Italy’s competition watchdog suspended Ryanair’s and Wiz Air’s new luggage charges

Last updated on November 12, 2018

Airline company Ryanair decision to charge hand luggage will be investigated by Italian’s competition watchdog. Air passengers rights will be breached if airlines decide to charge passengers additionally. Possibility to compare flight prices among different airlines would be complicated in this case.

Updated: Ryanair is planning to appeal the suspension for new baggage regulations against Italy’s competition watchdog, which investigated situation and ordered suspension. New Ryanair baggage regulation is already applied in other countries. Airline company states that this policy is necessary because of lack of space for baggage in aircraft cabin and this will reduce flight delays.

Priority boarding charge of €6 (£5) will be applied for Italian air passengers by Ryanair from November. Sadly, those airline passengers, who will not pay this charge, will have the right to take only the small bag, which fits under the seat, and their second bag will be checked in for the price of €8. So customers will have no other choice – to pay one or another flight charge.

What is more, hand luggage is relevant for air passengers and the price of hand luggage must be included into the ticket price – this is opinion of Untitrust. UK air passengers have similar situation, as they are charged for priority bag by Ryanair airlines, but if they do not pay for priority bag, their luggage will be checked in with no additional charge.

The new Ryanair’s policy against Italian air passengers is supposed to be dishonest commercial practice as passengers can’t compare the prices among airlines. Furthermore, Italian consumer association will take the case to court if it will be needed. Flight operator claims this policy should lower boarding gate delays – this is the reason for this change in flights charges. To conclude, it is obvious that airlines make lots of income from their add-ons, such as selected seats, priority boarding etc.

If you experienced problems with luggage delays or deterioration, you may be also entitled to luggage compensation.