Cancelled flights and lost baggage in the UK

Last updated on July 12, 2019

Flight delays, cancellations, denied boarding and other flight problems were the number one issue who brought internet users to the consumer pages of the Citizens Advice website in the last 12 months.

There were almost 600,000 views about delayed and cancelled flights on the Citizens Advice website while advice on delayed or lost luggage was over 110,000 times viewed.

Flight claim company AirHelp predicts that there will be a lot of flight delays and cancellations this summer in the UK estimated on this year figures.

Flight delays

If your flight was to or from an EU airport (when the airline is EU based), under EU Regulation EC 261 you may be entitled to flight delay compensation of up to 600 euro if your flight was delayed for more than 3 hours. You can check your flight compensation amount with our free of charge Flight Compensation Calculator.

Top tips in case of flight delay:

  • Airlines should provide you with additional service (such as food, beverages etc.) depending on the time frame of delay, direction and length of the flight.
  • You should contact any chosen flight claim company from our TOP Companies List in order to find out what you’re entitled to. 
  • Flight delays due to extraordinary circumstances (such as severe weather conditions, airport strike etc.) are not eligible for compensation.

Cancelled flights

Under EU air passenger rights, if your flight was cancelled you may get a full refund for your flight, a replacement flight to get you to your destination, or an alternative flight at a convenient time.

Top tips in case of cancelled flight:

  • Airlines should provide you with additional service (such as food, beverages, accommodation for overnight stay etc.) depending on the time frame of delay, direction and length of the flight. You may also find more information on our website: Cancelled Flight Compensation.
  • You may receive flight compensation if airline informed you about cancellation less than 14 days before departure, you choose an alternative flight and your arrival to the final destination is more than 3 hours late.

Airline, pilot, crew, airport or any other strike

Strikes become more frequent and may break your holiday plans, thus it is very important to understand air passenger rights in case of industrial actions. Airline staff (pilots, crew, engineers or other employs working directly to airline) strike are not considered as extraordinary circumstances. That means you are eligible to compensation in case of delayed or cancelled flight if your flight was disrupted due to airline strike. 

However, this rule is only for airline strikes, other strikes which are not under airline control are considered as extraordinary circumstances.

Air passengers might experience flight delays or cancellations due to Lufthansa and British Airways strikes this summer.

Delayed, damaged or lost baggage

Usually, baggage delays happen due to flight delays or cancellations in connecting flights. You may read more information about delayed, damaged or lost baggage compensation on our website: “Lost baggage: where millions of bags disappear?”

Top tips for baggage delay:

  • It is very important not to postpone your actions in case of delayed, damaged or lost luggage – you’d better file a claim and inform the airline about problems with your luggage at the airport.
  • You have the right to claim airline for the money for your essentials (such as toiletries, underwear etc.) which you will need during a baggage delay.
  • You may check your insurance conditions if you have the right to claim.
  • We suggest using AirHelp service in claiming airline for delayed, damaged or lost luggage.

Experienced flight delay, cancellation, denied boarding due to overbooking or your luggage was damaged, delayed, lost?

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