ClaimCompass invests $1.3M to develop flight compensation technology

Last updated on August 27, 2019

Flight compensation company ClaimCompass helps air passengers in claiming delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight compensation. This company is planning to invest in developing its technology and growing its services with the help of an investment round of $1.3 million. 

Technology is very important in compensation service in order the client could check cancelled, delayed or overbooked flight eligibility to compensation, the claim company could proceed claims as quickly as possible and with fewer hired layers.

What is ClaimCompass?

ClaimCompass is flight claim company, which processes compensation claims for air travellers whose flights were delayed, cancelled or overbooked. The company has processed more than 150,000 claims since it was founded in 2015. Each passenger may receive up to 600 euro flight compensation for flight delay, cancellation or denied boarding due to overbooking. 

For now, ClaimCompass helps their clients to claim compensation for flights departing out of the airport in the European Union (EU) or arriving at the airport in the EU (against airlines that are based in the EU).

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How legit is ClaimCompass?

ClaimCompass is working under the EU Regulation EC261, which protects air passenger rights. This company is not a scam – the reviews of its clients prove that flight claim company cares their clients and even if airlines refuse to pay compensation, which they owe to the air passenger under the law, they take the airline to the court. Here you will find more information about ClaimCompass, their website and claiming process.

Does ClaimCompass cost money?

ClaimCompass is working under the basis “no win, no fee” – if they don’t win you the compensation, you don’t have to pay anything. However, if you receive delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight compensation with their help, you will have to pay a small percentage of your compensation – you may check the details here.

What are alternative companies to ClaimCompass?

You will find a list of Best Claim Companies on our website. ClaimCompass is also in the list next to AirHelp, Skycop and other companies. Furthermore, the information about each company is detailed – you may find their fees, rating, average gained compensation for their clients, reviews etc.

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