnee time the more everyone decided through the internet without seeing each other thank you so much let and you in your business everything worked easily without obstacles Good luck to you

Victor Maximov
6 years ago

Beware, big companies (KLM or Air France) will never pay a compensation through Compensair because Compensair has no legal status. So don’t waste your time filing a claim with them. They pretend to be much bigger than they really are. Dissatisfied

Timur Murka
6 years ago

Thank you so much for your labor! Received compensation within two months since the filing. The service is fantastic, support is very helpful.

Виталичъ Ёба
6 years ago

Didn’t do anything in 10 months. Bad.

Виктория Андреева
6 years ago

Thank you so much! It’s so important what you do. Thanks again!!!

Максим Остапов
6 years ago

Service really works… today received compensation for missed transplant with Turkish Airlines.. Thanks for the work))))

Mikhail Lysenko
6 years ago

It works! Clear, easy, clear, nice. Thank you

Anna Naeem
6 years ago

Thank you compensair i got my compensation and im happy that i found you. Thank you for your help. Got compesation in 4 months time.

Walid Kahloul
6 years ago

Till the last second did not believe in that… but I received my money!! Thanks a lot @compensair!

Miran Papikjan
6 years ago

Thank you compensair for the work done..

Olga Chalykh
6 years ago

A year ago, we had a carousel with air Serbia (they took us themselves, moved to another flight of another airline). Because of this, we lost a day in Athens and t d. The hot tracks filled the form on kompenséjr and for a while I checked, there was no answer, well i scored. What was my surprise to get a week ago a letter that we would still be paid compensation 300 €. I have a uniform taken 15-20 min. Next they did everything themselves. Yes, overall left a year (flying in July 2017), the money came today, but paid off. And it only took me 20 minutes to fill the form! In General, don’t care! And yes, save the landing.

Veronika Saxon
6 years ago

Thanks so much! Airlines refused my application, but Compensair got it for me!

Vladislav Niyazov
6 years ago

Without a small year, tried to get compensation with this service. Ended up getting nothing, but it’s not so scary. It’s scary that staff employees don’t know anything about such things as service and feedback to the client. I advise everyone who decided to take advantage of the service to take into account that returns from small companies (in our case it was air Moldova, for example) is practically impossible. Staff staff will just be freezing you for months.

Iryna Zarytska
6 years ago

Everyone Hvalâtʹ, I believe in you)))

Natalia Tav
6 years ago

Thank you company compensair. I didn’t believe it was possible but got compensation less than two months after the application. Thank you so much for your work.

Valentins Kurmangalijevs
6 years ago

Thank you A practical hopeless case – when the performance of the European Regula was required with the Russian airline. It was hard, it was long, – but the maximum result reached!

Vitalii Barannykov
6 years ago


Roberto Valentini
6 years ago

Thank you very much for your management. Without you I wouldn’t have accomplished anything…

Galina Kudrinskykh
6 years ago

Thank you so much! Returned me compensation for which there was no hope! )))

Alina Evgenievna
6 years ago

Thank you for your work! Was very nice surprised! I recommend everyone.

Леночка Халецкая
6 years ago

Thanks a lot for your help. I recommend this service for everyone!

Natalia Kondratovich
6 years ago

Many thanks to team compensair for professional work. Received maximum compensation for the delay of the flight – departure from Riga to crete delayed for 10 hours. Filed a complaint with the carrier directly, but didn’t even get a formal bottom from the airline. From the moment of application for compensation through compensair before receiving money on the account has been 6 months. But throughout the process, the company’s employees were in touch, promptly answered any questions. Once again thank you so much!

Nadezhda Jacobson
6 years ago

Thank you so much specialist of this server, all made fast and fast. Got compensation even more than spent on flight. Without Labor and worries, everyone did for me. Thank you so much and cool that now it’s on the internet.

Dju Curly
6 years ago

We waited about 6 months before we got compensation. But! It was worth it, we lost already all hope.. and suddenly the letter that compensation approved is very cool! Thanks to the team team for answering all our questions in the mail, for making the impossible, for doing quality services! We’ll recommend acquaintances and friends! I hope that and on the second podanoj application, the company will help us and do the impossible again!

Ekaterina Odintsova
6 years ago

Thanks a lot! I received my compensation � All the process was smooth and convenient�

Сергій Кулішов
6 years ago

Met an ad on FB, went to the site just for the interest of checking what amount of compensation he will give up (and whether to give up at all) Due to the delayed departure of Turkish Airlines, missed the docking flight and ended up in the final point of arrival 13 hours later, the calculation showed that we should return the maximum amount. Long thought, apply or not, since very not real looked this mechanism. In the end, I checked that no particularly confidential data was needed, I took a risk, and a miracle!!! in less than two months, it came to a message that all questions with airline were agreed and I will return the amount of the amount (minus 25 % for the services ), only need to provide the details of the account (again nothing confidential: the account number, swift, recipient), but on any occasion created a new account on which nothing was. And during the week came text about admission to the account of swift translation! To say that I was surprised….. it’s nothing to say!!!)) told all staff and friends about this situation, and all lomanulisʹ look for old tickets and remember about troubled flights))))) Thank you compensair, very nice surprised!!!

Alex Ilash
6 years ago

Filled on “a suddenly”; it was very simple, the main thing was to sift through the mail, look for your tickets and info on them. In the end, in 1,5 months, received a letter asking for his bank details to receive compensation for me and the father with whom traveled together. Very welcome and grateful!

