Lake Garda – emerald gem in the heart of Italy

Last updated on April 26, 2019

Since the lake is huge and covers 3 distinct regions – Lombardy, Trentino Alto-Adige and the Veneto – the lake is an attractive place for any kind of tourist and it’s cultural diversity attracts a cosmopolitan crowd.

There are plenty of choices at Lake Garda – a lot of restaurants, cafes, options of accommodation and entertainment. First of all choose a type of accommodation you would prefer: a hotel, apartments, hostel, camping or any other. And after that, you should decide in advance what are you planning to do, what places to visit in order to take the necessary equipment, clothes, shoes etc.

What can you do at Lake Garda?

The best season to visit Garda is summer unless you would like to try skiing in Garda resort. At Monte Baldo the skiing season is not very long, it starts from Christmas to March. 7 ski lifts allow to ski on around 40 km of slopes for experienced skiers and beginners. Many places to visit: Scaligero Castle, Gardaland, Vittoriale degli italiani, Monte Baldo, The Caneva Aquapark, Isola del Garda, Parco Natura Viva etc. In short, there are family theme parks, archaeological sites, nature sightseeing, spas, beaches and many more.

How to plan a trip to Lake Garda?

Depending on many factors you may choose to come to Garda on your own or rented car, by bus or even by train. If you plan your journey by plane the nearest airport would be Verona Villafranca Airport, approximately 15 km, and Brescia Airport, 30 km. However, you might also choose Milan Malpensa Airport, but the journey from the airport would take 2-3 hours. Furthermore, flight delays are quite usual especially during summer so if you experienced any flight disruption and arrived at your final destination more than 3 hours late, you may get flight compensation – check the amount of possible compensation with the help of our free Calculator.

What can lazy holidays loving tourist do at Lake Garda?

First of all, staying at the hotel would be the best choice. This type of tourist may visit a spa, bathe in the lake, sunbathe on the beach, visit various restaurants for food and wine tasting. There are plenty of beaches to choose in Garda – some are for free, others not, some have additional entertainment, others are absolutely wild.

How can a quite active traveller spend the holiday at Lake Garda?

The best accommodation choice would be somewhere in town or at the camping. An active family could visit theme parks – children would love it. Of course beaches, swimming, windsurfing should also be on the list. Those who like visiting historical sites might include some museums, open-air antique markets, archaeological sites, churches and holy places to the travel plan. It is possible to choose several means of transport to those places – the ships, yachts and of course busses or cars.

How could very active tourist spend time at Lake Garda?

There is plenty of entertainment for activities lovers, such as swimming, windsurfing, sailing, cycling around the lake or in the mountains, hiking, running etc. Mountain bike enthusiasts may ride along the over 1000 km of marked trails. Climbing lovers will find one of the best destinations for free climbing areas in Europe. You can go deep in the lake diving or you can also climb high in the mountains or even take flight on a paraglider from the top of Monte Baldo.

In conclusion, there are many choices for any type of tourist at Lake Garda. This place is worth visiting. Imagine walking in the evening and watching the sunset, hiking in the mountains and being delighted by beautiful mountains and lake scenery. Time to plan the new trip.