Air France launches SWING to pay EU flight compensation

Last updated on June 12, 2019

Air France announced to launch a new program named SWING. This program will send emails to chosen passengers on Air France flights with the offer of alternative flights and a money amount. SWING program is launched for overbooked flights.

As noted in the SWING webpage, chosen passengers will receive an email with an offer. SWING offer will include an alternative flight, which is close to the schedule of the original flight, and a credit amount, which may be redeemed for cash or used for other Air France purchases. The passenger has the right to accept or decline this offer.

The rules of the SWING program:

  • The offer is valid to all customers of the same booking, and each passenger has the right to receive a credit amount indicated in the email.
  • Offer is limited and depends on availability.
  • The passenger is the owner of the credit and can use it one year from the date of issue. The passenger can use it in whole or in part for the purchase of air tickets or other options (such as luggage, seat, meal, lounge, etc.) on Air France, KLM, HOP! and Joon.
  • The passenger has the right to contact Air France agency and ask to refund the credit.
  • There is limited use of credits – each passenger can use 2 credits for one reservation, within the limit of 3 credits for the same booking.

Such a program seems to be very convenient for both parties, but it appears to be Air France’s way of dealing with passengers denied boarding compensation under EU Regulation 261/2004. As there are no examples of SWING offers yet, it is possible to predict that offers will be less than it must be paid under EU law as airlines usually offer reduced flight compensation.

Furthermore, from the list of the rules above it seems that airline passengers will have to take an extra step to get a cash refund – to contact an Air France agency. Some difficulties in cash refund will likely push customers into spending their credit on Air France flights and services. No doubts, the airline wants to hold on to their passengers’ money despite the fact they have to give it back to their passengers. However, to some passengers, it will be a convenient option to receive overbooked flight compensation although it might be less than EU law EC 261 determines.

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