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United States United States
Įkurta: 2013
Darbuotojų: 500+
Kompensacijos laikas: 6-10 Savaičių
Atitinka GDPR
Palaikomos kalbos: enptfrdadeeselitnnplrurofisv
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Flight compensations
United States
Flight compensation company

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Airhelp.com is a relatively young American flight compensation company – it has been operating since 2013. AirHelp is growing fast – with over 500 employees, currently it is the largest flight claim company in the world that takes care of air passenger rights and the market leader in delayed, cancelled or overbooked flight compensation. AirHelp is not a scam, it is legit company, which operates under EU Regulation 261/2004. You will find more information in review below.

Klientų aptarnavimas

Flight compensation company Airhelp customer support service has a number of advantages: usually the company responds instantly to flight claims, furthermore, the support is localized – it’s available in 15 languages: English, French, Portuguese, Danish, German, Spanish, Greek, Italian, Dutch, Norwegian, Polish, Russian, Romanian, Finnish, Swedish. What is more, the customer support is personalized, every customer is taken care of by a company representative who introduces himself/herself by the name and provides a personal feedback rather than an automatic answer. There is also a FAQ tab on the company’s website as well as a wide choice of contact options, including email, phone, Facebook chat and live chat on the website.

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When it comes to flight compensation claims, the company offers a number of useful features, such as a very user friendly and intuitive online claim form. Even better – customers have access to the user area where they can check their flight claim status anytime. What is more, this flight compensation company also provides quite a few additional tools for customers – a travel map, airlines and airports ratings etc. Unfortunately, the Airhelp website asks for registration using social logins or email address, which some users may find rather inconvenient.

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Flight claim company Airhelp seeks transparency – all the details of its activity are provided to public.
Another important fact in favor of Airhelp.com is that it encrypts all the customer data and complies with the cookie and GDPR policy. Airhelp.com is also very active in all major social media channels: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and Youtube. Customers who claim flight compensation have the possibility to provide feedback on Trust Pilot (rated 9,3). Sadly, the company does not allow users to provide feedback on Facebook.

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