Air passengers can get flight delay compensation for connecting flights

Last updated on July 26, 2019

In case of flight delay or cancellation, all connecting flights that start in the EU and have the same reservation number are eligible for compensation even if that flight is on another airline outside the EU.

There was a case when air passengers had a single reservation connecting flight with the Czech Airlines from Prague  (Czech Republic) to Bangkok (Thailand) via Abu Dhabi (United Arab Emirates). The first flight, operated by Czech Airlines, from Prague to Abu Dhabi was performed according to the flight plan and the plane arrived on time.

However, the second flight, performed, under a code-share agreement, by the non-EU airline Etihad Airways from Abu Dhabi to Bangkok, arrived 8 hours late. As the delay took more than 3 hours, those passengers have the right to receive flight compensation, under EU Regulation EC261. The passengers brought this case against Czech Airlines to the court.

The EU court ruled that Czech Airlines is responsible for compensating the passengers because it sold the tickets, even though the delay was Etihad Airways fault.

“In the case of flights with one or more connections that are the subject of a single reservation,” the ruling states, “an operating air carrier that has performed the first flight cannot take refuge behind a claim that the performance of a subsequent flight operated by another air carrier was imperfect.”

According to flight compensation company AirHelp, this is a very important change in EU air passenger rights and calls it “a real game-changer” for air travellers.

Thus, EU air passenger rights are protected by EU Regulation EC 261. This regulation includes flight delays, cancellations, denied boarding due to overbooking and delayed connecting flights.

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