WowAir cancelled several flights due to their airplanes repossessions

Last updated on March 27, 2019

WowAir cancelled several flights on Monday after their two airplanes were grounded. As these cancellations were unexpected, passengers were left in chaos, staff was trying to transfer passengers to Iceland somehow.

One of the airplanes is grounded at Miami International Airport, another is left at Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau International Airport. WowAir has sent another plane to Montreal to transfer passengers to Iceland.

This problem of grounding aircrafts came from lessor, Bocomm leasing, due to repossessing of those two aircrafts from WowAir as violations of leasing contracts were noticed. Both Airbus A321-200 airplanes were new and were leased to WowAir two years ago.

Respectively these groundings and cancellations will put WowAir into bigger trouble since WowAir is having financial problems and is looking for a buyer or investor. Recent negotiations with Icelandair and investment firm Indigo Partners LLC failed.

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