Nadya Kraskovskaia
6 years ago

Attracted ad decided to check what it is. The outcome of course refusal, in half a year, but it’s about another. I turned to the airline and they at all about the request for compensation didn’t hear how it was about this kompenséire. Well and what is this at all for nonsense!!! And I have a bunch of information to them and my account number that had to go to change urgently.

Рушана Хайрулина
6 years ago

Thank you so much, all returned! I didn’t even expect!

Olga Atreides
6 years ago

Thank you very much! It was very quickly, I even didn’t expect that. And highly professional. The way to get compensation is super easy, no need to fill lots of papers. Really love this service.

Tanya Zavialova
6 years ago

Delays and rescheduling never is a pleasant experience. Thank you Compensair for making it easier.

Sem Denis
6 years ago

Handsome. All in time.

Mehman Rustamov
6 years ago

Super! Thank you, it worked out))) thanks �

Yulia Galasha
6 years ago

It’s really working! Recommend Compensair if you had flight delay in Europe.

Yana Bolotina
6 years ago

Thank you for a great work! I’ve received my compensation. I’ll recommend this service to everyone.

Anastasia Andryuschenko
6 years ago

Started all boudreau – confirmed that compensation a / k must pay, calculated cost, requested documents. The year corresponded with a / K (based on updates on the site – about 1 LETTER PER MONTH). After this airfrance somehow, apparently, especially beautifully sent compensair in a known direction and compensair responsibly went there. The reason I understand is that a / k is foreign.

Алексей Заручинский
6 years ago

Thank you so much, I couldn’t even think it would work out, your robot is worth a lot of thanks, people I’ve been communicating with and kindhearted. Low you slope.

Nataliya Belevtseva
6 years ago

Thank you for the work! It was nice to get 600 euro compensation for changing the date of departure for a day by the airline’s fault (overselling). Didn’t know there was such an opportunity, thank you advertising on Facebook! I recommend company compensair to everyone who has had any problems with flights – all clear, clear, reliable! �

Yulia Maslova
6 years ago

Thank you so much for the work. Very quick and productive!

Татьяна Шока
6 years ago

Thank you so much! To very good! Kompesaciû 5 hours of painful waiting for departure… until I received not believed-11 months of correspondence, but the result is very pleased! Thank you again.

Vladimir Lapshin
6 years ago

Thank you so much for your work! Thank you for thousand the rights of passengers! The delay of a few hours of flight wizzair from Budapest to Kiev left a nasty residue from the journey. Accidentally found out about your service. Faith in the positive result was practically not. Probably only thanks to the non-stop emotions from the long road home, and pushed me to file the necessary data for compensation. The process of filing all the necessary information is very simple and does not require much time and strength. It’s been 2 months and on my phone came a text from the bank about the enrollment of money on my account! )) thank you again for your work!

Vladyslav Cherniavskyi
6 years ago

Great job! I received my compensation in 2 months! Thank you!

Ion Macaria
6 years ago

Great job! I’ve received a compensation very quickly, and they are very transparent.

Vladimir Tseler
6 years ago

Super! Didn’t expect it to work. There was a delay in the flight of Turkish Airlines due to the problems of the plane, did not make it to the docking flight, the departure was Wrote a request for compensation without any hope, but after a couple of months received a very good compensation that covered the cost of tickets 🙂 thank you so much to the team team for the work done!

Nataliia Holiday
6 years ago

Thank you so much! All made clear. Refund received!

Irina Puchkova
6 years ago

Thank you very much to the team compensair for the help, attention, for the compensation received, and the main thing, for strengthening our faith in justice :). Success and prosperity!

Valeria Murzina
6 years ago

Thank you! I hadn’t believe that it was possible but now I’ve received the money!

Vasilisa Yesir
6 years ago

Thank you so much for your work. Very informative, quickly, productive. Success to you!

Yehor Mukhin
6 years ago

In a month and a half processed my request and made a refund, not expected, stayed satisfied, recommend)

Ekaterina Vladimirova
6 years ago

Thank you so much sompensair! In Russia, it’s very hard to achieve something! I didn’t know about my rights to receive compensation for a detained flight. To all my friends now telling a wonderful story about how I bought a ticket of Riga-Tel-Aviv for 25 euros without luggage (Loukoster Wizz Air) and received compensation for a detained flight for 6,5 hours 300 euros! Yay!

Андрей Ардашев
6 years ago

To be honest, applied absolutely not hoping. Acquaintances recommended… filed an application, came the answer. In 2-2.5 months, there came a letter about the money received. And in 2 week they ended up on the map))) cool! Thank you!

Наталья Гордеева
6 years ago

Wonderful service. Filed application in June 2017 Already and forgotten. And here came kompensaci!!! Great, very nice.

Evgenia Afanasyeva
6 years ago

Thank you to your great team!!

Anna Nodelman Yanitsky
6 years ago

Thank you very much! The company provided us with very competent and professional help. Really great job!

Valeri Taratinov
6 years ago

Thanks for the work! Everything is very simple, easy and fast. Sami first applied for compensation. Treated the positive result very skeptical, but the result is struck.

Michael Lipkin
6 years ago

Excellent communication. Will not hesitate to use your services again.

Рита Жубуле
6 years ago

I would like to thank all of you guys,I received my compensation,thank you for your help!!!

Jelena Morgunova
6 years ago

Received compensation for two months with application. Wizzair denied us the direct, but through compensair it all worked out. Thank you so much!

Kateryna Prymina
6 years ago

Thank you so much for your work! The second time you manage to get compensation, honestly, I didn’t believe it was possible. Insanely excited also that the whole process, starting from application, before listing money on the account, took not as much time as anticipated! )

Youssef Pas Come Les Autres
6 years ago

Excellent work thank you even if it took me a long time, but we have done something for you