TUI fly France cabin crew strike September 2019

Last updated on September 4, 2019

TUI fly France cabin crew union announced a 3-day strike from 13 until 15 September. Industrial action may cause delayed or cancelled flights. 

TUI fly France cabin crew want bigger pays as their Belgian colleagues are paid twice more. Furthermore, the union representatives have warned TUI about the negative working conditions of the French cabin crew members. Thus the union tackle not only the points like pay but also meal allowances.

How do I know if my flight is delayed or cancelled due to strike?

You should check the TUI website, their app or airport website in order to find out if your flight is going to be late. For more information, you may contact TUI service by phone, email or at the airport help desk. Furthermore, you may ask TUI crew for the reason of your flight delay or cancellation.

What should I do if my flight is delayed or cancelled due to strike?

It would be useful to know air passenger rights. If you have to wait for a delayed or cancelled flight for more than 2 hours, TUI must provide food, drink and telephone call or the access to the Internet. For the overnight waiting, the airline must arrange a hotel and transfer from and to the airport.

Each passenger may be entitled to up to 600 euro flight delay compensation. Under the European Union law, airline staff strike is not considered an extraordinary circumstance and it is claimable. 

When can I get cancelled or delayed flight compensation due to TUI strike?

Firstly, in order to receive delayed or cancelled flight compensation, your flight must be delayed or cancelled due to TUI staff strike. Secondly, you may receive the compensation only if your arrival at the final destination was more than 3 hours later than it was planned, or TUI flight was cancelled and the airline informed you about it less than 14 days before departure.

The EU Regulation EC261 is in force only in the European Union, thus your TUI flight should be from the EU or to the EU (but only with EU based airline). Furthermore, your flight reservation must be confirmed and you have not more than 3 years time frame to claim compensation after the event of a flight delay or cancellation.

How can I get cancelled or delayed flight compensation due to TUI strike?

Of course, our advice is to use flight compensation companies service, you may check our Best Flight Claim Companies list, read their reviews, compare their ratings and choose the one to help you in the claiming process. All the companies work under the rule “no win, no fee”, thus you will only be charged a small percentage of your compensation in case you receive it.

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