Ryanair cancelled flights due to Boeing 737 Max 8 grounding

Last updated on April 9, 2019

In response to the worldwide Boeing 737 Max grounding, Europe’s biggest budget airline Ryanair decided to cut these UK domestic routes: Belfast – London and Edinburgh – London.

These flights between the Scottish and English capitals are reduced from four flights a day to just four a week, flights on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays will be closed. Ryanair has cut its frequent daily flights from Belfast International and Edinburgh to London Stansted airports in October after the summer schedules will end.

These routes are those on which Ryanair competes with easyJet, therefore this means these routes are not as profitable as others. However it is thought that these changes in routes were done as the Boeing 737 Max planes were grounded worldwide after the Ethiopian Airlines tragedy in May.

Ryanair has hundreds of Boeing 737 Max planes in order, which include extra eight seats. 40 jets are planned to arrive this year, the first are expected to arrive at Stansted, Ryanair’s main base, in April with a plan to start flights in May. Unfortunately, it is not known when aviation authorities will allow the 737 Max to fly.

Can I get Ryanair cancelled flight compensation due to Boeing 737 Max grounding? As Ryanair has cancelled its flights and informed the customers several months in advance, there is no possibility to receive cancelled flight compensation. Furthermore, the reason for cancellation Boeing 737 Max grounding would be considered as an extraordinary circumstance because this reason for flight disruption was not under airlines control.

However, if your flight was cancelled due to other reasons and you were informed about flight cancellation less than 14 days before flight, you are eligible for compensation and may check your compensation amount with our Flight Delay Compensation Calculator and choose the Best Flight Compensation Company from our list.