UK’s Aviation watchdog fights Ryanair refusal to compensate cancelled flights

Last updated on December 20, 2018

Under EU law EU261 disrupted flights, which were delayed or cancelled because of airline staff strikes, must be repaid for passengers. The UK’s Aviation watchdog is taking legal action against Ryanair as the airlines refuse to compensate thousands of UK passengers whose flights were disrupted over the summer.

Ryanair experienced worst ever airline staff strikes in the summer, which forced airlines to cancel flights, including major summer destinations such as Spain, Italy and Portugal.

Passengers who know Air Passenger Rights applied for flight compensations, but their claims were rejected by Ryanair with explanation that those disruptions arose because of extraordinary circumstances, that means airlines may not refund. However, Ryanair is not right as air passengers are entitled to compensation under EU law if airline staff strikes.

According to Ryanair, courts in Germany, Spain and Italy ruled that strikes were an extraordinary circumstance and EU law is not applicable. Only the court in UK will show further possibilities for compensation. However, UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) took a legal action against Ryanair in order to demand Ryanair to compensate air passengers.

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