Norwegian – cheap transatlantic fares and many complaints

Last updated on April 23, 2019

If air passengers are looking for cheap transatlantic air tickets, they know that the best fares are Norwegian Air. Indeed, Norwegian  business model – offering no-frills and flights with hyper-efficient airplanes – has changed the travel industry and resulted in continuous passenger growth.

However, being popular does not mean being loved. According to data from the UK’s Civil Aviation Authority, Norwegian Air had most complaints compared to any of the leading transatlantic airlines in the second quarter of 2018 likewise more complaints than other competing European low-cost airlines. There was 526 complaints per 1 million Norwegian Air passengers. Here is the list of other  transatlantic carriers:

Transatlantic carrierComplaints per million pax
Air France310
Virgin Atlantic79
British Airways63
Air Canada38
American Airlines25

So what are the reasons for complaints? There are suspicions that Norwegian sometimes declares its technical faults as “extraordinary circumstances,” due to these reasons air passengers are not eligible to delayed or cancelled flight compensation under European Regulation EC 261 and this is the method to avoid paying compensations.

Furthermore, Norwegian uses so called “wet-leased” aircrafts for their long haul routes. These planes often lack the amenities, seating assignments, and entertainment promised to Norwegian passengers which they expect. These aircrafts usually are older, this means that faults and delays happen quite often.

The Norwegian example clearly shows that airlines are not eager to pay flight delay or cancellation compensations, they tend to hide the real reasons of delays. Fortunately, there are flight claim companies which have relevant access to data bases, can check and find out the reasons for flight disruptions. If you experienced flight delay, cancellation or denied boarding in last 3 years you may check your possible compensation amount with the help of our Calculator, choose the Claim Company from our list and file a claim.