How can you get flight compensation for Iberia strike?

Last updated on July 29, 2019

Barcelona airport flight strikes: Iberia staff walkout affected a lot of travellers’ plans on 27 – 28 of July 2019. You are eligible for compensation if your flight was delayed or cancelled due to an airline staff strike.

The ground staff of the Spanish airline Iberia had a two-day strike at the Barcelona airport as a protest of work overload. Over 2000 Iberia land employees at the Barcelona-El Prat Airport, the second-largest airport in Spain, require more staff to meet the real needs. However, the authority of the airline did not agree with the requirements and the result of this was Iberia strike.

Can you get delayed flight due to the strike compensation?

It depends if the airline is responsible for the strike. If the strike is organized by the airline staff – those employees that work under the airline, such as pilots, flight crew, ground staff, mechanics – each air passenger has the right to receive up to 600 euro delayed or cancelled flight compensation

Air passenger may receive flight compensation from Iberia or any other airline for the strike if:

  • The flight was delayed, cancelled by an airline staff strike.
  • The passenger arrived at the final destination 3 hours later than it was planned, or the flight was cancelled and the passenger was informed about it less than 14 days before departure.
  • Flight departure was planned from the EU or to the EU (but only with EU based airline).
  • The flight reservation was confirmed.
  • Flight delay or cancellation occurred within the last 3 years.

If you experienced a flight delay or cancellation with Iberia or Iberia Express airlines as a result of the strike, you should be entitled to up to 600 euro compensation. Thus Iberia is known to be uncooperative in paying their customers’ claims, we suggest you using flight compensation company service, you will find a list of more than 40 companies with their reviews and ratings on our website.

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